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    Doing whatever interests me really....right now, I'm writing a video game review, I may take a stab at writing fiction novels (basically just novelizations of games I really like), I'm studying a martial arts style that's a mixture of Bruce Lees style and a style that my Sensei designed specifically for surviving the violence and crimes of todays environment (my Sensei is a retired police officer! ^__^), and I'm also doing every weight lifting and running program my school offers me. I also surf forums to discuss any and all discussions that interest me and are conversations I actually have something interesting to say about, and I'm also involved in writing a walkthrough for Final Fantasy. My aspiration is either to be a video game designer, martial arts teacher, writer, or a politician that benefits the world.
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  1. Kept you waiting, eh? Well, here's the fated rematch with Barbaroi, at last! Who will come out on top this time? Find out, today! Part 30: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough—Nightmare (Barbaroi: Team & Solo) LEFT PART OF THUMBNAIL ART BY: Unknown Artist RIGHT PART OF THUMBNAIL ART BY: 「せいはち」 せいはち's ART GALLERY: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3498832/illustrations Special thanks for giving me permission to use it! BARBAROI AI (16%, 31%, or 47% Counter-Attacks, depending on HP thresholds. Also increases its attacking, according to these same thresholds): Attack All (50%) Fire Breath (25%) Ice Breath (12.5%) Bolt X/Valhalla (12.5%) 2500 HP or higher: 380 Attack & 16% Counter-Attacks 1250-2499 HP: 473 Attack & 31% Counter-Attacks 1249 HP or less: 511 Attack & 47% Counter-Attacks Round 1 ends after 1250 Damage. Barbaroi then starts the next with 5000 HP (if you fight him as a team) or 3750 HP (if you fight him alone). Barbaroi was also supposed to have a 12.5%, 25%, or 37.5% chance to score Critical Hits, according to the HP thresholds... But you cannot crit on either Attack Alls or Counter-Attacks. Thus, the boost is effectively dummied out. EXTRACT/RESTORATIVE RECIPE: x2 HelpBLs/Vitamins (available in every Item Shop) WISDOM FRUIT RECIPE (I forgot about the Sirloin recipe, at the time I made the video slides): x2 Stamina Ups + x2 Tunas (If you got Daiye) SprRib/Sirloin + Fire Spice + x2 Vtmns/Sacred Dews (If you don't have Daiye) Sirloin is earned by killing a Grizzly Bear in a hunting spot—I recommend fusing Saynie + Synne to Bosch to create Robo Bosch. He has great range, and a fast enough rate of fire to stun-lock the animals you hunt (though you don't want to mash too fast or too slow). Fire Spices are buyable from Guntz (x2 Fire Spices + x2 Tunas = Stamina). Vtmns/Sacred Dews are buyable from every early-game shop, up to SimaFort/Fort Nageur. You could also fish out Tunas from many mid-late game locations, but I wouldn't recommend it—too much hassle. ----------------------------------------- THE ROUTE: EQUIPMENT SETUP (Team Fight): Two pieces of Thunder resistance to Lin, as well as one piece to Ryu & Sten. Make sure Ryu can switch between having at least 90 Vigor, and having less than that. EQUIPMENT SETUP (Solo Fight): Make sure Ryu has a Dream/Hell Brace equipped—this sometimes nullifies Bolt X/Valhalla. Make sure he can switch between having at least 90 Vigor, and having less than that. ITEMS WANTED (Solo Fight): x45 HelpBLs/Vitamins, x1 Biscuit/Hardtack, & as many Extracts/Restoratives as possible. --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Barbaroi, Round 1 (1250 HP): (Defensive, then Normal) Turn 1: Buff Ryu while using Emperor Edge (Lin & Sten), Ryu uses Kaiser Dragon, Rand uses Wisdom Seed Turn 2: Two Wisdom Seeds on Ryu, while he Attacks in Normal Formation. --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Barbaroi, as a Team (5000 HP): (Defensive) Turn 1: Speedy pair use Emperor Edge while healing all, Ryu uses Kaiser Dragon, Rand uses Wisdom Seed Turn 2: Speedy pair uses a Wisdom Seed while healing all, Ryu uses Kaiser Dragon, Rand uses Wisdom Seed. Turn 3: Speedy pair use Emperor Edge while healing all, Ryu uses Kaiser Dragon, Rand uses Wisdom Fruit Turn 4: Speedy pair use Emperor Edge while healing all, Ryu equips Life Armor before using Kaiser Dragon, Rand uses Wisdom Fruit Turn 5: Speedy pair heal Ryu & Rand with Vitamins, Ryu uses Kaiser Dragon, Rand uses Wisdom Fruit. Make sure Turn 6: Make sure Sten & Lin are unfused. Ryu puts the Dragon Armor back on, then finishes with one last Kaiser Dragon! --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Barbaroi, in a one-on-one (3750 HP): Strategy: Get off a Kaiser Dragon at the start, then equip the Medusa/Ares Shield and use a Biscuit/Hardtack for boosted defense. Use HelpBLs/Vitamins to heal off Breath Attacks and Unboosted Melee Attacks—Use Extracts/Restoratives to heal off Boosted Attacks & Bolt X/Valhalla. Keep healing until you either dodge a Melee Attack or nullify a Bolt X/Valhalla, then restore your AP and/or use another Kaiser Dragon. Repeat until dead (swap to heavier armor for one turn before the 2nd & 3rd Kaiser Dragons—this way you take less melee damage). --------------------------------------------------------- Aftermath: —Lin smashes the hidden boulder to her right, Sten gets you across a gap in the invisible pathway, then you collect the Life Brace! —Go into the next room and save.
