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  1. Thanks for your reply! I really like using Steel Drums/Pans on my covers. That's like one of my favorite insrtuments in the world. It gives Beach/Mario Kart feeling but that's what I usually try to get. I'm sorry if that kinda ruined the experience to you. You might not be alone. I'll keep this on my mind when I'm going to use that instrument again!
  2. Hi everyone! I haven't been active on here unfortunately. I'm hyping the FE1 localisation so I made this remix :)) I hope you could enjoy this!
  3. Your idea sounds very nice! It's true that in FE games the preparation is one of the key elements so remembering it would be nice touch inteed! Thanks for the idea! (also how you made the video preview and why it's so big?) Do you mean the Boss Battle theme? I actually have thought that the Boss Battle theme (Rise the Challenge) in FE7 would link into FE8 Recruitment (Comrades) 🙂 But if I'm getting wrong idea then hit me! (I suggest that you don't use axes or you would miss) Yeah this is only the "preview" so I don't made the transitions good 😛 I try to make them link into each other. It's honestly sad that I can't keep the same tempo due the songs are so different to each other but I try my best that it will be great! Final thanks to you! I'm glad that I can get people hyped 🙂 I will inform you when it's fully released!! It maybe honestly take 1 month due my work and other stuff related to real world "problems" but I'm invested to make this happen!
  4. This looks epic! Might try it out 🙂 How many chapters have you planned to do?
  5. Hi everyone! Jugebox98 here!! I'm new on these forums :) I don't know how many knows me before hand but I make remixes on Youtube. I have covered Fire Emblem music before. But I don't want to talk about myself too much. I have started to make Fire Emblem Medley because FE is 30th years old :) I'm currently on GBA games but my goal is to cover almost every mainline entry of the series (FE11 and FE16 will be missing due they are just remakes). I don't know excatly when this is going to be released but I will inform you if you're interested! Here's sneak peek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKl9myI5-o0 If you have any questions then I'm willing to answer! If you have suggestions about the songs or general advices I would take those comments too!
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