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  1. I was saying SoV fixed more along the lines of just within the 3DS era of games. I've personally never played Geneology/Thracia 776. Even if units like Deathea could wield swords in my experience I rarely physically attacked with due priestess pathetically low physical defense which meant units like Delthea could often die to a single physical hit on retaliation so she just zapped people 97% of the time. Usually the only folks she'd melee were witches.
  2. I refused to purchase Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA due to the whole lootbox shenanigan's. Purchased later on after they removed them for 7$.
  3. At the very least they should have more weapons like the Levitow sword that use the opposite stat for attack power or vice versa and have said weapons available at E rank and up. Trying to level up dark knights to C rank in swords to use it was pure hell.
  4. I concur, the story left alot to be desired. But I do enjoy and applaud the gameplay changes even if I don't necessarily want every single one return. One thing that irked me was the classes that used a combination of magic and physical weapons without a shared attack stat. That was cancer that only got fixed in SoV.
  5. I'm just waiting for us to get a great understanding of the nervous system to where we can just program it to stop growing hair in certain places.
  6. My grandfather who passed away less than a month ago was a Vietnam Veteran. An NCO died instead of him trying to show him how to clear out a tunnel. That comment stings....
  7. Plazma was a name given me for the "Z" in the PSP game Ratchet and Clank Size matters in multiplayer. Basically some guy randomly messaged me asking to join. Being like 10 at the time I thought it was the coolest thing at the time. Only prerequisite to joining was changing my name to "PlazmaZ". Prior to that I had some generic random name. I've using the Plazma name since in various forms only ditching it briefly in favor of "AllenSugar" from like 2010-2011, and AssaultSugar from like 2011-2013. PlazmaZ PlazmaZ5 (This was because runescape claimed "PlazmaZ" and offered me several alternatives of which I choose "PlazmaZ5") AllenSugar (Allen is my middle name, sugar cause I thought it was hilarious especially since I'm a dude and having people call me "sugar") AssaultSugar (Assault was a reference to the Assault class in the Battlefield series which was always my most played class) AssaultPlazma (Bringing Back Plazma) PyroPlazma (I melted a golf club in the oven when I was a young child. Also tend to like fire based techniques/elements within video games)
  8. For Arthur from Conquest/Revelations Medal: Kurt Angels theme song
  9. 1. Armor Knights/Generals should have high resistance in addition to high defense. Lower their attack though... 2. Units that are children (think Sakura and Ricken) have no place in these games, wtf is up with Japan and child soldiers?
  10. Do you have an actual citation for cops "routinely disrupting crimes in progress"? Besides that I agree with everything else you said. Defund the police is a good idea with a horrible name and equally horrible political optics. I still believe in citizens being armed regardless.
  11. It's not circular because the police are straight up lying to you. Crime has been going down as with police deaths. So the police have been arming the ever living crap out of themselves to deal with a increasingly safer country. Further more increased militarization has been shown to not seriously affect already decreasing crime rates overall. You still haven't addressed large swaths of my post. Such as the basic reality that cops will rarely arrive to actually stop crimes in progress or that police have no legal obligation to protect citizens as per the supreme court. Please address my individual points.
  12. This is the core of why I'm pro gun rights. I use to drink the kool-aid of "it's to protect us against a tyrannical government!". But these days the country is far to hyper partisan and hyper divided for that to ever be remotely successful. I just never understood how people in good faith believed they should place 100% of their protection in the hands of an institution that.... 1. Has no legal obligation to protect you according to the Supreme Court (see the Parkland shooting for a real world example of this ruling coming into play) 2. Vast majority of time won't even be there to protect you 3. Are rooted in racism and discrimination. Or just general ****headedness towards lower class people they know can't fight back legally speaking of which...... 4. These days have barely any accountability for their actions up too and including controversial/unlawful shootings of innocent civilians 5. Are increasingly well armed to the point of being indistinguishable from actual national guard/military units. So much so a national guard unit had to rumor control saying cops engaging in police brutality weren't them. I'm a Army vet and currently Active Duty Air Force and this stuff disgust me! So the idea of placing 100% of the burden of your protection to these people is and has been baffling to me. I was on the ACAB train before the whole protest thing went down. I've literally had a friend unironically tell me that he believed the police were loose cannons who were out of control (pre protest). But still believed they should be the only ones armed. Of course when I politely brought this point back up he casually denied/side stepped it and tried to gas-light me lol. Normally I try not "I told you so" too hard, but..... yeah....... You see how police in America get down....
  13. I love your Avatar. I wish THQ didn't go under and we would have gotten Space Marine 2 and 3. If only SEGA would revive it we'd get more Lt Mira.
  14. Pretty sure Eliwood is the only dad in Fire Emblem history who actually survives lol.
  15. A large dog would also maybe be an alternative. Lots of upkeep with that one, but with the added benefit of companionship. Also nothing paranoid about wanting to be prepared to potentially deal with violent people especially in a time like this.
  16. Sorry to hear about that. I know California is super restrictive but have you considered picking up a firearm for protection?
  17. Ugh that's horrible! Why can't people just leave transgender folks alone? I just cannot fathom how these right wingers can be convinced people who represent like 1-2% of the U.S. population along with possessing literally ZERO socio-political power represent some kind of existential threat to America.....
  18. Didn't we literally just finish one of these?
  19. I can't think of a single player who elects to take Merlinus over an actual fighting character....
  20. If you're wearing pink clothing/items and people criticize you for wearing it just claim it's for breast cancer and guilt trip the f#*! out of them!
  21. So nice to see the various Militia groups, 3%'s, Oath Keepers, Don't Trend on Me guys completely silent during all of this. I thought they trained and armed up their whole loves to fight "government tyranny". Yet when the clearest forms of government tyranny to date in recent history comes knocking they're nowhere to be found. I guess it's not tyranny when the innocent people being tear gased, shot by rubber bullets in the face and beaten by cops have more melanin in their skin. Bunch of spinless LARPers they are. Before anyone tried to say "I told you so" yes I already knew most of them (alongside modern american conservatism) is general where a bunch of hypocrites who as usual beat their chest about their supposed values then turn right back around on said values. Yes I know most right wing/republican gun owners claim to hate the government and demand small government then hero worship the very foundation of strong centralized core government a heavily armed police force or siccing the military on the civilian population.
  22. Whoops forgot about that. I meant to say use the Manga style of events which is pretty close to FE6 itself just including the extra characters (it's been years since I read it) I don't how a FE6 prequel would work, cause isn't that literally just FE7 by every regard?
  23. I forgot to mention this in my original post, but I'd love for them to cannonize the manga characters. Especially Al would give other important characters for Roy to interact with and most of Merlinus lines could be given to them instead.
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