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  1. Fallen Edelgard is every bad anime trope compiled into a single character.
  2. The cards/tea leaves/what have you point to not playing Thracia.
  3. Banned because I haven't played Ys IX, but this is my favorite character design out of the ones I've seen.
  4. Fallen Edelgard made the only characters in FE the philanderers.
  5. Banned because it was a pun. I was joking about how the games from the Ys series (pronounced ees) are not at all Ys-y (easy).
  6. Nep, nep, nep, nep, nep, nep, nep! Marisa Kirisame, Touhou
  7. Alright. Got the ice beam and saved back in Brinstar. Moving along pretty smoothly so far. Kraid was a pain though. I'll finish the rest of the game tomorrow.
  8. Sleep well! ---- Started Super Metroid. Let's see how fast I can beat this.
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