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  1. Here's more Party Chat! Note that I was wrong about what I said, this episode; Katt tells you there was a grassman in the carnival, so the game DOES tell you where to get one. Just... sort of has you hunt for it a bit :shrug: . PARTY CHAT (Patty gets delivered!): Bosch: I can't wait to be free and clear again... I've been in hiding so long, I hope I haven't gotten rusty! PARTY CHAT (Search for the Grassman!): Bosch: Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I'm in over my head here... They said this world needs heroes, but I don't think I can play that part... Rand: This is some seriously nasty crap we've gotten ourselves wrapped up in... Damn... We should've gotten out when we had the chance... Lin (in the lobby): Hey, I saw a Grassman once! They were showing him off at the circus! Lin (in her room): So the chief at the Guild called you a hero? That's awesome! Can I call you a hero, too? Nina: It is said that the Elder Tree is a Grassman who has attained incredible age and wisdom. All Grassmen are supposed to become elder trees through the passing of years... Sten: Back when I was performing acts of prestidigitation for adoring audiences, a circus troupe invited me to join them... Of course, when I learned that Melodia was on their itinerary, I declined. Tapeta (in the lobby): I know of a great forest south of my castle called the Sea of Green... I wonder if the trees there have perished as well? Tapeta (in his room): [Same as last time]
  2. Sorry for the wait! Here's the newest episode! Part 13: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough—The World is Trembling (Trout) PLOT POINTS (Gone forever, if done before recruiting Beretta. She upgrades her wares for every 8 you get, up to a max of 24): 1. Breaking Nimufu's curse on Jean. 2. Recruiting Sesso. 3. Acquire the dragon powers from the old man behind the waterfall. 4. Recruiting three residents and expanding Township. 5. Defeating Jailer. 6. Finishing the cooking contest in SimaFort. 7. Defeating Kuwadora. 8. Finding out about the Gate incident at the Rangers' Guild. ENCOUNTER RATE IN TROUT'S MANSION: 1/16 per step FOOTMAN/GUARD AI (37.5% to Counter-attack) 63/64 Attack 1/64 Defend TROUT AI (Steals money equal to the damage it does; Attacks cannot be countered when stealing; Attacks twice if you have no money): Attack (75%) Def.Up/Protect (25%) THE ROUTE: Newhaven: Turn Patty over to Trout —CHANGE PARTY: Ryu/Bosch/Tapeta/Lin Have Bosch talk to Kilgore Auto the Guard battles Swap Ryu to the front in Scatter, when you have to heal --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Trout (550 HP): Scatter Whelp, then Auto --------------------------------------------------------- —BUY: Bamboo Rod Deposit all your money! Deathwarp by killing Tapeta & Bosch first —1st Turn: Bosch & Ryu attack Bosch, Tapeta & Lin attack Tapeta —2nd Turn: Ryu attacks Lin, Lin attacks Ryu —3rd Turn: The two hit themselves TRANSLATION MISHAPS: Very liberal use of the word "kill", as well as the mention of demons... On the SNES. English and Japanese terms carelessly mashed together. "Kujira Manju" (くじらまんじゅう) are "whale buns", a type of Japanese delicacy. Of course, the translators changed "buns" to "cakes"... So this is like calling something "whale cake cakes", or "whale bun buns". More ellipses than your typical fanfiction. The dialogue does its absolute best to ruin a good scene.
  3. Yes. In retrospect, it's possible I should make it shorter for the Party Chat vids. 12 seconds maybe?
  4. UPDATE FROM NITRODON: The music glitch is exclusive to the Retranslation! Official Version of the Scene So what happened is this: I talked to Ryusui about this on Twitter, and he says he was the one that put that in there, to make the Yes/No prompts look cleaner. He didn't know about the music cutting out though, so he may look into it sometime.
