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    MOTHER, cute indie games, Fire Emblem (of course), Vocaloid, comedy anime and manga, and drawing. Oh and I guess I better put running as something active lol.
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  1. Should be playing the Splatfest 😎 Unless they hate Splatoon then understandable
  2. Has the scariest and most spookiest main Oh wow so lonely on this page
  3. Needs to play Mother 3 and if they have they need to play it again
  4. Forgot that simping for yourself is just called self pampering 😌
  5. Is a member of the most terrifying and powerful force on the internet *cowers in fear* I swear, I only simp for Zelda!
  6. Does not fear the simp police Don't worry I heard they're a myth so we're safe for now
  7. Dang it the only two I would ever want are taken, Paya and Purah. Sailor Mercury
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