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  1. read that as fundoshi and was more than a bit confused
  2. Ocarina of Time's been decompiled just like Mario 64, apparently. Really hope that means a possible Ocarina PC port is on the way just like what was made for Mario 64. Widescreen, better frame rate... oh the possibilities
  3. because it is if FEH couldn't get more horny than it already is That's understandable. I'm sure you'll find other games in the series that you'll end up liking more.
  4. ah, I remember the days when this was all I could claim to have played from FE good times
  5. sorry, lol I know Darknut from another forum, so just figured I'd let him know that it's a chill chat thread here like it is over there πŸ˜›
  6. Welcome to the thread, Darknut πŸ‘‹ This is basically the same as LPTW over on ZD, so feel free to chat about whatever you like
  7. That's actually really sweet, lol. Ayra. I can't remember where I found it, but I saved it as a reaction image. Based on her Heroes design, from what I can tell.
  8. Damn near had a panic attack because I misread an assignment's due date as being yesterday instead of next Saturday. Nothing quite like the fear of a late submission to get the blood pumping.
  9. Ayo, good to see you here, Darknut. Welcome to the Forest!
  10. Banned because I did not expect to see a familiar face here welcome to the Forest, Darknut
  11. Yeah, I loved it. Top tier show. πŸ…±οΈiraku literally just that his Japanese name
  12. the hero everyone needed was the one who said during development that Fates is a mistake, let's make something different instead
  13. I kinda forgot about that one CorrinxFelicia fic I wrote looking back and rereading it makes me wish I could forget it again
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