  5. Now then, time for more Party Chat! Note that Bosch says what he says regardless of if you remembered Patty or not. PARTY CHAT (Simafort's done! The early-game is almost over!): Bosch: So, now that you've found that bat-winged lady thief, we can get my name cleared, right? ...You...you didn't forget now, did you? Heh heh... I mean, you wouldn't forget your friend like this, right? Right? Rand: Worms? Flies? Cockroaches? Bleah! What kind of warped people are these? If someone tried to feed me that crap, I'd call it torture, not a banquet! Lin: Not a word outta you, Ryu! I'm gonna throw up if I catch a whiff of roach on your breath...*hoolp* Nina (in the lobby): I've never been a picky eater, but I think I'll give anything calling itself 'gourmet' a pass from now on. I still feel slightly ill... Nina (in her room): This strange, wonderful world of ours is full of different people with different tastes... I like to think I'm fairly open-minded, but to tell you the truth, the thought of eating cockroaches makes me want to puke! Sten: What I don't understand is why anyone would want to pretend to be the prince of such a castle. The food is terrible, the women are all warts and no charm whatsoever... I really can't say I see the attraction. Tapeta: By pretending to be my illustrious self, the foul imposter invited his own peril... For by being me, he opened himself up to the wrath of Fort Nageur's own enfant terrible, my dear sister Petape!
  6. Well, at least we can say goodbye to Simafort, right guys? Part 12: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough—No Way Out! (Kuwadora) PLOT POINTS (Gone forever, if done before recruiting Beretta. She upgrades her wares for every 8 you get, up to a max of 24): 1. Breaking Nimufu's curse on Jean. 2. Recruiting Seso. 3. Acquire the dragon powers from the old man behind the waterfall. 4. Recruiting three residents and expanding Township. 5. Defeating Jailer. 6. Finishing the cooking contest in SimaFort. 7. Defeating Kuwadora/Quadra KUWADORA/QUADRA AI (Weak to Ice; Cannot score critical hits; Always has 65535 Vigor when attacking): Phase 1: Attack (62.5%), Attack All (12.5%), Wheee/Haaaa! [x3 DMG] (25%) Phase 2-3: Attack (25%), Attack All (37.5%), Wheee/Haaaa! [x3 DMG] (37.5%) If Quadra is in phase 1 and reaches 50% HP or less (850 HP), but more than 25% HP (412 HP), he will immediately end the turn and move to phase 2. If Quadra is in phase 1 or 2 and reaches 25% HP or less (412 HP), he will immediately end the turn and move to phase 3. Due to a bug, the intended phase 3 AI is never reached, and he uses his phase 2 AI instead. His intended AI in phase 3 is: Wheee/Haaaa! (37.5%) Death (25%) Attack All (12.5%) Zombie Breath (12.5%) Curse (12.5%) QUADRA'S BUGS, AS EXPLAINED BY NITRODON (more technical): The current phase is stored at $1460. 0 default, 6 at 25%-50%, and 128 under 25%. That's supposed to feed into this section of code, which should decide which action list to choose based on the current phase: This sets the Z flag if $1460 is zero (i.e., in phase 1), and sets the N flag if $1460 is negative (i.e., in phase 3). Then it skips both increment instructions if the Z flag is set. Then (if in phase 2 or 3), it increments the value of X, then skips the following increment instruction if N is clear. The programmer clearly thought this would work with the value of $1460, but incrementing the value of X will set the N flag if the new value of X is negative, and clear it otherwise, so the INX at 66CE is never run. WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE INSTEAD: THE ROUTE: Fort Nageur: BUY: Up to x9 Vitamins, x9 Wisdom Seeds, & x19 Smoke Bombs Rest up Swap Rand & Ryu --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Quadra (1650 HP): Defensive Turn 1: Rand uses Wisdom Seed on Ryu, Sten Simoons, Lin attacks, Ryu uses Ice Whelp Turn 2: Rand Defends, Sten & Lin gets their total damage up to 114 (but not too far over), Ryu uses Ice Whelp Turn 3: Rand pre-emptively heals Ryu, Sten & Lin do what’s needed, Ryu uses Wisdom Seed on himself Turn 4: Finish off Quadra --------------------------------------------------------- Snag Solblade Make a Ryu/Tapeta/Rand/Lin party Snag Patty, Royal Crown, Breath Armor, & Iron Shield Equip Solblade & weak armor to Ryu, and weak armor to Lin Head near Capitan with Tapeta (enter forest from both sides to clear step counter). Roll back to Newhaven from there (using Sten when needed). TRANSLATION MISHAPS: Grand larceny becomes kidnapping. Incorrect control code used. Proper pronouns don't change based on who's in the lead. Awkward phrasing.
