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  1. The most egregious instance that is often cited is how the team handled Nergal's wife, Aenir. The team seemingly didn't realize Aenir was a person and wrote of her as if she was a location, and changed his extended death quote to instead lament his lack of quintessence by mistake. The other ones being the text errors on weapons such as the infamous "an axe designed to strike" and other minorly confusing dialogue that just didn't translate well.
  2. I recently finished a run of HHM where I was, once again, lamenting the lack of 3x eff weapons and other puzzling balance changes when I decided that I was finally gonna give this hack a try: This hack does a wonderful job of restoring a lot of the unnecessary balance changes of FE7 but it got me thinking; has anyone ever attempted to make an FE7 hack that restores the JP balance AND improves the terrible localization? There's a whole lot of minor nitpicks that I've seen about FE7's presentation and I just don't know if someone has already made or attempted a hack like this.
  3. Sweet! That solves my immediate issue but I'd love to find a complete package eventually. But thanks a lot, I appreciate it!
  4. I've been looking desperately for a clean version of the "Castle Seized" sound effect to no avail. In fact, I can't seem to find any FE4 sound effects that aren't leveling up. Just wondering if there was a way to bulk download them or if anyone specifically had the "Castle Seized" effect
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