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  1. I mean last thing we saw from Freyja was kidnapping her brother and he literally had a protection against her so he clearly fears her.
  2. I normally don’t hate fictional characters but Est and Bernadetta might be the nearest I ever got to hate a character in FE.
  3. Not gonna go into tooo much spoilers here but just gonna say he is a bit diffrent than Edelgard. Basically he gets more or less played by the evil death cult for some time but the after he knows exactly what their intentions are and what evil deeds they are doing he tries to go against them as much as he can and even helps Celice and the others in the end out and is willing to die in the battle against Celice in the end, because he trusts that Celice will make that world he dreams of happen. His main motivation is a world without any discrimination against anyone which is tidly connected to his herritage being from a bloodline that was hunted down and almost erased entirely. Which is also how the cult kept him under control basically going ' U go against us and we will tell everyone what u are' which would mean he would lose well everything and be hunted down as well thats why he had to go behind their back to even do anything. So mostly On the surface both are kinda similar seeing how TH is so much inspired of FE4 but there ARE some differences. Alvis is basically an antagonist with what started as good intentions
  4. Azure Moon is my favourite for several reasons but yes the emotional core is certainly a big one. I have to agree about the thing with Silver Snow since for me everything Silver Snow wanted to do Verdant Wind did better and more interesting. Tho if i remember right SS was the first route they wrote and so basically the 'proto' route for the rest of the game. If i remember right Dimitri actually was at a way better and stable place mentally in CF than in AM due to his uncle not being murdered, and him not having to flee but yeah i wish they gave the fight between those two in CF more meaning bc while it is kinda showing that Dimitri obsession with vengance was mostly one-sided it also just shortens the experience because they could have made some very nice parallism between the two routes if they wanted to. Im glad that people get to enjoy their faves in that way but kinda wished they would add the banners more equally ( they could make like 1 BE, 1 BL, 1 GD and 1 from the church) because then it would be nicer and fairer for everyone. Tho tbh especially in heroes i find it interesting that they focus so much on BE given how in Japan Dimitri is just so crazy popular. Oh yeah i could see that as a reason too, but i guess in the end it probably boils down to multiple factors but thanks for bringing that point up bc it definatly plays into it. This is what makes me kinda afraid of an FE4 remake tbh bc i don't wanna think about how people will treat Alvis, seeing how some of them treat Edelgard.
  5. Leonie, Hapi, Yuri (if they count bc DLC) and ig Ignatz. Leonie becomes a mercenary either way and Ignatz just an artist as always, Yuri does his underground business and helps orphans and Hapi basically goes into hiding and occasionally helps out the empire agains Those who slither her being the only one with an explicit CF ending out of the 4. Yes i am thinking that too. It just would have been nice to actually See it you know? Like maybe the game introducing the character in part 2 and showing them slowly working the ranks up and growing from that into a good candidate for the role. Tbh the thing with the writing and world building was just out of my personal problems bc while i find the premise of CF and Edelgard really interesting and facinating i think the execution leaves for me at least a lot to be desired. Maybe its bc i played AM and VW first and now am biased but a lot of especially the last third of CF felt rushed and undeveloped. I think part of that is because of how the developers said in an interview that originally SS was suppose to be the Black Eagles route and they later changes it bc they wanted the player to be able to side with Edel too so they made CF a secret route, but then also changed that again and decided it's so easy to get that it is kinda the main route for BE now. Like if it was nothing but an extra route it would have been fine that it's a bit shorter than the other routes and had less cinematics and all. But like this i think they really should have added some chapters and wrapped some things up. I don't hate Edelgard, but she isnt my favouriote either just due to the writing i simply prefer her in the antagonistic role she plays in SS/AM/VW. To come back to the original topic tho my theory is a lot of people seem to hate her due to her being presented a lot more 'prominent' than Claude and Dimitri for example from a marketing point. That in it self isnt a bad thing but it is not rocket science to conclude that when someone doesnt like or is just midly against a character but whenever they interact with the media the character is 'more' front and center than other characters that might be equal, people easily can drift off into extremes. This is about FEH but also about the pre-release marketing of Three houses and things like the theme song of the whole game being solely in her perspective. I really hope it doesn't come over as me trying to justify some of the extreme haters or saying that i am one. This is simply my theory on the topic.
  6. Hm yeah... this makes sense but if that's the case it kinda feels then that they only tell us that Edelgard wants to change up the class system but don't show us like an commoner who does get into a position of power. They even could have just added an NPC to fill that role while not great it would have been better than nothing. As of now the thing that basically everyone of the BEs get the positions they always were intended to get no matter the system change (except Casper ig) can be seen as best just a bit of lazy writing and at worst nepotism. Though i don't think Edelgard based on her in-game values and goals would do nepotism. i honestly think, that if aspects like that in CF and the route in general had gotten a bit more world building and bit of an overworked storyline between Intsys decision to not make it a secret route anymore and the games' release it would have given way less complaints about Edelgard as a character.
  7. One thing that always bothered me about the writing of Edelgard or CF in general tbh is how the one person who got no title or anything out of all of this was the one commoner in her group, Dorothea. Casper gets the position of his father as stated in game as recognition of his efforts in the war. Ferdinand gets his lands back. But Dorothea? Nope Dorothea stays a commoner and only can marry to make her situation better, despite being in the main team, even her solo-ending insist on her getting married. It just seems kinda weird and not fitting of Edel given her goals
  8. But VW presents some ideas... It's literally about how u need an outside view sometimes to see the big picture since all three Edelgard,Rhea and Dimitris point of views are way to disturbed by emotions and personal bias. Rhea wants to protect her own and wants what she had lost back so much that she doesn't care how Fodland and its people are affected by it. Dimitri also is trapped in the past, his whole story is about letting go of the guilt and rage he had for almost his entire life, he's so focused on his own inner doing that he's unable to see the big picture. Edelgard is so overfocused on the future and the destruction of the church that she wants to get to it asap, without thinking of the long time consequences and without even questioning if the believes she backs those on are true in the first place. So the only one left to uncover the truth is Claude. Someone who is not affected by the tragedies Fodland has seen and the trauma that came with it. While i think the execution is poorly done something THs story suffers under a lot i still think VW had some ideas
  9. Hi, I’m one of the new cleaners on this project and just dropping in to inform you guys that we are all trying our best to get the next chapters to you as fast as possible. Furthermore we’ll try to maintain a more frequent update schedule until we see this project to completion. Thanks for reading!
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