  7. Someone called "Word on the Wind" taught me a significantly easier AND more efficient way of editing the stutters and all that. Here are the results! Part 11: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough—Fly Pudding (Gold Fly) THUMBNAIL ART BY: 「せいはち」 せいはち's ART GALLERY: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3498832 Special thanks for giving me permission to use it! [Pixiv is basically the Japanese version of Deviant Art] "PLOT POINTS" (Gone forever, if done before recruiting Beretta. She upgrades her wares for every 8 you get, up to a max of 24): 1. Breaking Nimufu's curse on Jean. 2. Recruiting Seso. 3. Acquire the dragon powers from the old man behind the waterfall. 4. Recruiting three residents and expanding Township. 5. Defeating Jailer. ENEMY AI: Poltergeist: 1/64 defend Otherwise, cast Sap/Drain with probability 17/256 (if over 50% HP), 33/256 (if over 25% and at most 50%), 65/256 (if over 12.5% and at most 25%), or 129/256 (if 12.5% HP or under) Otherwise attack Arachnoid: 1/64 defend Otherwise, 65/256 Poison Breath, 191/256 attack Mimic: 1/64 defend Otherwise, 193/256 Zombie Attack, 63/256 attack Blue Roach: 1/64 defend, 63/64 attack GOLD FLY/GREENBOTTLE FLY AI (Round 1): 1/256 defend, 63/256 attack once, 3/4 attack twice The battle automatically ends after the first action of turn 5. J.WORM/GIANT WORM AI (50% to Counter-attack): Turn 4n+1: SwtBrth/Dream Breath Turn 4n+2: critical hit Turn 4n+3: non-critical hit Turn 4n+4: 1/8 Poison Breath, 3/8 critical hit, 4/8 non-critical hit GIANT ROACH: Always: attack GOLD FLY/GREENBOTTLE FLY AI (Round 2, 100% Counter-attacks at 146+ HP, 100% Crit Rate when 145 HP or less): Phase 1: 1/256 defend, 63/256 attack once, 3/4 attack twice Phase 2: always attack once When GoldFly reaches 145 HP or less, it will immediately end the turn and move to phase 2. TERMS USED BY GREENBOTTLE: うんこ様—Poop, feces, crap, trash, garbage, etc. てめえら—You (plural, vulgar) THE ROUTE: Fort Nageur: —SELL: Hexa Staff —TRADE: Iron Plate (Lin) —BUY: Up to x4-7 Wisdom Seeds (no more, no less), x5 Smoke Bombs, & x4 Conches, then as many Vitamins as you can. Get 1000z from rescuing dude Get the 3000z hidden in the walls Fort Nageur Basement: --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Greenbottle, Round 1 (Infinite HP): Defensive Defend till it stops --------------------------------------------------------- Switch party to Normal formation and Auto most things. Keep Lin topped off, and everyone else over her max HP —X3 Spiders: Ryu + Sten & Lin + Rand —X3 Mimic + x1 Spider: Flare + Lin attack on Arachnophobia, then Ryu + Rand & Lin + Sten Attack on everything else. 1st Room: Enter left door SORT: Put the Smoke Bombs at the top Giant Worm Room: Use a Smoke Bomb at the start, then heal with Herbs before... --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Giant Worm (1103 HP): Defensive Turn 1: Ryu & Rand attack each other, Sten attacks Ryu, and Lin defends Turns 2-4: Sten Simoons at some point. Use as many Whelps as possible, and keep up on healing Turn 5: Ryu uses last Whelp, Lin attacks the worm, Sten & Rand attack Ryu --------------------------------------------------------- Giant Worm Room: Use Smoke Bomb immediately after 1st Room: Smoke Bomb, and take the right split this time 3rd Room: Go left to get a Vitamin & Guts Belts, then go up to beat Roaches —Auto Normal and keep everyone above 58 HP 1st Blue Roach Room: Take left split Detour: Use Smoke Bomb, then go down for a Stamina Up. Blue Roach Rooms: Go up to... --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Giant Roach (1909 HP): Scatter or Defensive (depending on Wisdom Seed count) Use up to x3 Whelps if you have Wisdom Seeds to spare. Otherwise, just Auto. --------------------------------------------------------- Walk up to door, restore Ryu’s AP, then heal everyone up full as you can --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Greenbottle, Round 2 (580 HP): Defensive Ryu uses Whelp, Sten Simoons, Lin attacks, Rand uses Void Sphere. Finish him off afterwards, if need be. --------------------------------------------------------- Smoke Bomb after leaving Roach Rooms TRANSLATION MISHAPS: ...This was released on the Super Nintendo? Wrong onomatopoeia used. Poorly phrased directions.
