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  1. Banned because Nepu, Nepu, Nepu!
  2. Banned because (no spoiling anything of course) she's a very likable character, one of my favorites in the game.
  3. Has the Nep who joked about stealing money from some shrine as his pfp.
  4. https://images.app.goo.gl/oeqLTneS5snXSWRX8 teehee! edit: crap, that didn't show up right
  5. Banned because Kloe is almost the best girl of Sky FC, but Estelle just barely edges her out for me personally.
  6. Will most likely appreciate Estelle even more as he progresses through Sky FC.
  7. I...actually have no idea why I mentioned Fates alongside Paper Mario. Anyway, yeah. It's nice to see Nintendo actually try to improve, even if they don't necessarily listen closely to what the fans say about the games they release which honestly makes so little sense from the perspective of Nintendo as a company trying to make money.
  8. Banned because best girl is very subjective.
  9. I agree. That argument against BotW annoys me greatly, as if the person saying it has the power to determine what is and isn't a Zelda game. When I said what I said about Paper Mario and Fates, I meant more that the change in gameplay was accompanied by a change in game quality. Of course, it does seem that Nintendo has learned from SS and CS in making Origami King, so much so that it's an overall good game that you enjoyed. It's just not a game that I'm likely to play for myself.
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