  2. Hey friend! Sorry I didn't see your message a month ago—did you get everything figured out? I know that in the topic you made, someone mentioned that the arrows could accidentally advance RNG, if you did it wrong. Perhaps that was the issue?
  3. Hey friend! Sorry I didn't see your message a month ago—did you get everything figured out?
  4. In any case, welcome to the final dungeon! Whoisthisgit calls it one of the worst final levels in video game history—but is it really? Find out, today! Part 29: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough—Crooked Ladder (Infinity/Abyss Tower) THUMBNAIL ART BY: The cover of "Pandemonium: Devourer of the Lost" (by "Derek Edgington"). This is a cropped version of the full cover. WARNING: The overlays for the Bighands and Wraith Guards are slightly off, regarding their AI and attacks. Find them this description, instead. RE: "I INVENTED THIS SPEED RUN STRAT" STATEMENT: My memory was a bit self-serving—the truth is that it was a team effort. A GameFAQs member called "DrugsRBad" discovered that dead PCs did not add to your run chance. I realized the possibilities of that—so I made a test video to confirm that it was true. It was! My Djinni Sten could run from enemies with near impunity! I brought up the idea to Xujhan (the main Glitchless runner), who then battle-tested the strat. He found that Devil Lin would often outrun things even at LVL 17, hence...the strat! See our conversation, here: https://lpix.org/4159360/Screenshot.png WISDOM FRUIT RECIPE (have at least two before the final dungeon): Sirloin is earned by killing a Grizzly Bear in a hunting spot—I recommend fusing Saynie + Synne to Bosch to create Robo Bosch. He has great range, and a fast enough rate of fire to stun-lock the animals you hunt (though you don't want to mash too fast or too slow). Fire Spices are buyable from Guntz (x2 Fire Spices + x2 Tunas = Stamina). Vtmns/Sacred Dews are buyable from every early-game shop, up to SimaFort/Fort Nageur. THE RUN FORMULA: Subtract the average enemy Vigor from that of every living PC, and you'll get these run chances... Check your current HP, and see if it's more than 70% of your max HP: Finally, you will gain an additional multiplier (or penalty) depending on where the internal clock was at (viewable via Address $CAC, in RAM Watch on your emulator of choice). Take this graph... And then add it to the average Luck of everyone in your party. Compare the result to this chart here: Unfortunately, there's not a precise way of observing this on console—but a similar process is used for determining what each character's Condition is. Check Ryu's Condition, and see if he's in Super/Great. If he is, you'll be guaranteed the 10% or 30% boost, with my party—otherwise, it's a crapshoot. With Djinni Sten + Devil Lin alive, and nobody else, that's a 96-100% chance of running away from every single enemy, besides the Ganymedes & Charons. MONSTER AI: Humus/Hypnos (Weak to Holy; Halved damage from most else): 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack (75%), SwtBrth/Dream Breath (12.5%), or Death (12.5%; Never has enough AP) Bighand (Weak to Fire; Resists Ice; Moderately weak to status ailments): 75% to Attack Twice Otherwise, 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack Once or Def-Down/Weaken G.Rider/Cavalrider (50% Critical Hits; Weak to Holy & Fire): 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack (75%) or Death (25%) Racegude/Wraith Guard (Weak to Holy; Halved damage from most else; Immune to Status Ailments): 1/64 defend Otherwise, cast a spell with probability 17/256 (if over 50% HP), 33/256 (if over 25% and at most 50%), 65/256 (if over 12.5% and at most 25%), or 129/256 (if 12.5% HP or under) Otherwise Attack Spell List: Sap/Drain (Steal HP) or Drain/Leech Power (Steal AP) Ganymede (Always goes first; Full immunity to all spells—but not weapons or items): 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack (50%), Cure 2/Rejuvenate (12.5%), Atk-Up/Might (12.5%), Def-Up/Protect (12.5%), or Hush/Silence (12.5%) Daedalus (Always goes last; Immune to Status Ailments): 1/64 defend Otherwise, with probability 100% (turn 1), 62.5% (turn 2), 25% (turn 3), or 0% (turn 4+), Atk-Up/Might Otherwise attack [Note that in a lead-off attack, the first enemy action occurs on turn 2. As with all enemies who target one of their allies with a spell, if the intended target of Atk-Up/Might is dead, Dadelous will instead attack a random party member.] Ifeleet/Ifrit (Weak to Ice; Resists Fire): 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack (25%), Fire Breath (56.25%), or Fireball/Inferno (18.75%) Evil Dragon (Weak to Wind): 75% to Attack Twice Otherwise, 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack (50%), Fire Breath (25%), or Curse (25%) Skeleton (Weak to Holy & Fire; Full Immunity to all spells—but not weapons or items): 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack (50%), Poison Attack (25%), or Zombie Attack (25%) Dragoon (50% Critical Hits; Weak to Ice; Resists Fire): 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack (25%) or Fire Breath (75%) Carm/Charon (50% Critical Hits; Weak to Holy; Halved damage from most else): 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack (75%), Freeze/Iceblast (12.5%), or Hail/Blizzard (12.5%) Conch/Zircon Shell (Weak to Lightning; Full Immunity to all spells—but not weapons or items): 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack (75%) or Def-Down/Weaken (12.5%) Magicmas/Magic Master (50% Critical Hits; Weak to Wind): 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack (75%), Typhoon (12.5%), Fireball/Inferno (6.25%), or Hail/Blizzard (6.25%) Dark Paladin: If any monster is under 75% HP, Cure 4/Restore on whoever's most hurt. If there is a tie, choose the last monster slot among those qualifying. If no AP, attack instead. Otherwise, 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack or Hush/Silence Amom/Ammon (Weak to Wind): 75% to Attack Twice Otherwise, 1/64 defend Otherwise, Attack (25%) or Typhoon (75%) ----------------------------------------- THE ROUTE: Newhaven: —Buy a weapon for Ryu so you can remove the Emperor's Edge Township: Re-do Djinni Sten and create Devil Lin with Synne Find a Wisdom Fruit in the middle house —Cook another Wisdom Fruit if this doesn't bring you up to two—or don't. It's not essential. Warp to Gate Gate: —CHANGE PARTY: Ryu/Rand/Lin/Sten —EQUIP: Speed Shoes + Speed Suit + all your mightiest armor on Sten. Equip Tiara + all Vigor boosters to Lin, or the weakest armor you have (depending on if you allow optional fusions). Equip the weakest armor you have on Ryu & Rand. Infinity/Abyss Tower, Part 1: Slay Ryu & Rand (and Lin, if you're banning optional fusions). Collect the Shiny Helm, Shadowstitch, & Final Blow on your way down —Get the DreamBR/Hell Brace, if you plan to solo the semi-final boss. Flee from every random encounter, except for those with Ganymedes—possibly Bighands, Evil Dragons, & x2 Cavalriders too, if you want to be safe. —Ganymede Swarm: Use Emperor's Edge to ORKO —Ganymede + Daedalus: Switch —Bighands, Evil Dragons, or x2 Cavalriders: Switch if you want to be safe—you're not reaching 100% Flee rates unless the game's internal clock was in the right spot before entering. These foes can do enough damage in one round to undo your fusion. x1 Cavalrider can be OHKOed via Ares Shield + Sten Attack (w/Crimson Dirk/BananaDR equipped). Dologany/Dragnier: AVOID TALKING TO MEN WITH ORANGE HAIR! —SELL: Vitamins, Restoratives, Ammonias, Blast Fist, Holy Tears, Ice Shield, Earth Armor, Fire Spices, Crimson Dirk, Rainbow Robe, Circlet, & Bare Knuckle —BUY: Vitamin & Ammonia stacks till you have 9 open slots left. Infinity/Abyss Tower, Part 2: Avoid Infinity for now—that will undo fusions, and we can death warp here later. Get Riot Staff, Dragon Armor, & Dragon Sword on the way to the dark room —Switch out Charons & Ammons—maybe Dragoons for safety. Do your equipment swapping outside the dark room, lest you risk crashing your game 😕 ...