  8. Alright, so here's some party chat! From here on, I'll be releasing these a day or two after the main updates, as they're being updated. Will also upload them as videos, but, there's no need for you to go that far, I'm thinking... Anyway, characters have different dialogue inside their rooms than they do in the living room. I will be captioning BOTH instances of their dialogue, as needed! ...Also note that THIS is where the game tells you that this is where the thief is... Not Simafort itself :cripes: ... PARTY CHAT (Sanamo & Granny join you): Bosch: You owe me for this, Ryu... Whatever that old biddy's hawking better be worth giving away my room! Rand: Remodeling? Fusion? I dunno from nothin' about those things... You might wanna leave this one to a professional carpenter... Lin: A pretty face with a sexy pair of legs shows up and you forget all about us. Some friend you are! Nina: Hmm? You don't look quite as baby-faced as you did the last time I saw you... Sten (in the lobby): So, now you too know the joys and perils of dealing with the feminine persuasion... Isn't it fantastic? Sten (in his room): Master, I've been watching you for a while now, and I've been wondering something... Not that I'm prying, but I'm dying to know... Who's more your type? Lin, or Nina? [choice doesn't matter] Ah, I see... I suspected as much... Oho, you sly devil, you!... PARTY CHAT (Granny's lab is built): Bosch: [Same as the last time] Rand: You must have done the carpenter a good turn or two for him to go to this much trouble! This place is like a palace! Lin (in the lobby): Hey, Ryu! Our little village is getting bigger and bigger! Maybe one day it'll be a major megalopolis! ...Did I really just say that? Lin (in her room): Can I come with you this time? Can I? Can I? Can I? Nina: If this town get's big enough, everybody in the world's gonna know about it. Maybe even your dad might come here?... Sten: I'm not sure what I'm supposed to think about this 'fusion' business... But if it means I get to be combined with a cute chick like Sanamo, I think I'll take the risks! Tapeta (in the lobby): Your town, it is tres bien! Is it possible that it might rival my own palace? Tapeta (in his room): Are you leaving me behind? Oh, non, non, non! If I do not accompany you, you cannot cross the many rivers and lakes in your path! Take me with you, si'l vous plait! PARTY CHAT (Tapeta is arrested): Bosch: You say there's a thief holed up in the frog palace? That's gotta be the thief who framed me! I knew you'd pull it off, partner! Rand: That Petape girl pisses the hell outta me! Where does she get off, ordering us around like that? ...Tapeta I don't mind so much, but doesn't he strike you as a bit...goofy? Lin (in the lobby): Such a cold, damp place this castle is... Even the upper floors make me think of a dungeon... I can't wait to find that thief and get out of here! [Context error; She's in Township when she says this] Lin (in her room): That Tapeta guy freaks me out with the way he talks... Where the heck does all that 'merci' and 'si'l vous plait' moonspeak come from? Nina: Being royalty is often more curse than blessing...even pretenders to the throne are a common occurrence. Sten (in the lobby): From my experience, there are two kinds of princess in this world... The elegant, refined type, like our own Nina...and the boisterous, self-centered variety, like that Petape character. Sten (in his room): Something smells about this 'Prince', and I doubt it's the worms on his breath... PARTY CHAT (Nympho Fetch Quest): Bosch: [Same as the last time] Rand: Tapeta must've been really crazy over that witch to give her the Royal Signet...gives me the creeps, frankly... Lin: I don't see how any normal person could go head-over-heels over a sicko like that witch Nympho... I guess that says something about Tapeta, doesn't it? Nina: Sometimes I see the makings of a true leader in Tapeta... But I suppose it's just my imagination. Sten: It's not strange at all to want to give everything you have to the woman you love. Believe me, I know...
