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  1. Actually I wouldn't be playing Fire Emblem if it weren't for Smash!
  2. I have 8 of them! Azura (Lance and Magic) Sakura (Arrow, and Healing) Camilla (Axe and Magic) Claude (Arrow, Axe Lance, Healing, and Magic Dimitri (Lance, Axe, Healing, and Magic) (possible include sword in one move) Edelgard (Axe, Healing, and Magic) (possible include sword in one move) Tiki (magic and transformation) Micaiah (magic) I also have two other ideas that are technically Sword fighters, but I also see way that I can sneak in ways for them to use more then JUST their words!
  3. I was honestly very sad that people didn't like Byleth on Smash because I myself have been working on an idea for a future smash game for AFTER Ultimate and Byleth was on my list of newcomers. But when they put it on Ultimate I was a bit disappointed on the outcome. So I was just wondering, I actually have ideas on how they can make Byleth a better fighter in future smash games (meaning after Ultimate), would anyone mind if I posted them here?
  4. Here's who I would want in Warriors from Three Houses (sequel or not) Byleth (both genders) Claude Dimitri Edelgard Hilda Raphael Leonie Dedue Ashe Mercedes Petra Bernadetta Hubert Seteth Flayn Yuri Hapi
  5. I'm posting to say sorry I'm taking so long, school started and I'm getting back on track as fast as I can Next I'll be doing the children of Lindhardt and Lysithea.
  6. Alright then, here are my ideas Yuri- *Claude *Dedue *Flayn *Annette Hapi- *Claude *Raphael *Ignatz *Caspar Balthus- *Leonie *Marianne *Caspar Constance- *Caspar *Linhardt *Lorenz *Sylvain
  7. I have a new unpopular opinion The Ashen Wolves' supports are a bit too limited and there are characters I say they could be shipped with! If anyone here would like I could list my ideas for that!
  8. I'm working on some, I'll post them when I figure them out!
  9. Sorry I haven't posted lately, I need figure all of my favorite Three Houses shippings! But at least I know I always loved this couple! Howard Kirsten First son of Raphael and Bernadetta Age - 17 Crest: none Class - Fighter Appearance - Like his father, Howard is a tall and muscular boy with Raphael's skintone and Bernadetta's hair and eyes, he scores a crew cut Strengths - Bow, Reason, Riding Budding Talents - Gauntlets, Axe Weaknesses - Heavy Armor Favorite Gifts - Training Weight, Blue Cheese, Smoked Meat, Watering Can, Pitcher Plant Least Favorite Gifts - Hunting Dagger, Tea Leaves Howard is the first born and oldest son of Raphael and Bernadetta as well as the nephew of Raphael's sister Maya and the grandson of the late Count Varley and his wife. Like his father, Howard loves eating and getting stronger, but deep inside he actually afraid of the idea of joining his father's order of guards, for he is afraid of dying while on duty. Through opening up to his parents and other child characters, Howard is slowly overcoming this fear of his, yet he still reluctant join in serious battles, assuring his parents that no matter how strong he grows, he'll always be their "little lamb". Howard is also gentle like father, as well as being soft-hearted and calm, similar to his mother Bernadetta. Leigh Kirsten Second son of Raphael and Bernadetta Age - 14 Crest: minor Crest of Saint Indech Class - Brawler Appearance - Like his father and big brother, Leigh is muscular and tall, yet shorter then them, being in between Howard and Bernadetta in height, he has Bernadetta's skin tone with Raphael's blonde hair and yellow eyes Strengths - Sword, Axe, Riding Budding Talents - Bow, Lance Weaknesses - Gauntlets Favorite Gifts - Training Weight, Blue Cheese, Tasty Baked Treat, Book of Sheet Music, Armored Bear Stuffy, Baby's Breath, Carnation, Exotic Spices Least Favorite Gifts - Dapper Handkerchief, Arithmetic Textbook, Monarch Studies Book Leigh is the youngest of Raphael and Bernadetta's two sons and the second grandson of Bernadetta's mother and nephew of Maya. While being a great knight in training like his older brother, Leigh is a bit more seclusive (not as bad as Bernadetta used to be as he is willing to go outside), making him nervous to step onto a battlefield or a formal noble occasion. He would rather play or hang out with his brother and friends (mainly Acantha, Isen, Elle-Anna, and Charisse) or be learning to bake. He sometimes feels that he isn't fit to be a knight or noble due to his kind nature or friendship (/possible romance) with commoners his age (due to servants speaking highly of his late grandfather Count Varley), but Bernadetta assures him it is better to be himself rather then a "horrible selfish noble" like her father was. Leigh is also good with horses, usually tending to their care with the others
  10. I always loved second generation units! So I'd give this a try for all my favorite characters! Here are the first two I've come up with! And here's a heads up, If a Three Houses character's name is underlined like this, then that character is what I call in Fates the character idea's default parent (like how Shigure is Azura's son or Ophelia is Odin's daughter) Acantha Von Riegan Daughter of Byleth and Claude Age - 17 Crest: Flames Class - Mage Appearance - Like Kana, Morgan, and the other child units in Fates and Awakening, Acantha's appearance would count on who her father is, since My Byleth s-supports with Claude, she has his skin tone and dark brown hair with her mother's bright green eyes. Strengths - Faith, Reason, Authority Budding Talents - Bow Weaknesses - Sword, Gauntlets Favorite Gifts - Violet, Arithmetic Textbook, Watering Can, Goddess Statuette Least Favorite Gifts - Coffee Beans Acantha is the firstborn child of Byleth and Claude, making her the granddaughter of Jeralt and Sitri. Much like her parents, Acantha is a kind-hearted individual who deeply cares about the ones she loves, yet her desire to achieve her own besides being just being her parents' child can make her a bit rebellious as well as easily vulnerable to peer pressure. She also does not want to depend every deed she does on her Crest. While she does have a good relationship with both her parents, she is once in a while embarrassed by her father's scheme-making ways, especially when she's involved. Acantha deeply loves magic, which is why she chose to be a mage. Isen Von Riegan Son of Byleth and Claude Age - 14 Crest: None Class - Mercenary Appearance: He is practically a younger and shorter splitting image of Claude with a rounder head, sporting his skin tone, only with Byleth's green hair and eyes Strengths - Lance, Faith, Axe Budding Talents: Reason, Riding Weaknesses - Sword, Arrow, Authority, Flying Favorite Gifts - Blue Cheese, Tasty Baked Treat, Armored Bear Stuffy, Exotic Spices Least Favorite Gifts - Dapper Handkerchief, Ceremonial Sword Isen is the second born and youngest child of Claude and Byleth, Acantha's little brother and grandson of Jeralt and Sitri. Being the first member of the family without a crest, Isen has been bullied and tormented by the children of nobles his whole life (not even his parents threatening his tormentors of being banished from both Almyra or Fodlan seems to stop them). With his mother's advice, Isen became a mercenary like Byleth and his late grandfather Jeralt, joining his grandfather's old group of mercenaries and being appointed by Leonie (his godmother) as her apprentice. Thanks to a childhood of bullying, Isen is practically insecure of himself being part of his linage, though Claude insists that he, Byleth, Acantha, and everyone else love him and always will, even if he had a Crest. Isen is also somewhat of ashamed of himself as he thinks he can't live to Claude's scheme-making ways, as his schemes he makes normally end in messes or someone hurt or something broken. These my main two character ideas! I will post more once I come up with them!
  11. I have three unpopular opinions Revelations is my favorite Fates Path Azura, Sakura, Camilla, & the Three Houses leaders should be future smash characters The female Fates characters should have child units too
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