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  1. I don't think there is, but if there were one, it would be the amount of renown you receive in the main game for the DLC clear. I haven't cleared the DLC on Normal, so I can't confirm whether this is the case, but yeah, I doubt there are any extra benefits. IIRC you get 10,000 renown in the main game for a DLC Hard clear. Perhaps someone else on the forum can confirm what you get from a Normal clear.
  2. Mage Edelgard does look like fun, although her Faith weakness is a little frustrating. Out of interest, why do you find Armoured Blow useful? Especially if she's a mage.
  3. Ragnarok certainly isn’t a bad offensive tool, but I’ve never really had trouble downing any fliers, including Pegasi, with Linhardt, up until the last couple of chapters (and Ragnarok is definitely not OHKOing at that point either). The extra 4 points of damage or so between Mercedes’ Ragnarok and Linhardt’s Excalibur against normal enemies aren’t likely to be an OHKO difference either (Ragnarok also struggles with Tomebreaker, and it is less accurate and heavier). As for RAD, I’ve found Mercedes to be stuck healing from every turn she arrives - Fortify is handy there, but her offense less so. I’m also in agreement that Ragnarok is good, but I do think Excalibur edges it still. I also think Fortify is good, but I don’t think it beats Warp. I prize the ability to complete objectives more efficiently above the ability to prolong battle effectively so that those objectives can eventually be reached - I do recognise that may be simply a difference in playstyles. I also find the further I get through a run, the less important healing becomes (just because my Player Phase gets better and better, my Enemy Phase becomes less and less threatening). Fortify is good to have in your back pocket, and I can certainly think of times it was useful, but it pales to the amount I’ve used Warp, and I don’t even really go for LTC clears unless I’m tired or pushed for time. As for Live to Serve, it becomes less and less important going into midgame and later because more and more people can one-round her, but she will also be easier to protect (and probably further from your front line). Res-baiting is fine but niche, and often still not your first choice unless you’re up against siege tomes or you literally have no other choice.
  4. I mean empires foisted their one-sided value systems on their colonies, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if other countries were forced to value the Crest system (especially if they saw it in battle). Good point about Dagda, it’s just the concept of evangelising I’m surprised doesn’t exist. And from the way Petra talks in Part I, she seems to expect further Adrestia-Dagda hostilities, i.e. that neither nation is cowed. Yeah, I guess Fodlan being Sothis’ home is probably the reason Rhea doesn’t look further afield - although it’s interesting she sees distinctions between the mankind of Fodlan and elsewhere.
  5. Agree with your first para, but not so much with your second. Mercedes’ speed advantage isn’t enough to really make a difference even on Hard, and that’s before taking into account her lack of Str for handling spell weights. On top of that, mages aren’t very likely to KO consistently unless they’re Lysithea - Excalibur with its effective flying damage is thus more useful than Ragnarok for KOs as the game goes on and fliers appear more. Live to Serve is great, but once the early game pressure eases it becomes less important, because it’s much easier to protect Mercedes/your healer. And Fortify to me is basically just a couple more uses of Physic (4 with Bishop/Gremory) - an advantage, but not one that increases your versatility like with Warp. And since every house gets Physic, I’d say that versatility is probably more important than Fortify. I’d probably side with Marianne over Mercedes overall, but of course Mercedes beats Marianne from a purely support perspective.
  6. Interesting that Fodlan isn’t more aggressive, then. Religions in our world sometimes express their group identity in us/them terms, and in these cases their interactions with the ‘other’ are normally either evangelical to some extent and ‘welcoming’, or are exclusive (i.e. ignoring/indifference/shunning the other). There’s fairly little evangelising on behalf of Seiros that we see, and excluding the SS Cardinals and I guess Gilbert, there aren’t even really many martyrs for the cause. You’d think we’d see church encouragement for more expansionist foreign policy. Or even just more information about the details of Seiros religion, or how Rhea managed to instil such doctrines in the people, but can’t keep a handle on the branches of her own church.
  7. Is there an actual reason given as to why Fodlan is closed off? Like, surely there must have been some historical interaction with other nations (otherwise we wouldn’t have battalions like Morfis Magic Corps), but there isn’t even a hint of foreign relations between Fodlan and any of the external nations, except perhaps Brigid (and that too born from force). If there isn’t a canon explanation, then my guess would have to be to do with how the Church of Seiros works. Wasn’t really planning to pile on Rhea, but I can’t think of another reason this is the case
  8. Yeah, I think Physic is good enough to put the others above Mercedes for Chapter 2 specifically. It's not like Mercedes can't handle it (you're basically forced to equip resonant white magic on Mercedes in BL, so she should have enough healing to handle most of the chapter) but yeah, Physic is still a bonus that puts the others above. Of course, this problem doesn't exist in other early game chapters, which is why I think Mercedes is better off for those.
