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  1. Still glad to see you're putting in work! <3
  2. at least it isn't hair noodles though! But yeah, looking related to Betty Spaghetti.
  3. The girl's body is pretty good! Cute.. but also the face is kinda derp and small? Makes her head get swallowed by the hair. Speaking of the hair, the bangs could use a little touching up as to not just be straight lines.
  4. It's kinda immersion breaking when the cleric's hair type changes drastically between "humble beginning" and present day.
  5. I personally prefer the no chains because it makes the sprite that much less busy. Looking pretty good. Interested in where this goes!
  6. Greenie's head shape is looking rather table top and smushed, sadly. The hair is also looking fairly noodley. She's also got some hiiiiigh cheekbones, but maybe that's what you're going for? Red's ear is a few pixels too high. Also, if the hair is slicked back, I'm not so sure it'd show on the far side, though it would if it's just pulled behind his ear? idk. Is his blue shirt armor? If not, it's pretty starched.
  7. I really, honestly and truly, feel like this. You should read the kinda words AK has to read when we sprite together. It's mostly frustrations of not being able to fully convey what my mind sees. That's mostly the reason it takes so long for me to finish a work-- I get discouraged so fast lol.
  8. With every pixel I place, I begin to realize how much I hate myself.
  9. The positives are that I can tell who the character is at first glance and the outline is pretty accurate. Negatives: Whatever clothing is on Malice is pillowshaded pretty harshly. The hair is a blobby, especially in the resize. The cleavage is contoured waaaaay too much and is too stark. She seems to be missing a little bit of jaw. Keep at it! With a good cleaning, it'll be solid.
  10. So true. I had such a hard time with that nose at that angle haha. I appreciate the comments though! Should I make some more Fates mugs?
  11. I'm having a hard time seeing what's going on with the collar, but the rest of the sprite is pretty well done. Tiara is slightly off center, but it's not that major.
  12. I'm feeling as if his jaw was smashed on the ground like putty, but the hair is looking pretty slick (if a little flat on the far side)
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