  9. Alright everyone, here's a question: Up till now, I've been doing a lot of post-production work... Perhaps too much. Basically, I've been editing out every instance of me and Skaizo stumbling over our words, or talking over each other. That seemed like a good idea at the time... But the cost of that is that I have to re-sync all our dialogue every time, usually by "filling in the holes" with more words. Then from there comes me pining over whether or not the new stuff is the same volume as the old stuff, or whether the new delivery matches with the old delivery, and etc... So here's an experiment—The next episode with little editing! What you hear in this episode is basically our commentary STRAIGHT out of the recording booth. Tell me what you think; If you notice a difference in quality. Thanks so much! Part 10: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough—Creeping Shadow (Wildcat Cafe) TAPETA & PETAPE ART BY: せいはち せいはち's ART GALLERY: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3498832 Special thanks for giving me permission to use your artwork! (NOTE: The guy in the center is official art) ENEMY AI: Bouncer/Garcon: 1/64 defend, 63/64 attack Wildcat: 1/64 defend Otherwise: 50% Attack, 25% Chopchop/Slice (50-81 unblockable DMG), 25% Dice (80-111 unblockable DMG) Jailer (37.5% chance to Counter-attack): 1/64 defend Otherwise: 65/256 spell, 191/256 attack Spell list: Spark/Flare, Cure 3/Vitalize Witch (same as Nimufu): 1/64 defend Otherwise: 129/256 spell, 127/256 attack Spell list: SwtBrth/Dream Breath, Cure 1/Heal, Spark/Flare, Thunder/Jolt SLICE (given to 1 PC) vs. +16 HP BOOST (given to the entire party): Slice is a great early to mid-game move (especially for Sten) that does 50-81 DMG, pierces defense, and costs 0 AP... However, it eventually gets obsoleted by other attacks. The +16 HP boost, however, never stops being useful; In fact, it turns some OHKOs in the end-game to two-hit KOs, given how low my levels are going to be. HOW TO GET THE +16 BOOST?: It all depends on the Wild Cat's Mood gauge, which lowers depending on... 1) How many instructions you obeyed 2) How many times you say "No" before you finally forgive him If you obeyed all the instructions, you have to say "No" three times. If you obeyed all but one of them, you only have to say "No" once. Disobey any more than that, and you get it automatically! CORRECTION ON NIMUFU: The game DOES actually follow upon her via a throwaway line from a Township tenant called "Whoopi"! She actually starts having feelings for Jean! Will display this in Part 12! THE ROUTE: Overworld: Get SokletAR/Circlet & KmikzeBL/Void Sphere Un-equip Nina & Tapeta Go STRAIGHT to Fort Nageur, going right when horizontal to the lone tree! Fort Nageur: Get Deluxe Pole after waking in bed BUY: Copper Baton & Buckler (Lin), Iron Knuckle (Rand) SELL: SuedeAR/Tanned Armor, Iron Band, Sage’s Robe, Warlock Ring, SaladBwl/Headband, BronzeSH/Escutcheon, Wisdom Brace, & Deluxe Rod TRADE: IronML/Iron Plate (Sten), IronAR/Iron Armor (Ryu) Swim left to the campfire and make a Rand/Sten/Lin/Ryu party Equip them all properly (Circlet to Ryu)! Save, then go left to the Wild Cat Restaurant Wild Cat Restaurant: Follow all the orders except for turning in your weapons. --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Garcon (250 HP): Defensive; Scatter if it goes to Turn 3 Turn 1: Auto Turn 2: Defend with Rand, if he got hit (Defend lets him survive another blow) Turn 3: Scatter formation and finish him off! --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Wild Cat Chef (610 HP): Normal, then Scatter once Lin is hit Sten spams Simoon, Ryu uses Whelp, then you just hope & pray from there Switch to Scatter once Lin gets hit --------------------------------------------------------- Get +16 HP boost from Wild Cat Chef by saying "No" once, before saying Yes! Fort Nageur: Swap Ryu to the front and Rand to the back Beat up guard --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Jailer (460 HP): Defensive, then Scatter Turn 1: Ryu uses Whelp, Sten uses Simoon, Lin Defends, and Rand Attacks Turn 2: Normal, and Lin either heals or Defends. Ryu & Rand attack, Sten Simoons Turn 3: Auto (if the guy didn’t heal. If he did, be careful with Lin) --------------------------------------------------------- Get Ring back Rest up & save TRANSLATION MISHAPS: Inexplicable extra space. Dangling word. The guy's name changes to "Jailer" once you fight him. Incomplete phrases. TRANSLATION SUCCESS: A rare bit of legitimately clever writing! Ryusui actually KEPT this one 🙂 !
