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  1. Yes. I just don’t want it to steal the spot light. I want to earn it. I don’t want to be in the shoes of a specified backstory character. It kills immersion since it meant to be MY avatar. Hell support could work like bonding after a hard fight. Could even have an RNG about if it went well or not.
  2. No Kris stole the spotlight and was the grand Child of an Atlean Knight. I want a random with no ties whatsoever
  3. Great Shez has the Agarthan goddess in him/her. It’s on the wikis rn. Can you please give a avatar without being related to the MC, Gods, or dragon, or all these. I want my avatar as a random nobody. Also every Avatar has being nothing but dog shit from Intys. Learn from the west and D&D you island Asian xenophobes
  4. True hence why if Avatar must return I want them to be a playable generic village. The game over screen could just be that your character died but they still succeeded, you just weren’t there to see. Making an avatar the mc is stupid as it puts them in a bad and hard writing spots. Samurai Warriors 4 Empires did it good with Avatar as you pick a personality type and your Avatar DOESNT get along with everyone. All the avatar that I saw ( were Gary/Mary sues. Kris stole Marth shine. Robin was tied to the Final boss this needed to be there. Corrin is Literally his biological kid and three nation revolves around them. Byleth has just god herself in him/her. Everyone flocks to them. Really would it hurt Inty to just make the avatar a nobody?
  5. I said big as it makes other characters less developed. I never said on literal size. My point is that Byleth can befriend anybody in a year before the war but people brings pitchforks on harem of like 4 people max and a timeline of 10 years. My point was they weren’t developed at every good angle. I wasn’t trolling as to me forty is too much. It like danganronpa franchise to me and someone ask me who Sayaka is and I awnser who?
  6. 3Houses had a way too big cast like fates of character. It didn’t help that every story part was divided into months as chapters. Byleth relationships are just horrible. This game would have benefited from Byleth being voiced and not an avatar. I’ve seen many of my friends getting turned off by Byleth looking at Sothis blankly and trusting her that easily. Dude you have a spirit in your body and when you talk with her you get emotions that you should have. They say Byleth is a great strategist or smart merc but they don’t see red flags about that or their dad telling them to not trust Rhea. FYI I don’t mind Byleth becoming friends or more with Sothis but their build up with her and the church is just retarded. When fanfiction does better with MC and it an insult you know that there is something wrong. Byleth needed way more development than what they had for devions they made. A year teaching someone isn’t enough for a teacher to care about the face of its students. Naruto has a bond with Iruka because they knew each other for more than a year. Naruto entered the academy at 6 and left it at twelve so even though they didn’t became friends until Naruto graduated they still knew each other for like 6 years.
  7. Yay didn’t remember the win conditions but I knew that map caught off guard in a good way hence why I liked it. This was gameplay and level design at it finest. I don’t hate turn wheel, I do hate how they don’t incorporate it into the map designs and as such makes hard map basically consequences free. It a SRPG so I wanna strategize dammit. All the turn wheel does that way is make me oh…don’t do that and no consequences. I prefer my 3Houses let’s play when I don’t use it period. Speaking of Edward of the Tellius games, doesn’t these game have a benched XP system? BlazingKnight a FE YouTube said do but don’t quote me on this as I don’t have them.
  8. The one where Dorkas joins you and his bandit buddies tries to swarm your team while your protecting his wounded wife inside a broke watchtower. You have to tout them all as they try to barge in to over troop you.
  9. Same I was like. OMG i get to think…. In a strategy Rpg. HELL YES!!!!! Now I wished the tellius games weren’t so god damn expensive. like the turn wheel makes me go meh… but that chapter 4 in FE7 made me go like for 5 seconds: IF SHIT WHAT DO I DO NOW?
  10. Never played Ike’s games and looking up it was to expensive online. Speaking of which I really hate modern FE maps since they don’t blend well with the gameplay cough turn wheel cough. I remember playing FE 7 with Lyn after I played 3Houses, Fates , and Awakening and Liking the Dorkas choke map where you have to prevent enemies from swarming you to death. God I wish I could get caught off guard more in this. Turn wheel just make me go euh I’ll make a unit block a door and now I have lost the ability to face my mistakes.
  11. Speaking of FE Fates. I think it’s the worst modern FE. It has Phoenix mode which makes you immune to consequences of bad play. I hate the rewind or turn wheel as much as Phoenix but they are limited at Leats and even then I use limited loosely. Corrin regardless of being kidnapped and sheltered shouldn’t be this mentality inept. You got your memory seals and the norh siblings knew of it and you don’t freak out. I especially hated that Norh are portrayed as the absolute evil. It make some people I be met irl think that Japan stoke its ego in a sjw development of the game. It doesn’t help that Norh has many soldiers like Zola who make them look worse. Faron is the progenitor of the Agarthan problem since his own kids are like Wtf at his change into evil before the story began. By precursor I mean that at the very in 3Houses it’s implied that argarthan wears the skin of who they are impersonating so nobody can suspect but Garon is literally a corpse puddle controlled like a puppet. It should smell like ass when he is around. We never even heard what happened to make him that other then Anankos being angry at not being worshiped anymore. It is so skewed in Norh being the bad guy that it never acknowledged Hoshido evil deed.
  12. True but they still hid their existence and that if their enemies. If the rest of foldable discovered it and the church being stuck between all 3 main powers well they would die. People wouldn’t want to trust them or any non human ever. They would have discovered that they were lied for about 1200 years. Each human can live a hundred years and Byleth is experiment thirteen. Even IF the three lords don’t agree they would be forced by peer pressure to do so. The lords are responsible for the human in thei land. Point is or was that would be the optimal golden route in loose quote. The settings doesn’t really allow for it. All in all it was only a thought experiment.
  13. Was there a golden toute to begin with? What I’d personally consider a golden route in 3H would be the death of all Agarthan and Nabatean. Hell in CF flower Byleth heart shattered the crestone and stated beating. To me it screamed healthy baby but Rhea wanted mommy back. So yeah 3H golden route imo is where human leads the world without the church (Nabatean) and the creepy vampire scientist (Agarthan or TWSITD)
  14. I would empty my wallet twice just for this. This is what they needed, an Avatar that isn’t a generic Atlus MC. Nothing against SMT or Personsa but FE is it’s own thing and the more they rip off things while losing their identity the worse it gets. As for that avatar idea until Nintendo learns to fo in between without going one extreme of an idea it gonna take a while
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