  5. The next video is almost here—in the meantime, have the final set of party chats! PARTY CHAT (Patty & Halk): Bosch: Feels like we're moving into the endgame now... Whatever's lurking behind that dragon, god or devil, I know you can handle it! Rand: The world beyond the gate... All right, let's move out! This one's for all the marbles! Lin: I'll do everything I can to help! ...The sooner we get this over with, the better. No one else should have to suffer because of these maniacs... Nina: I wonder where the Church of Eva priest in Gate stands in all this. He may be simply another blinded fool like the rest, but I can't help but wonder... Sten: It gives me the shivers to imagine what might be lurking behind those gates... Swarms of foul beasts...like locusts... Tapeta: Why does not the priest understand that our enemy is not the dragon? C'est incomprehensible... Aspara: I heard that the dragon in the town of Gate saved the village from a monster attack over a decade ago. Why would they now be trying to destroy it?... Deis (in the lobby): This is the end of the line, people! Only thing left to do now is to get down there and kick some ass! Gahahaha! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PARTY CHAT (Final Voyage): Deis (in the lobby): [Same as before] Bosch: I'll go anywhere you want to take me, as long as you can call me 'partner'! Rand: I understand how the Dragonbrood must've felt. 'With great power comes great responsibility' and all that... Lin: Even an idiot like me can lend the Fated Child a helping hand! ...Right, Ryu? Sten: Whatever happens, we have no choice any more but to push onwards! Tapeta: It is the happiest thing I have ever done, to see the Fated Child through his venerable mission. Merci beaucoup. Aspara: In my travels with you, I believe I have discovered something... I find hard to explain. When our final battle has concluded, I believe you, too, will understand... Nina: I shall bind my fate to yours, Ryu. And together, we shall see that the destiny of this world is a bright one!
  6. What's our next step? What's going on with the forest at Gate? And, when are we gonna deal with Father Habalk? Find out, TODAY! Part 28: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough—Critical Moment (Halkamania & Bad Ending) THUMBNAIL ART BY: せいはち (Check the uncropped version in his art gallery!) せいはち's ART GALLERY: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3498832/artworks Special thanks for giving me permission to use it! PLOT POINTS: (All 31 have now been covered! No more after this!) 1. Break Nimufu's curse 2. Recruit Seso. 3. Get Tier 2 dragons. 4. Expanding Township. 5. Defeat Jailer. 6. Finish SimaFort cooking contest. 7. Defeat Kuwadora. 8. Defeat Trout 9. Defeat Munmar. 10. Defeat M.C.Tusk. 11. Complete Highfort. 12. Learn of the Queen of Tunlan's condition. 13. Defeat the monsters inside the Queen. 14. Defeat Aruhamel. 15. Receive permission to enter SkyTower. 16. Clear Daisy's field. 18. Talk to the guard outside Namanda. 19. Defeat Paladin. 20. Defeat Guardian. 21. Acquire the Great Bird. 22. Talk to Claris. 23. Acquire ThvsTomd's treasure. 24. Recruit Seny. 25. Defeat Necroman. 26. Incorrectly answer the guard's question in Evrai. 27. Defeating (spoiler). 28. Trigger the trap in Evrai 29. Recruit Solo the Earth Shaman 30. Defeat Guardeyes. 31. Recruit Shin. GOOD ENDING CONDITIONS: 1) Visit the Well 2) Talk to Eichichi/Gigi Kapp in Guntz (find a hidden stairwell in the upper building—she'll be hidden by the foreground in the room below) 3) Save Ganer in Evrai 4) Visit the Well again HABALK/BABARUKU[sic] AI: If at exactly 0 or 256 (max): 75% to Drain AP on the character with the highest current AP Otherwise, if the party leader has at least 625 HP: AoEs (31.25%), Buffs (25%), Debuffs (12.5%), Healing (31.25%) Otherwise, AoEs (56.25%) or Debuffs (44.75%) The current AP condition is a bug. The condition is intended to be “if at most 12.5% AP”, but this check is done in 8-bit mode. The HP threshold is probably meant to apply to Habalk/Babaruku[sic], not the party leader. In fact, there are two more thresholds, but the highest HP any party member can have is 828. The intended attacks at higher HP are: THE ROUTE: Township: —CHANGE PARTY: Make a Ryu/Sten/Aspara/Nina party Visit the well to unlock the good ending! Snag the Wisdom Fruit from the middle building Warp to Gate for scenes! Enter Abyss Tower from the left and cast Exit (recruit Synne, if you wish) Warp to Kotto to talk to dude Warp to Township & meet Patty in the middle room on 2nd floor of PC Chat building Warp to Gate --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Habalk (2500 HP): (Defensive) Turn 1: Ryu uses Kaiser Dragon, while Aspara & Rand use Wisdom Seeds on him Turn 2: Same as Turn 1, except Sten heals as needed (use Moon Drops or Hardtack/Biscuit, if an AoE was used last round) Turn 3: Ryu finishes with Kaiser Dragon, while Sten heals as needed ---------------------------------------------------------