  10. Alright! Here's a Bonus episode, on all the plethora of ways you can crack the game wide open, as well as the ground rules for which of these I am, and am not, allowing myself! Bonus #2: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough—How to Break the Game, Part 1 LOW% BAN LIST: 1) 2nd Tier Dragons (Requires a Strategy Guide) 2) All Tenants (Permanently Missable) 3) The Secret Character (Requires either a Strategy Guide, or Watts the Quizmaster—a tenant you have almost no chance of ever getting) 4) The Water, Earth, Holy, & Devil Shamans (Optional; Will still collect and show off, however) 5) Chop-Chop/Slice & Boombada (Optional... Though I never use 'em anyway) STILL ALLOWED: 1) Kaiser Dragon (Required to progress the plot) 2) The Fire & Wind Shamans (Required to progress the plot) 3) Cooking Carpenter (The only carpenter who's always available) TENANTS RECRUITED: 1) Remington (Capitan Inn) 2) Beretta (Windia Armory) 3) Heckler (Leftmost house in HomeTown/Newhaven, *before* expansion; Replaces Watts) 4) Hans (Leftmost house in HomeTown/Nehaven, *after* expansion) HOW TO EXPAND TOWNSHIP: 1) Fill up all three houses 2) Ask the carpenter to expand your town for 1000z 3) Enter, exit, and re-enter Township 8 times. HOW TO COOK GOLD BRICKS: 1) Three stat-boosters (Guts Pills & Cond.Ups/Turbocharges count) 2) One of the following: Wisdom Seed, LifePL/Ammonia, Extract/Restorative, and almost any fish (except for Unagi/Garfish & Bait/Crappie). CHANCE OF GETTING CHARCOAL INSTEAD (applies to all recipes): (Ryu LVL / 6) /64 [Why does the game penalize you for having a higher leveled Ryu? :shrug: ] CHANCE TO GET DOUBLE ITEMS: (floor(total size / result size) * (16 if result size = 1, 8 if 2, 4 if 4 or 8, 2 if 16 or 32)) / 64 [Gold Bricks have a value of "1", which is why they're guaranteed doubles with the above recipe) RECIPE COMPENDIUM (contains the "size" and "type" of all items, for plugging into the above formula and figuring out what makes what): http://pkhack.fobby.net/misc/txt/bof2_cooking.txt [GoldBars/Gold Bricks don't technically have sizes programmed in, so they default to "1"; The same size as Herbs) "PLOT POINTS" THUS FAR (Beretta upgrades her wares for every 8 plot points you get, up to a max of 24): 1. Breaking Nimufu's curse on Jean. 2. Recruiting Seso. 3. Acquire the dragon powers from the old man behind the waterfall. 4. Recruiting three residents and expanding Township. HANS' SHOP RECOMMENDATION: x7 Iron Braces (empty inventory slot for Ryu) x2 Dream Jewels (For the "dragon shotgun" trick with Ryu & Rand) x4 Cond.Ups/Turbocharges (in case your Condition rolls around back to what it was) THE EMPTY SLOT INITIATIVE GLITCH: The FastShoe/Speed Shoes were supposed to set your preemptive attack rate to 25%, when equipped to your 1st Slot character... But the programmers accidentally used LDA $40 instead of LDA #$40. In programming language, that's the difference between asking for Address $40 (for whatever value is stored in there), and asking for byte 40 (which represents the actual item). And at Address $40 is... a blank space. 