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  1. There's been a bunch of new places I wanted to try, but they were small businesses and COVID shut them down. Was looking forward to stop by there, but nope. They said bye bye.
  2. No cap. However, depending on the route you're playing there's certain characters you can't recruit. You cannot recruit: On Golden Deer: Dimitri, Hubert, Dedue, Edelgard. On Black Eagles (Crimson Flower): Hilda, Dimitri, Dedue, Claude. On Black Eagles (Silver Snow): Dimitri, Dedue, Claude. (You are able to recruit Hilda but only have the moon before timeskip to be able to.) On Blue Lions: Edelgard, Dimitri, Dedue, Hubert.
  3. hahaha fire emblem funny number 1
  4. Okay, I'm in love with the Wings of Fire villains so much that I did the villains instead of protagonists. I did Darkstalker, Scarlet, and Albatross using Fire Dragon, Immaculate One, and Immovable sprites. Darkstalker: Scarlet: Albatross:
  5. just based off of the part of the fanbase i'm in, i see a lot of people usually being pretty salty over characters people like/dislike, opinion change forcing, etc
  6. Wings of Fire has to be my favorite book series of all time so far. Memorable characters and storylines. I absolutely loved Darkstalker and Dragonslayer. Wings of Fire is the book series that's super good but has a horrible fanbase. Can't explain how many unpopular Wings of Fire opinions I have.. Lol.
  7. I had my birthday two weeks before quarantine started for my county. Some of my friends had quarantine birthdays, we just partied in ACNH ^^
  8. What would be the best Sacred Seal for S!Byleth? My S!Byleth is +HP -SPD.
  9. Hi! So I want to make some sprites by editing the current sprites. I can't find a transparent PNG of the beasts (taguel, cat laguz, dragon, etc). Does anyone know where I am able to find it? If so could you please post the images (transparent if possible! if not white background will be okay) here? Thank you!
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