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  1. I think Heath is really good too. His one flaw is pretty much his shit base speed but he can quickly grow out of that. If you have a spare speedwing use it on him too, definitely. He's definitely not as good as the pegs, simply because they're around longer but that doesn't invalidate how good he is.
  2. Besides Marcus obviously taking the top spot with his monstruous bases, I'm gonna have to say... probably one of the first two Pegasus Knights, Priscilla or even Sain. Both Florina and Fiora are an amazing investment who are excellent utility units at worst and juggernauts at best. Doing Lyn mode makes Florina way better than Fiora, while skipping it makes her less competent but still good, though Fiora will always be consistently good. And I am not saying Fiora is one of the best units in the game because I love her or anything I just genuinely believe so. In Priscilla's case, it's already been said, but as the sole potential playable valkyrie in this game, she has the most utility out of any unit, being able to use staves, having a horse AND being able to attack with reliable 1-2 range. The only problem may be her average growths on her somewhat low bases but that's about it, and stats are not needed to heal or rescue. Finally, I mentioned Sain, since he's the best out of the unpromoted cavaliers, being able to reach the doubling threshold relatively quickly, but also having some of the highest strength in the game, that and he's also a cavalier in GBA. Hawkeye is easily in the honorable mntions tho. Same with Pent. Hawkeye's problem is that at some point he might start to drop off, while Pent's is simply his availability. And yes I'm aware that Hawkeye's issue may apply to Marcus but Marcus is around for longer with better utility so he has the edge over him, not to mention he can also dominate the game for longer.
  3. Just to answer that question about transform gauges and whether or not they are acknowledged ingame, I'm pretty sure there's a talk conversation in chapter 15 where a maid in the Mainal Chathedral tells you that the most efficient way to fight laguz is to wait for them till they untransform and become helpless, so it a thing canonically.
  4. Oh you're definitely right on Earth affinity being bonkers in this game. In fact, supporting Oscar with Tanith AND Ike makes him almost completely unhittable. I completed an FE9 ironman recently and within both Ike and Tanith's ranges, Ashnard had exactly 0. ZERO hit against Oscar in the first phase. That was the easiest Ashnard fight I ever did that's for sure. Anyway it's nice to see you enjoying this game considerably more than the previous ones. Path of Radiance truly is a great game.
  5. You can change your vote tho, you just gotta go to show votes.
  6. So with my slight absence on this forum I don't think anyone here's heard me voice my opinion on this game so far... and truth be told... I'm sold. This game looks amazing. It seems like there will be some neat area exploration just from how expansive the world looks so far, the battle system seems pretty interesting (not necessarily as great as the first game but it's something), and they functionally brought back badges (sorta, from what I've seen). I'm most definitely hyped. The story and stuff doesn't look mind-blowing but no Paper Mario story was that good to begin with so this is perfectly fine, and personally I love the direction they took with the bosses this time around, and don't see why people generally don't like it. Oh, and the game looks gorgeous too, which is a plus. Glad they retained CS's artsyle. Oh yeah, this is also coming from someone who doesn't like ttyd, personally.
  7. It has been surprisingly useful in my last playthrough though. It's great for training Farina, and it's definitely something she could use. And then there's bosses who tend to be annoying, most notably Lloyd. It's even possible to one-shot him with it in the final map if you're willing to bring all the peg knights, and seeing how scary he is there, it's definitely not a bad thing to consider.
  8. I always found the first few non-Lyn mode chapters in FE7 pretty boring, so Marcus is such a godsend there and I never hold him back during those chapters. The scrubs are teaming up to take some some people meanwhile Marcus is taking another path to make some bandits disappear over the enemy phase. Man I love FE7 Marcus. FE6 Marcus too. I just really like Marcus in general.
  9. Pretty much what I was thinking yeah. Also, for the Melkaean coast (or however the fuck's it's spelled), I don't think I've ever seen it under FoW. Come to think of it, I think maybe the FoW effect applies randomly to skirmishes? I mean, some maps that usually have for of war suddenly don't, sometimes, and vice versa. I think it makes sense if the game just rolls an rn to see if the skirmish will have fog or not.
  10. Shit, you just made me picture a world where Altena is the avatar unit of a new Jugdral game.
  11. Oof. Yeah, Ike always has a tendency to being short of something. His bases are pretty bad so he really relies on his growths, which is not a good thing, especially for Ike, who has two important tough battles to fight.
  12. Honestly, as arbitrary as the GBA system is and as unfair it can be to new players (i.e. needing specific items to promote certain classes), I still think it adds a layer of strategy and gives your decision to promote a unit that much more meaningful. FE9's system is fine too. You can earlypromote if you want but leveling up to 20 in this game is easy, and perfectly feasible especially with the bonus exp you get. I like how chapter 17 always ends up being where everyone promotes for many players.
  13. Funnily enough, I once had a Warrior somehow get dangerously close to Mansel and I was desperate, but then I used Moulder's Rescue staff and it worked. That also allowed me to discover that losing the throne in this map does not equal a game-over, since the Warrior then proceeded to kill the Green General while on the throne. Also don't worry, Eirika is the one who introduces herslef to Mansel in her route, since you're wondering. Also pretty sure keeping as many green units alive as possible gives you rewards. MIGHT be why they're so weak to begin with, to make that secondary objective not a joke.
  14. I think it works perfectly for its own game tho. Like, it's nothing super spectacular but it's all this game needs tbh.
  15. Ehhhhh Not maxing a stat isn't necessarily being screwed tho. Unless he was like, level 20 promoted with 20 levels before promo? Even then, Guy is a unit in FE7. You know, the game where enemies are slow af?
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