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  1. Ok, So it seems this project is still going on, such a relief, so i'm gonna ask : do you need help with this ?, because with a friend we are doing an fe4 hack, so instead of straight up doing the same thing and having 2 project too close to each others, we can help you speed up the thing, I'm able to do the animations that you might need. If you want our help you can make an account on Fire Emblem Universe, a forum that have a lot of people willing to help and give feedbacks, there is also a discord. If you want to contact me I go by Leo_link on FeUniverse and @Jim_leo on discord, I'll be glad to help you, because i fell this project can become something awesome. I hope you luck in your project ^^. Edit : wait I know you, you are Pi, damn I'm such a moron, I still want to help though
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