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  1. Cleopatra: It’s not true, it’s bullshit. I did not hit him. I did not. Mark Anthony: Cleopatra: Oh hi Mark. I always focus on the good each game has to offer. I think the only one that disappointed me was PoR.
  2. Why do you even care? Nothing IS does will top Berwick to you anyway.
  3. Got the Platinum trophy for Assassin's Creed Origins. I would've loved the game if I hadn't played Odyssey first. It was like coming back to Awakening after playing Fates, but in a bad way. Why don't you use the translation you made?
  4. He was going to be, but was cut due to time constraints. There's always time, Dayni. Join us, the Dragon Age club needs more members. I can't unsee this face. Thanks for the laughs.
  5. Manuals unlock the class so you can choose the specialization using the points
  6. Wrong reaction, sorry, I just wanted to put an image for you to join the trio. I'm a tepid person
  7. Wynne is the only healer in the game. Your only hope now is to buy the Spirit Healer manual in Denerim (that costs a fortune) and specialize Morrigan.
  8. Shit already overstayed its welcome. They should, at the very least, change the name of the series.
  9. Now they just need to make Panty & Stocking season 2 I'll try to. Have you solved the Pegasus Knight/Horseman issue yet?
  10. It's optional, but if you kill it you get a better ending.
  11. Sten isn't romanceable. Only Zevran, Alistair and Leliana for you.
  12. Of course. I would never recommend a bad game. Sten is qunari. The Qun hates softies.
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