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  1. Well I don't go to the higher level maps right away, I just work my way up.
  2. Basically yes that is what I'm doing. When I need to level up a healer though I'll put on her attack, like with Serra I use Absorb.
  3. Lucina - Lv 32 with Falchion, Luna, Defiant Spd 2, and Spur Atk 2 Linde - Lv 27 with Aura, Ardent Sacrifice, Speed +3, and Fortify Res 2 Hawkeye - Lv 30 with Killer Axe+, Rising Light, Death Blow 2, and Threaten Atk 2 Takumi - Lv 26 with Fujin Yumi, Vengeance, and Threaten Spd 1
  4. If you have some low level units you want to level up quickly, take one of your highest level healers and a dancer/singer and unequip them. Keep them near your Lvl 1s and heal them as often. Using Olivia or Azura to make them move again helps out. I made Shareena a 4-star and took her, Serra, Lucina, and Olivia with me to level her up to lvl 10 in just a manner of minutes. For some reason the AI likes to attack the unequipped targets first.
  5. So I have a 4-star Maria and taught her Physic. It heals 8 HP at 2-range to the target and allies near the target. However, I don't think it's working how it should. None of the other allies get healed. Am I reading the description wrong? Edit: After checking GameFaqs, it appears that it was mistranslated, because the Japanese version just says it heals for 8HP two spaces away.
  6. Which makes sense with how many Americans love the franchise.
  7. Here I am on my lunch break and it's still not here. I was worried I couldn't find it for some reason. I don't mind waiting until after I get out of work at 5.
  8. Just turn Mozu into a Dread Fighter. That's what I did.
  9. That's actually good because I've got a pretty balanced team right now with a few that are close to promoting, such as my avatar and Elise.
  10. As we all know, tomorrow marks the first set of DLC: Boo Camp and Beach Brawl. Next week is going to be Ghostly Gold and Museum Melee. It is a great opportunity for you to level up your characters, get gold, weapons, etc for your Conquest characters. My question is, how much stronger do the enemies get as your progress through it? Do they adjust to wherever you are in the main story or do they adjust to your characters levels? I only ask because I have some Conquest characters I want to use but need to grind them a bit.
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