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  1. Here it is! Foster's secret identity, for ALL the world to see! Ninja Gaiden 3 NES: No Death Walkthrough for Beginners (Acts 4-5) Enemy Buffs so Far: Acts 1-3 Acts 4-5 Power-Up Changes so Far. Acts 1-3 Acts 4-5
  2. Ninja Gaiden 3... My favorite in the trilogy! Ninja Gaiden 3 NES: No Death Walkthrough for Beginners (Act 1-3) CHANGES FROM THE JAPANESE VERSION: 1) Limited continues. Each continue gives you the standard three lives, meaning you have effectively 15 lives to finish the entire game. 2) Most enemies do increased damage, oftentimes going from doing just 1 Damage in the Japanese version, to doing 3 Damage in our version. In fact, it's more common for an enemy to do 3 Damage than it is for them to do 2. Follow this link to see all the changes so far... Enemy Buffs 3) Our version is far less generous with the power-ups. The Japanese had the Invincible Firewheel near the start of each and every Act (apart from Act 2), but our version took a good chunk of those out. It also did the same to a lot of other items, like Extra Lives, Potions, Dragon Spirit Swords, and Orange Ninpo. Follow this link to see all the changes so far... Power-Up Changes CHANGES FROM NINJA GAIDEN 1 & 2: 1) Enemies don't respawn! Yay! 2) No Ninja Friends! Boo! 3) You can jump *forward* off walls by climbing high enough, then holding the relevant direction while pressing jump. 4) Ryu can cling to the undersides of pipes just by jumping into them, and he can also jump *down* them by holding Down before jumping. If you're don't want to grab onto the underside, hold Down as you near it. Ryu will float back down. 5) A new Sub-Weapon was introduced; The "Vacuum Wave Art". Two scythes go up from, and down from, Ryu, and alternate sides for a bit. Not generally too useful, but helpful for a few spots in 5-1, and borderline mandatory for the Act 6 boss. TRICKS THAT STILL WORK: Pause Buffering: This is where you hit Pause to… well, pause the game. The enemies may not hit hard, but they’re fast, and there’s a lot of them. Worst of all, the game will spam them near bottomless chasms, so beginners will need this trick (experts will have already memorized things). Sword Canceling: This works differently than it did in Ninja Gaiden 1. First of all, you can also apply this trick with Sub-Weapons. Secondly, the method is different; Just jump into the air, hold up, and alternate between A & B as you do so. Note that the sword/sub-weapon has to be out for ~6 frames before you cancel them with B. Otherwise, they won't do damage.
  3. The LP that never truly dies! Chapter 8, Part 1: https://lpbeach.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=162&p=5040#p5040
  4. Alright guys, lots of new things to get used to! I got a new mic, so you'll want to tell me how it sounds while I can still return it! Also, I'm doing something different with Skaizo's audio. Let me know what you think! Ninja Gaiden 2 NES: No Death Walkthrough for Beginners (Act 6-7)
  5. Here's some clips to add onto, or correct, the walkthrough itself. Hope you find it useful! Ninja Gaiden #1: Addendums Act 3-2: Second Fire Wheel location (in case you die once in Act 3-2, or replace your Sub-Weapon by accident) Act 3-2: Safer Cliff Jump (the one right outside the boss room) Act 6-1: Three Pack (An enemy group I should've covered in more detail) Act 6-2: AVGN Room without Spin Slash (I was wrong; You don't need to "just memorize" it :cheeky: ) Act 6-3: Easier Strats (1st part relies on memorizing Spin Slash location, but I should've at least mentioned it. The 2nd part is how to take care of a problematic enemy)
  6. Alright, the fateful battle! Ryu vs Ashtar! Note that I was slightly off in regards to the "Art of the Fire Wheel" location. It's on one of those tricky platforms right outside Ashtar's room, not immediately next to it. It's risky enough to get that it's probably worth ignoring. Also, this was shared by someone who wasn't the original artist. I tried to find out who did make it, to no avail. If I find him, I will ask for permission, then credit him in the description. Ninja Gaiden 2 NES: No Death Walkthrough for Beginners (Act 4-5)
  7. Update will be tomorrow. Here's the other part of the manual, in the meantime!
  8. The Bonne family from Mega Man Legends. They're really a pretty friendly bunch, all told. Even tried to get real jobs, and everything!
