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  1. Status report: I am now going through the footage, and writing the gameplay commentary for them. It'll be a while (probably several months) before the next update, as I want to get almost everything done in advance. Let's say... 20 updates all done, before I ever post a single one of them here. Then they'd actually have a fixed schedule. Think of it sort of like a new season on Netflix, in other words 🙂 .
  2. Would it be possible to have Hard Mode unlocked from the very start?
  3. Oh, btw, when I say I recorded in advance, I mean the whole entire run is literally on Youtube, now. For those who were JUST here for the strats, and not the commentary or lore or anything, here is it (starting from where I THINK my last update was?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VQ-usEq8wM&list=PL6AXh2RB9N8tKWR5FD8ldF1vJskgyJhoz&index=27 So, if you want to wait for it to be a surprise, hold off on it (don't think it'll be THAT long before I get my motivation back)... Otherwise, feel free to ask whatever questions you want. Don't think it's fair to leave everyone hanging!
  4. Not dead. "Dormant". I actually went and recorded all the footage for what I intend to do for Chapters 8-Endgame on my channel. This was done just 2-3 months ago, that way, nothing will get in my way when I have the energy to finish it. For now, though, the drive isn't there. I'll revive this topic when it finally is.
  5. Tbh, a lot of this stuff is pretty much just an Adult Swim sketch. Family Guy, Robot Chicken, even South Park... they've all said similar, if not worse, things in their lifetime. Heck, South Park's Season 20 had "fag" as it's closing line. Toei's not gonna do jack; Especially not with it's own history of doing similar or worse in it's official products. Krillin calling General Blue a "flaming homo" in the Japanese script, Master Roshi forcibly carrying a young woman off to a private room in DBS Episode 84, Akira Toriyama joking about how he'd cheat on his wife if he thought he could get away with it (yes, that actually happened)... The entirety of Lady Red (again, by Toriyama himself). Toei isn't exactly Disney when it comes to PC issues. Not that that's necessarily a good thing, but... If anyone's punishing FUNimation, it's not going to be them.
  6. Heh... Why thank you! Yeah, the Bizhawk emulator helped out a lot by making it so I could edit out any menu errors, and redo battles any time I thought of a faster way to do it. Still, it WAS pretty difficult, cramming the game under that 6 hour mark, even with all those stipulations. I honestly wasn't sure I could do it!
  7. I learned... a teensy bit. I was looking up possible ways to force a Luna spear drop from a Baron in CH4. Those are SUPPOSED to ignore terrain effects... But in actuality, they're bugged so that they instantly raise your accuracy to 100%... EVEN ON THOSE THAT CAN'T USE LANCES! However, upon looking up some Japanese sites, it seems the game's drop systems are governed by two sets of numbers. One that CAN be manipulated upon a Hard Reset... and one that can't. Unfortunately, BOTH sets are used in drop rates... Not sure about stats. So, I'm not sure it'd be feasible, outside of this really heavily manipulated 4+ hour run, where everything'd have to be frame perfect or something... ... ...Then again, that MIGHT just be possible for rigging an Angel Ring at the start? Thanks for bringing that up!
  8. Any questions you all might have? Anything you ask, I'll put in n the description, as I always DID have trouble answering questions preemptively!
  9. Well, looks like you're in the clear! I got that even after getting Edda destroyed, then resetting the turn, in the Endgame.
  10. Alright, well, nobody's answered this, so... How about I test it and see if that's the case, alright?
  11. Alright. What emulator do you use? I use Bizhawk, myself.
  12. Heya! So firstly, I define 100% as getting all chests (that I can), recruiting all characters, and having all their Epilogue information (that means they all have to be alive by Chapter 5). Most importantly, though, I did NOT do this all at once. I used re-recording tools to edit out the great majority of menu flubs and navigation errors. Speed runs often depend just as much on a person's menuing as they do a person's strategy... and I'm not dedicated enough to refining my menuing to actually build that muscle memory. So, that's why it's a "Speedrun Route", as opposed to an actual "Speedrun". You CAN achieve the same results listed here by practicing enough, I just wasn't interested in that part. Anyway, here it is! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6AXh2RB9N8ufYJlZxJnzidMoLHceCGwD CHAPTER 1: I save scum both Alm's level ups before Desaix's Fort so that he'll have exactly 15 STR (after Lion Heads). This allows me to take off EXACTLY half of the archers' HP in the final map. That means they won't try to retreat if I whiff an attack. CHAPTER 2: At first, it seems absurd that the overarching strat involves me pouring so much EXP into Genny (she's LVL 12 by the time I reach Zofia Castle). However, the Oceanside Shrine battles are a massive pain to get through without Expel/Dear, as the enemies are fairly bulky, and the Gargoyle fight is incredibly deadly. Were it not for Genny obliterating most of them, I would've had to wait till CH3 to get the Blessed Sword... at which point, I would have to save scum to keep reinforcements from spawning as I walked AAAAAALLL the way back. Plus, Genny needs Physic & Expel/Dear for the future ANYWAY... So I think this is practical. This is also why I save scum her Magic whenever it's convenient to do so. Believe it or not, it actually speeds up future battles enough to be worth it! CHAPTER 3: Catria needs exactly 21 STR to do what I need her to do later. Fortunately, her promo always bumps it to at least 15, and one of the Lion Heads gives her EXP. Had it been necessary, I could always rig three +2 STR levels after promo (as opposed to just one, like I ended up doing). So, that's really convenient... Speaking of rigging, I took every opportunity I could to get Alm's STR to at least 24 by the end of this segment. I'd always Retreat, if I could, any time he was about to level. Trust me; a high STR Alm in CH4 (with 1-5 Range) is a beautiful thing... Oh, and never fear. Killing Silque may mean she's absent for the first three maps of CH4... But Alm can handle it. Trust me. CHAPTER 4: I want Catria to have at least 49 HP & 15 DEF so that she'll always survive Duma, no matter what. As such, my only regret is that I got her those points of DEF in Sage's Village, instead of watching for the Secret Shrine in Alm's route. As such, it took longer for her to die via the Bow Knight than it needed to. Aside from that, there's... Really not a lot to say. It IS really satisfying watching Alm benchpress the entire Rigelian continent 😄 !! CHAPTER 5: Mostly straightforward. Mycen needs to land at least one hit if Catria only has 23 STR... But he has a 94% hit chance on Duma. The odds of him NOT hitting either of his hits are 0.36% (out of 100%)... Too low to be worth considering. Even SHOULD that happen, Genny can also double with Angel at 90%... So most likely, there's no losing here. Anyway, thank you so much for reading, thank you so much for enjoying the vids, and God bless you all 😄 !!
  13. So if Julius wants to breed himself a whole gaggle of fresh meat children, then that's what he'd do. That way he can trash the body he's currently in as much as he wants, and just swap over whenever he wishes to. It'd be a messed up system, but, I'm not sure how an effectively immortal spirit would go through bodies so quickly. Levin, at least, was convinced that the Book of Naga was the only chance they had. Had poisons and other such assassination methods been effective, I don't think Levin would have been nearly as adamant about that point.
  14. Huh...I wonder if that effectively renders Lakche X Holyn non-canon? Since that's the only instance I know of where two kids have Major blood?
  15. No, no, he could just create multiple Major vessels. Just like how Larcei & Ulster can both have Major Odo blood, if Holyn is their father.
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