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  1. Everyone seems to be saying FE4 remake and I'm inclined to agree. Do I think they'll do it perhaps but honestly it's what I want especially if they expand on the characters the same way Echos did (Honestly the characters where the best part of Echos) also incorporation more awakening style supports would also work well and make tracking parents and second gen units much easier. I just hope they update the maps and gameplay more than they did with echos because I found echos gameplay to be not great (Granted considering how 4 is that would be a lot of work) But still it would be nice to play a remake because I couldn't get into the OG despite finding the story interesting. But still I'm not particularly hopeful they'll probs just do some stuff with FEH I don't care about (Granted seeing 8 bit versions of all the main characters was super cute but I hope april fools isn't all we get)
  2. I've been a fan of Fire Emblem for a bit now and have decided to go back and play some older games. A friend of mine recommended sacred stones because it's his favorite and is pretty user friendly. So far I've been really enjoying while it's a bit slower than I'm used to it's still fun. However I learned recently that your supports are very limited giving you only 5. I plan on playing the game twice so I can get Erika's and Emphrams split so I can get more supports. I've already got Erika and Seth's C support before knowing this but the rest are up for grabs so I wanna know whos supports are some really good must sees! (try not to spoil them)
  3. - Echos character art is the best in the series -Three houses has the most in depth story by far -Id Purpose Slaps -Ike one of the best lords -Lysithea is a good ass unit -Chapter 10 of conquest is hard (especially on harder difficulties) -Ryoma looks like a lobster man
  4. Echos is overrated, the story screws over celica to make alm do no wrong and the gameplay is so unfun it was a struggle to complete. I never wanted to quite a fire emblem game before finishing other than revelations (for different reasons) so if you are on par with revelations in me not wanting to finish it you know there is something wrong Three houses is while amazing in some ways has shit replay value because of the academy phase like it was a struggle to get through my third playthrough and silver snow is worse because you gotta do black eagles TWICE idk I still love the game I just wish there was more variety in the academy phase (I don't think think this is an unpopular opinion it really brought down my enjoyment of the game significantly and I'm pretty sure I like three houses much less than your average fire emblem fan) Fates has some of the best gameplay in fire emblem. It's story might be a dumpster fire and most of the characters are one note but uh it's easily some of the most fun I've had with a fire emblem game aside from awakening so thats gotta count for something also I don't like dimitri that much, he's a good character don't get me wrong but like I see girls go crazy over him and I saw it a lot with people who previously did the same for Chrom, so as a local Chrom simp I played though azure moon scratching my head. Post time skip dimitri would be scary to date, he has really big issues he needs to sort out on his own first. Chrom is best blue lord
  5. Your favorite game is awakening but you don't like Chrom, wild, but uh my faves are Chrom and Robin: I could write an essay why but I don't feel like it but honestly I just think it enhances awakenings narrative immensely Maribelle and Lissa: They can't s support but you gonna tell me Maribelle ain't gay for Lissa Lissa and Libra: Cute supports but if I'm being honest it just gives a great dread fighter or dark knight owain Maribelle and Ricken: It's kinda the one the game want you to pick and for once I am happy to go with it (also makes for a bomb sage brady) Sumia and Frederick: Easily the best of Sumias Romantic supports by a long shot Tharja and Gaius: Honestly makes Tharja likeable and Gaius is just funny and Charming (like always) Sully and Vaike: Just some good ass supports but then again sully just generally has some good ass supports Panne and Stahl: Good boy befriends local Bunny by eating and making weird food Cordelia and Chrom Lon'qu: A support where Cordelia moves on from Chrom is a good support to me also Lon'qu getting over his fear of women to help Cordelia is cute Olivia and Henry: It's just good idk what to say Donnel and Nowi: One of the only characters I don't feel uncomfortable marrying nowi too Cherche and Gregor: He saved her wyvern in the past how cute Lucina and Laurent: Good supports and their ending is so cute and happy which is good because luci deserves happiness Morgan and Nah: Good ass supports literally nothing more just GOOD Robin x Tiki: Tiki deserves love she's been through so much While I don't like dwelling on ships I don't like uhhhh Chrom and Sumia: I like all his other options I just don't like sumia I hate the whole man woman house thing they got going on and I hate how she like is in cutscenes before the timeskip to establish her as the love interest then just throw her aside once they get together Robin and Second gen units: It's weird the ain't even born yet or are babies Robin and Lucina: I'm calling this one out specifically because it violates bro code also like this applies to all of them but like what happens in 20 years when you go to visit your buddy Chrom and you see the hot 20 something version of your wife that's just weird. Robin and Nah: Calling this one out because like that's just some pedo shit Nowi and anyone who isn't Donnel or Ricken: She looks like a child so I'mma put her with other characters that look like children Robin and Any of the spotpass characters other than priam: Other than Priam all the spotpass characters died during the main story and I think they should stay dead Lissa and Donnel: Their whole support is about them being like siblings with each other to jump to an s support feels wrong
  6. Our stories of getting into fire emblem are like weirdly similar! I was a Lucina main way before I ever played awakening and was so excited when she showed up in awakening, Anyways welcome to the forest fellow newby.
  7. The wildest part is that this honestly wouldn't even change the games story much there are a few scene changes but not much. Don't get me wrong I like Lucina but they really didn't make her that plot important
  8. Lucina and Laurent their supports are so cute and I really like their paired ending but I don't see that much stuff about them Lorenz and Marianne I know a lot of people don't really like Lorenz all that much (Including me) but their supports are just Lorenz wanting to make Marianne happy because she has such a pretty smile and honestly who doesn't wanna see Marianne happy.
  9. Hello you can call me Echo, I'm new here but I've been a bit of a lurker especially for finding builds for my characters while first playing though fates and awakening so I finally decided to make an account. I'm really into fire emblem but I can't seem to get any of my friends into it so it will be nice to have people to talk to! I've played: Awakening, Fates, Echos and Three houses (CF, VW, AM) Currently Playing: Sacred Stones (and silver snow but like it's been on pause because animal crossing hasn't left my switch also a lunatic run of awakening but fuck that shit hard)
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