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    Games, anime and manga. Pokémon, Final Fantasy, FE, Dragon Ball, Jojo, the entire Type-Moon universe (Fate, Tsukihime, etc.). I'm always looking for a good story to pass the time.
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  1. I don't know what the fuck is going on
  2. It's the best kind of beard: stylish and not bothersome.
  3. The one with a beard. Where's the evil cult? The problem is that Ruben keeps shunning the girls and asking for beards, but when I post one fanart he doesn't even notice
  4. Since nobody cares about beards here's some boobs instead
  5. Is Faye underwhelming as PK as everybody says? Also, I hope you're using best girl. Shhhhhh. Don't give him ideas 😕
  6. *looks up how long does the sale lasts* C'mon Armagon, the game is like 20 hours long, you can beat it in a weekend Which part are you in? What are your villager's classes?
  7. Rumors will spread You can always start again Please tell us if the game is good or not, since I'm kinda interested in it
  8. As a humanities, I sympathize with Armagon. BLITZKRIEG! BLITZKRIEG! BLITZKRIEG!
  9. True, but the option is still there and the important thing is that Gamefreak finally listened and added difficulty options. And you can use cheats to unlock it. BASED! He went out of his way to execute Alistair in order to recruit the villain of the game.
  10. I mean, it's Twitter, of course it would be a shitshow, but that doesn't detract from the main point OP had. Use Delthea
  11. Outdated consoles once again limiting Kaga's genius smh There's a few mistakes, but it is spot on
  12. Hey, that's supposed to be Armagon's shtick! I don't understand your infatuation with Haitaka, dude's one of the best units in the game, generic or not. I thought you hated strong units! Also, Dragon Age Origins: Awakening when? Is that why FE lords have all blue hair?
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