  9. Alright, HERE IT IS! Ninja Gaiden 2! Also, if I do continue the sub requests (I'm undecided), they'll only be at the start of each new LP. I figure anything after that is redundant; The person will have already decided. Ninja Gaiden II NES: No Death Walkthrough for Beginners (Act 1-3) CHANGES FROM NINJA GAIDEN 1: 1) No Spin Slash (!!) 2) No Sword Canceling 3) You can climb walls by just pressing Up or Down, now 4) Ryu flies more horizontally when he gets damaged, rather than in an arc, like in the last game. He still gets SOME vertical distance though, so clipping through ledges is still possible... Just a bit trickier. 5) A new Sub-Weapon was introduced; The "Fire Dragon Balls". They act just like the "Art of the Fire Wheel" from the last game, except they shoot downward, instead of upward. 6) The "Invincible Fire Wheel" (not to be confused with "Art of the Fire Wheel") doesn't go away with just one use, and can be activated at any time. It costs 15 Ninpo, however. 7) Ninpo now has a cap. The cap starts at 40, but can be increased by 10 via Ninja Scrolls found in most stages. TRICKS THAT STILL WORK: Pause Buffering: This is where you hit Pause to… well, pause the game. The enemies may not hit hard, but they’re fast, and there’s a lot of them. Worst of all, the game will spam them near bottomless chasms, so beginners will need this trick (experts will have already memorized things). Intentional Deaths: This won’t be used in this Deathless playthrough, but it’s a handy trick nonetheless. The game checkpoints you every screen, so you can just die and refill your health! You lose half your Ninpo though, and you get kicked back to the beginning of Acts ?-1, ?-2, or ?-3? (depending on where you’re at). Screen-scrolling: If you can’t see the enemy, they don’t exist! They disappear the moment they leave the screen… Some don’t even respawn! So, you run away from them till the disappear. Can be helpful for certain enemy types! THE CHARACTERS (All but one are in the 1st episode now, and it's a minor boss):
  10. Here's the end! Stay tuned for Ninja Gaiden II! Ninja Gaiden NES: No Death Walkthrough for Beginners (Masked Devil, Jaquio, & The Demon) STRAT INTRODUCED THIS EPISODE: SWORD CANCELING (OFFENSE): This is the other use for sword-canceling I mentioned all the way at the start. You hold Down before slashing, then let go, to cancel the animation. This lets you slash as many times as you can pull this off, rather than being stuck at two slashes per jump. The Jaquio can be beaten without it through the Beginner strat I showed... But there's no easy way to beat the Demon (a.k.a, 破壊の悪魔, "Destroyer Fiend", "Demon of Destruction", etc.). Get good at this, if you can manage. If not, just use plenty of pause buffering to avoid the projectiles. Use the Spin Slash, if you die and have to come back; The bosses you kill STAY dead, after all! NINJA GAIDEN III ENDING SCREEN (Japanese; The English version of this was unused): JAPANESE: ENGLISH (Unused):
  11. Huh... So James DID beat it! I thought that video was just Mike Matei flaunting his skills, lol. But yeah, thanks so much! Now... Next episode! My audio is lower quality, for whatever reason, but that's fixed in the finale. So, here it is! Special thanks to O_Fishbowl (Japanese artist) for letting me use his art! Ninja Gaiden NES: No Death Walkthrough for Beginners (Act 5 & 6) THUMBNAIL ART BY:「O_FishBowl」 O_FishBowl's CONTENT: https://www.semiro.info/category/diary/game_pic_diary/ Special thanks for giving me permission to use it! LAST NEW CHARACTER:
  12. The CIA's in on it! The plot thickens! Ninja Gaiden NES: No Death Walkthrough for Beginners (Acts 3 & 4) STRATS INTRODUCED THIS EPISODE: DAMAGE BOOSTING: Actually, this was in the last episode as well, but only for one brief moment. Now, though, the "speedrun" sections milk them for all they're worth. Ryu gets knocked back a good ways, depending on which side of the enemy he's facing. Additionally, he gets invincibility frames (the technical term for "he got hit, he's blinking, and he can't get hurt until he stops blinking"). You can take advantage of this in one of two ways... 1) You can "damage boost" Ryu onto a ledge he couldn't have gotten to with a regular jump. You'd jump in the air, land on the RIGHT side of the enemy, then get knocked right far enough to get to the other side. This allows for one very nice, very beginner-friendly trick in Act 6-2... But is otherwise too dangerous to use for newbies. So, apart from that one moment in Act 6-2, you'll only see it in the "speedrun" sections. 2) You can get Ryu onto a high ledge with an enemy on it. There are points where Ryu can't jump high enough to get onto a platform, but CAN jump high enough to hit an enemy ON said platform! The damage boost launches him *up* , as well as to the side, so there are some tricky spots you can get out of. You'll see this in Act 5! FIRE WHEEL DAMAGE: As mentioned, this is the wall of fire that goes to the upper-left or right. It's made of *three* parts, so the damage is different depending on how *many* of those parts hit. That's why we needed to be under that boss in Act 3. That was how we'd get ALL of the three parts to connect! CHARACTERS SO FAR:
  13. Oh, btw! Forgot to add this to the OP. It was how to take care of that stubborn Hammer Bros without Spin Slash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uwggLH8d34&list=PL6AXh2RB9N8vhBn1OM7G0eO8MhrxUxMyd&index=2
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