  7. Ah, ok. Not too bad, IMO. You'd get Mask from behind with Zora fins, Goron roll and ground pound for Incarnation, and catch Wrath in a loop of "Light Arrow + Run up and attack till it jumps behind you + Turn around + Repeat as needed". It's also the only main boss to be completely unchanged between versions. Well, we know he becomes the Hero's Shade, because Hyrule Historian confirmed it...and he had descendants, so he obviously married. But, he said he never got to pass on "the lessons of his life" to anyone...plus he's sad that no one remembered him as a hero. So I guess he hooked up with Malon, had a bunch of girls who weren't interested in the sword, and just...lived his life, I guess.
  8. Nothing much--I think you got it dead on! Only thing I'll say is that these games are made for little kids, first and foremost. It's ok to be a little blunt in your themes--especially when it involves a character that only showed up in Post (which the kid may not have necessarily played).
  9. Gotcha! ...You know, it's possible the scientist guy could've replaced Dampe in the Day 3 Grave-robbing thing? Since he's all super thrilled about the paranormal? Thx. I've been much busier, since I left lockdown!
  10. Sorry for the messed up formatting. Guess I'll stay way from I & S brackets from now on, eh?
  11. I can see that. Fair enough. You have to Goron Roll, then run back and forth across the room. Avoid the body (which can damage you mid-roll), and don't leave the roll anymore than needed—you'll outlast the head. Well unfortunately, N64 has the exact same "problem" as 3DS: Deku Link doesn't need as much of a running start, but he still needs one. If Nerrel had approached N64 like he did 3DS, he would've been just as stuck. Isn't it great 😄 ?! I didn't get the joke till you explained it, tbh. Don't know much Pokemon lore 😛 ! Well that's awesome. I'm happy you had a good time 🙂 Mmm...I dunno. If I'm the player, and I'm not speedrunning, I'm kinda just hankering to take down Majora. Another side-quest may've distracted from that, y'know? Oh, your points are always interesting to read. Just can't always reply to them right away, that's all 😅 !
  12. Probably not—but oh well. I liked it, personally—thought it was both an interesting and open-ended puzzle. I also liked that you could cut bits of it out on future playthroughs, the way it's designed. Also liked the ambiance the darkness gave it. I mean, it doesn't make much sense from a logical perspective—the 3DS actually tweaked it by adding a hole above the flower. Igos du Ikana himself, especially, is one of my favorite bosses in the 3D games (having not played Skyward Sword or Breath of the Wild)—he's how Ganondorf should have been, IMO. He's bouncing around all over the place, blocking a lot of your swipes, has a wide variety of attacks (close-range swing, mid-range breath, long-range head)...imagine having a fight like that for OoT Ganondorf! His claim was that you had to "awkwardly run along the mouth of the cave", and that Deku Hopping was "broken"...neither of which was true. My point stands,IMO. Indeed. Cool! Always a good plan, having some Chateau to slam! I wish Gomess showed up more often—that's the one with the crow and scythe. You found it fun? That's good—me the camera was too difficult for me to work with to enjoy. Didn't enjoy voiding out, either...but I warned you of that last one, huh? Hence why she gave it away 😛 ! I had noticed that as well...but alas.
  13. Nope! They work just fine 🙂 ! It was his AI. Being above water tempts him to do a charge attack he won't do underwater (luring him to you)—it also makes it possible for him to swim under you, rather than away (so that you can tag him on the way by). Indeed. Beneath the Well has some Wallmasters too—nothing else apart from that, AFAIK.
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