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  1. Most of the colors are the same/similar shades of white and red with a little bit of grey, I’ve included all the GIMP frames so you can see if it’s maybe a color issue... I’ve checked those frames that mess up myself and they’re no different than any other frames (plus I also had someone look at it before you and they couldn’t figure it out either), maybe a new set of eyes will catch what we missed? I hate to ask that of you, but I’ve looked at it over and over and I got nothing. Since that error shows up with only the first 12 frames, you should only have to check those 12 and not the whole 61 frames (hopefully).
  2. I went here first because I don’t have an account on FEU, but I’ll keep that in mind.
  3. So, I started working on a custom animation using a fixed version of FE8's Lyon animations, you can find what I used here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CAC-wxJOkgBT3Me3fkzS3qzSdXR_8RKu. So, I did all the frames, but for some reason, the first frame messes up the shading when in game. To show what I'm talking about, you can see for yourself in the two pictures; The first is what it looks like in GIMP, the 2nd is what it looks like in game: I don't know what causes this, I've reached out to multiple people about this and so far, I've come up blank (I don't hold it against them, don't worry)… I got recommended to take this problem to a larger place, hence me posting here now. I don't know if its a problem of the animations I was using or the (probably more likely) case of me missing something about custom animations, this is my first time making a custom animation so it's not unlikely... Oh, one other thing, I only include the magic animations as I don't have the staff animation yet, I wanted to get this glitch figured out before I jumped into that. The Empress' Magic.zip
  4. Thank you so much! Was starting to get worried that all the time I was spending in making portraits was all for naught. Even if what I’m making never sees the light of day, at least someone else in my position will know how to fix it.
  5. What would that patch be? I want to do the same thing as OP, just in FE8 instead. Looked pretty much everywhere and I haven’t had any luck... It’d be changing a charater portrait entirely (not just in cutscenes) after a certain point in the story, basically a GBA version of the 2nd half of Three Houses where the the character has the same stats, but a different portrait.
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