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  1. honestly just the main characters/avatars. Marth because he's the face of the series basically Ike because Tellius and because he's radically different than Marth Byleth to represent the weapon triangle and Robin/Corrin for the avatars
  2. biggest one is if the fandom is really bad cus then I associate a game with a screechy set of fans. Another thing is games where its like too much violence and sex content. Now I'm not opposed to violence or sex content if it's necessary to do but its like........theres a certain line of threshold as to how much I can handle?
  3. lore. game lore. a lot of it. I waste hours talking about it and at some point i'll lose the people's interests
  4. Now that she's a colorless tome alt for the brides banner, staff. They should give her Matrona.
  5. oh. weird , but all right then.
  6. whats wrong with the joke? It's in the game lol
  7. That's no longer a Duo Hero, that's a quadruple hero and I'm all for it lol
  8. Favorite FE game is totally not Three Houses
  9. He probably hangs on to her as she goes zoooooom across the sky
  10. Wait people like that? Everytime I ever see F!Robin and Lucina in fanworks, F!Robin is the mother of Lucina. interesting. I can get behind this too. in fact make it duo bridal banner. you KNOW people are going to wanna spend orbs for female Duo units. that means more money is made!!
  11. Ike and Soren duo Or Ike and Mist/Greil/Titania bc it would be sweet to see more family duos. Also bc I will only accept those cus they're the most sensible ones to me.
  12. I thought in the japanese version they are stated to marry?
  13. Now that we have a Micaiah and Sothe Duo........... Ike and Soren duo when @Int$ys ?
  14. my first idea : Don't make the secret Soren and Ike secret conversation ridiculously convoluted to achieve. second idea : whoever is the animation director for casting spells please be the one for a remake. The 3H spell animations looks so bland while the Tellius ones had the screens shake and it was extra dramatic.
  15. corrin is the most interesting out of the banner imho. RD Ike alt is cool and all but i think i'd still love my f2p RD Ike and Brave Ike more than this one, so pass on Ike.
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