  9. Exactly. And lending resources to your enemy for them to build a fortress just seems like poor sense in general, even if the fortress isn't on your border.
  10. Oooh this is a fun thread! I've already gushed about my Magic Bow Sniper Hanneman in another thread, but I'll mention him again because he was just that amazing. He needed babying for a couple of chapters while he was raising ranks/grinding masteries, but my favouritism meant that didn't last for too long, and he was the most reliable killer post-timeskip that run. I don't think he was particularly stat-blessed, but more importantly he wasn't stat-screwed. WM Byleth with Brawl Avo +20. Similar experience to your Yuri, except without the speed. No enemy mattered because his avoid was through the roof for most of the run. He Crit-killed most things just with killer knuckles, and WM basically made the crit effect permanent. These are a bit more standard, but Paladin Sylvain and DK Hubert both did wonders for me. The former was Def-blessed, which meant basically axe users were the only ones who could deal physical damage, and obviously Sylvain's player phase needs no explanation. I don't think I did anything 'right' with Hubert except getting S rank and giving him the Cad Staff, meaning he could hit 5 spaces for the last few maps - a lot of fun pinning fliers etc and then canto-ing past. This is really interesting news! I half-heartedly attempted to figure this out but in the end couldn't be bothered, although I did discover some interesting effects of save-scumming on the droppables. Do you know which battles give what?
  11. Something along the lines of "we want the world of Fodlan to feel bigger than what the players get to see".
  12. Fodlan's Locket is a weird one, where Adrestia and Faerghus both contribute to building defences for a Leicester Alliance territory, in the name of protecting Fodlan's borders. I mean, I'm sure Almyra appeared pretty threatening before they built it, but it's a good example of Fodlanian attitudes that these three countries could unite despite their differences over their xenophobia/desire to close off Fodlan. These attitudes, exemplified by Hilda, are fairly normalised by the game, which makes it all the weirder when nobody kicks up a fuss about the Almyrans helping Claude in VW. You have to wonder why Tiana was the first person in Fodlan to think about trying out life in Almyra, and why there seems to be no kind of diplomacy going on between Fodlan and any of its external neighbours.
  13. I like the idea of post-skip paired paralogues, and I think 3H got a good balance of paired and single paralogues, and in general got the number of paralogues right. But if the paralogues are with pairs, those pairs really should support - when they don't, it just feels like one character is less integrated into the paralogue than the other. Jeritza giving Caspar, of all people, the Scythe of Sariel if Caspar beats him is strange, precisely because Caspar has no proper ties to Mercedes. I kinda would have loved to see Annette get it (although her paralogue with Gilbert makes more narrative sense) but it really should have been someone Mercedes supports with for that paralogue. As for Caspar, sharing a paralogue with Linhardt/meeting his family would have been cool (and Count Bergliez is so hyped up), but I saw in a devs interview that they never planned to reveal the likes of Count Bergliez and Holst from the start. Maybe a paralogue with/against Randolph in the pre-skip instead?
  14. Yeah, I definitely feel like the Lions are worst off mage-wise. Both Annette and Mercedes tail off offensively once you get into the midgame. Linhardt is a bit slower than Annette, but that won't matter once you hit midgame, and Hubert/Dorothea/Lysithea/Marianne are straightforwardly better offensively. On top of that, neither Annette/Mercedes get 3-range magic, and there's only two of them compared to three standard mages in the other houses. I'm pretty sure the BL were built to be the weakest house at magic anyway (from a lore perspective too with the emphasis on knight culture etc). Chapter 2 is quite tough on Maddening, so Physic is very welcome, and Mercedes won't get it in time like you say. However, I think Mercedes is the best of the three healers in the early game because of Live to Serve. You really want to be attacking with everybody where possible in the early game, but it's also the hardest time to protect everyone, especially your squishies. Live to Serve gives you a little more leeway in Mercedes' positioning (as long as she doesn't die on Enemy Phase, she can look after herself) and it also means you don't have to use Annette to heal Mercedes in a Player Phase, freeing her up to attack if Mercedes can heal someone else. Obviously, the other house have 3 mages, so this isn't a huge issue for them, but I think it makes Mercedes more valuable in the beginning. Once the early game pressure eases off, though, Linhardt and Marianne shoot up for those reasons you mention. By the time you're getting A Faith, Warp is far more useful than Fortify (not because Fortify can't be useful, but because Physic is normally enough for most battles, while there's no replacement for the utility of Warp). And Marianne having significant offense alongside Physic does put her above Mercedes - having actual KO potential on a healer is amazing, because you won't always need to heal every turn as the game progresses.
  15. Do you have a different NG+ chain this can be tested on? As in, starting a new run from a cleared-game save file outside of your current chain, and seeing if everything has transferred over. If it hasn't, then the overwrite function might have been corrupted somehow? This is pretty outside my expertise though, so I'm not too sure - sorry I can't help more.
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