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  1. Thanks! Yeah, I thought so, but still a shame.
  2. Obviously very subjective, but here are my reasons: I think Roy's level up ability helps sword users the most (because broadly speaking swords are slightly lower Mt), and Advance is most relevant for sword users who mostly don't have ranged options. There's not a huge amount in it for Roy though. For Marth, it's mostly so that you can get KOs from Lodestar Rush with high-Mt weapons. Divine Speed/Break Defenses help sword users, but they help everybody so being able to run another weapon alongside swords is also useful. For Celica, she wants units that can use tomes so that Resonance works outside of being engaged, and so that you can use Echo with things like Excalibur (for effective damage), Nova (multiple kills), and Thunder tomes (chip multiple units, or apply debuffs to multiple units at range). Ike wants axes because they're more powerful than swords for Great Aether. Can recommend the Hurricane Axe in particular - lots of damage against otherwise tough enemies with relatively minimal setup. Eirika is basically my personal preference - I really liked having her on Griffin Knight Chloe (who was independently built for high-Avo but has low strength), and I think lances, which are balanced between weight, hit and damage already, make the most of Eclipse Brace/Blue Skies. But like Roy, there's not much in it.
  3. Generally, no - for at least some emblems (ie Byleth) their weapon buffs are pretty irrelevant, and there are only a couple where the weapon buffs are important. Off the top of my head, Roy, Marth, Celica, Ike and Eirika all like units who possess the same weapon type. But the points made above about the first three of those emblems still stand, and in the case of Ike/Eirika, other parts of their kit are so good that you shouldn't feel bound to putting them on units with complementary weapons. If you've got the DLC, you can learn Weapon Sync from the 3H kids, which boosts attack by 5 (or 7 for the advanced version) if you're wielding the same weapon as a synced emblem, or when you're engaged with any emblem. Units running brave weapons or doubling regularly really appreciate that flat boost to attack (it's cheaper and available much earlier than Str+5 or Mag+5) so that's one particular case where you might really want to match up unit and emblem weapon.
  4. Has anyone discovered a way to change the RNG on the Ancient Well? I've tried a few different things, but no luck so far. Most recently, I put in two brave weapons and a Peshkatz (for a 5-star upgrade chance), and got out 600 SP worth of SP books, a Croissbow... and a Peshkatz. I appreciate any SP I can get, but I did feel quite shortchanged by that. Also, are there any non-Wrath learnable skills that boost crit rate?
  5. Thanks for the advice! I think you're right, will be swapping Byleth and Corrin between those two characters and seeing which combinations I prefer. This is good to know! I haven't really been abusing staves as much as I could thus far, so I'll be happy to give that a go. Almost immediately after I put up last week's log, I found out about Wave 3, which has changed things up for me again. Not least, I think I'll have lots more SP than I was expecting, so I'll be able to put some high-cost builds into practice. Yunaka will be keeping Wind God, because I can get her Lunar Brace. And below I've got my writeup of the new DLC levels, as well as finally cracking on with the paralogues I've been ignoring. Divine Paralogue 5 (Veronica) Divine Paralogue 6 (Chrom/Robin) Skirmish - Bandits' Hideout Paralogue 4 (Lyn)
  6. Yeah, there will be almost definitely be generics coming alongside her, and the other bosses. If you aren't using DLC, then I'd suggest making sure to bring and engage Corrin for this, and then have her seal movement on that group if you need to buy time to kill them all. Zephia is obviously the priority kill at that point, so focus your cannons on her - unless you've actively baited her she should have a physical weapon equipped rather than Thoron, making her much safer to attack. You're likely to face off against Zephia's group just past Marni's starting point, and there are emblem recharge points around there so you should hopefully be fine to use Corrin even if you've already used her this map.
  7. Can recommend Wolf Knight Panette. Has been doing wonders for me, and I imagine Thief would work out similarly for her. My Hero Kagetsu has been very solid, but he'll still need a bit of investment to be a powerhouse in combat. Hero is great, but not sure it's Kagetsu's best class. Aggroing the second wyrm (furthest west of your starting point) will aggro all remaining bosses on the map, if you're still planning that part out. Zephia's movement gap also works slightly in your favour, as once you bait her she will reach you well before the other two bosses do, and can be ganged up on more easily. The boss with Leif can very much be Ike-tanked because he only makes use of Leif's kit. Ideally, you've beaten the other bosses on this map before you deal with these last three, though. I learnt from experience how tough this map can be if you get that wrong.
  8. A lot of life stuff has been going on since my last log update, meaning I haven't managed to complete my write-up till now. On the plus side though, I've done more chapters than usual, and I have a couple extra sections as well. Glad to be back! Skirmish - Tea-Field Village Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Now I have all the emblems, I'm going to start pivoting my units into their final builds. If people have any suggestions for my units I'm all ears - I can already foresee choices which I'm not sure about (see below): Who gets Byleth? Yunaka's Six Rings
  9. Agreed about not yet finding a solid use for Corrin's vines - everything else has its place. I'd say I use either ice or fog the most on Corrin As far as Camilla is concerned, I like her on Seadall, but mainly for Soar - the Dragon Vein ability (ice that boosts Mv, as seen in Tiki's paralogue) is cool, but I use it rarely because dancing. I'd say the healing effect on both Corrin and Camilla is underrated, as it's basically a free non-wait action that can provide mild healing for lots of your party. I don't even use Chain Guard much, but topping up HP on units is rarely a bad thing.
  10. Lethality (Marisa S) has been surprisingly good with my crit build Yunaka. Very niche, but interesting.
  11. Can confirm brave weapons don't affect chain attacks (if this is what you're referring to).
  12. I've seen more than one Silver/Gold Corrupted in a single skirmish - I don't think it's a bug though, as this was a late-game skirmish. Having two of the same weapon is weird though. I do struggle with this as well - anecdotally there seem to be more male enemies than female after they join, but I can't say I've been paying too much attention to it. Unlike previous games gender and unit class aren't tied together (which is an improvement!), but it also means I don't normally find out till the combat itself.
  13. They may have the ability to (SF says they do), I just don’t recall anyone in Soren’s paralogue using one so can’t confirm. Agreed, Enchanter seems pretty much support-locked so Micaiah may be the best emblem for them. Yeah only DLC class we’ve seen so far. I’m guessing DLC recruits will have their own classes, so maybe 3-4?
  14. Class skill is Convoy - unit can withdraw from and send items to the Convoy on their turn. They only had B Arts I think (but they weren’t running more than Steel/Shielding iirc). I couldnt see anything on their stats that indicated how they cast enchantments, or what enchantments they had. Which suggests the ability is like the Dancer’s Dance ability, which also doesn’t show on Seadall when you look at his stats while he’s a green unit.
  15. Yeah I get where you're coming from here. Before Ch 11 I'm only running 2 mages in all likelihood, so they get Celica/Micaiah unless I need Micaiah to raise someone's level quickly. 12+ unit deployments in story chapters start becoming much more common from Ch 14 on, when magic-boosting emblems begin to return - this is the point where I'm likely to consistently field 3 mages. Once you get Eirika you actually have to think quite hard about what those mages want to equip, and that's before considering the DLC if you have it. Furthermore, certain hybrid builds can use Sigurd/Roy/Ike pretty profitably. You don't have that many magic emblems, but you tend to run fewer mages compared to physical units. So the competition might actually be fiercer. Throw Bond Rings into the mix, and you have to be really confident that their one niche can outdo everything an emblem does for that unit.
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