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  1. Fallen Edelgard is every bad anime trope compiled into a single character.
  2. The cards/tea leaves/what have you point to not playing Thracia.
  3. Banned because I haven't played Ys IX, but this is my favorite character design out of the ones I've seen.
  4. Fallen Edelgard made the only characters in FE the philanderers.
  5. Banned because it was a pun. I was joking about how the games from the Ys series (pronounced ees) are not at all Ys-y (easy).
  6. Nep, nep, nep, nep, nep, nep, nep! Marisa Kirisame, Touhou
  7. Alright. Got the ice beam and saved back in Brinstar. Moving along pretty smoothly so far. Kraid was a pain though. I'll finish the rest of the game tomorrow.
  8. Sleep well! ---- Started Super Metroid. Let's see how fast I can beat this.
  9. Banned because Ys is anything but Ys-y.
  10. >goes to try the game again >gets two-shot by falling boulders Nice. At least the music is banging.
  11. Reminds me. I never continued that playthrough of Ark of Napishtim. Kinda wish I had played on easy mode because I am not good at the combat even if it's hecking fun.
  12. Fallen Edelgard forced me to play Super Thracia on 0% growths.
  13. Just Bug Fables at the moment. In the middle of Ch. 4. Been enjoying it so far. Fun gameplay, good cast of characters, and a lovely art style. Kinda deciding on what to play next now that I've finished both Spider-Man PS4 and Miles Morales. Maybe Ratchet & Clank since it was free on PSN or I might jump into Kingdom Hearts with the 1.5 + 2.5 remix that's been sitting in my backlog for a while now.
  14. Fallen Edelgard burned my house down, put me in debt, and killed my family.
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