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  1. Hey there, I'm Rugman! I've been a fan of FE since I was a little kid playing PoR and Radiant Dawn. I really enjoy writing, cooking, baking, designing clothes and playing other JRPGs. I'm also a very massive Atlus fan, I've played many of the entries with those being Persona 1-5, Nocturne, Strange Journey and a little bit of Digital Devil Saga. I'm really big on psychological horror, some of my favorites being Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel and Kara no Kyoukai. That's pretty much all you need to know about me, I end up writing a 50 page essay if a topic interests me and maybe I'll do that here, maybe....
  2. I have a question for you all, has there ever been a character that you genuinely like-love personality wise but only gets appreciated for gameplay by the majority? If so, who is it and why, I'd love to hear what you all have to say! For me, it's Canas, he's genuinely such a goodhearted and sweet person, he pursues the horror's of Elibe's dark magic not for power, but for knowledge, resisting the temptations of such. It's also a very nice touch that his affinity is Anima to reflect his pursuit of knowledge.
  3. 1: While Fates's story is filled with plot holes and inconsistencies, the general order in story is Birthright -> Conquest -> Revelations, though what you pick first doesn't really matter as long as Revelations is last. 2: Unfortunately no, there are a few neutral characters that will join you regardless of the path you chose, those being Kaze, Felicia, Jakob and more. 3: I'd just go with your heart, as you go on you'll find your own favorites. If you're going for stats I wouldn't worry about it either because anybody with Corrin is generally considered their optimal pairing.
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