00. Hence, "00" is what the looks looks for. If you have one blank space in the 1st Slot's accessory spaces, you've got the 25% pre-emptive. THE INTENDED PRE-EMPTIVE RATE FOR PARTIES WITH NO SPEED SHOES: It was primarily based off the same timer that governed run chances & party condition. ($5010; the one that advances every 8 minutes). Add these values to the party's Average Luck... 0: 32 1: 32 2: 96 3: 96 4: 160 5: 224 6: 160 7: 96 ...then adjust by one of four multipliers... -20% (17/32 chance) +10% (7/32 chance) +30% (5/32 chance) +50% (3/32 chance) These numbers are added to your average party Luck, then adjusted by 1 of 4 multipliers (Note that the result caps at 255). Then look at the following tables for your final pre-emptive chance (where N is a value from 0-3, depending on the enemy group... though I don't know exactly which enemies are which): Ill: never 0-63: (2+N)/64 64-127: (2+N)/64 128-191: (4+N)/64 192-255: (8+N)/64 ...Fortunately, this is moot by the above glitch, so... Don't worry about it! AVAILABLE NORMAL FUSIONS: Sanamo (25% Offense): Rand & Nina Sesso (25% Wisdom): Rand, Nina, Sten, & Jean/Tapeta AVAILABLE COLOR CHANGE FUSIONS: Sanamo (50% Offense): Sten
  11. Thanks Dayni! Yeah, what happened was, I accidentally had "source audio" on, instead of "audio from other file", when saving the AVI file in Virtualdub. The correct version should be up in about an hour.
  12. What perils await in the Witch's Tower? Stay tuned and find out! Part 9: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough—Cold and Dark (Witch's Tower) PARTY: Ryu/Sten/Rand/Nina EQUIPMENT BEFORE NYMPHO'S TOWER: Ryu: Longsword, Ranger Suit, BronzeSH/Escutcheon, & Bronze Helm Sten: Silver Knife, Chain Mail, BronzeSH/Escutcheon, & Bronze Helm Rand: Bare Knuckle, SuedeAR/Tanned Armor, IronAR/Iron Band, & Bandana Nina: FalseRG/Ring, Bum'sCL/Clothes, IronAR/Iron Band, & GlassRG/Glass Helm ITEMS BEFORE NYMPHO'S TOWER: x2-6 Smoke Bombs (save at least two for the top floor) x3+ Wisdom Seeds (more is preferred) ENEMY AI: H.Fly/Beezlebubs (Weak to wind) 1/64 defend Otherwise, 129/256 cast spell, 127/256 attack Spell list: 75% Poison Attack, 25% Curse Magician Mummies (Weak to fire & holy) 1/64 defend Otherwise, 129/256 cast spell, 127/256 attack Spell list: Spark/Flare, Cold/Frost Like many spellcaster enemies, M.Mummy is intended to just attack when its AP is 12.5% or lower. However, this check is bugged, so this will never happen. Monopeds/Fachens (Weak to cold; No resistance to status ailments) 1/64 defend, 63/64 attack These have a 50% critical hit rate. Ogres/Orcs 1/64 defend Otherwise, 65/256 Cure 1/Heal, 191/256 attack These have a 3/8 chance to Counter-Attack Seenates/Acorn Knights 1/256 defend, 63/256 attack once, 3/4 attack twice WHY SESSO THE WATER SHAMAN ISN'T USEFUL: The target's Wisdom mostly decides its resistance to status ailments (including death). The caster's Wisdom simply modifies that chance, and there are steep diminishing returns from where Nina & Spar start. In addition, there are multiple pieces of armor that give immunity to status ailments by the enemies, as all of these spells (except Death) fall under the Holy element. The Breath & Life Armor are the two most prominent examples of this. So, in the rare cases that they're a threat, we'll be prepared. On a side-note, there's also a character named Spar/Aspara who gets more out of Sesso than almost anyone. She boosts ALL of his stats (besides HP) by 30%... However, he's not going to be used often enough to make Sesso worth it. WISDOM INTERVALS: 0: 0-16 1: 17-32 (Jean starts here) 2: 33-48 3: 49-80 (Nina & Spar start here) 4: 81-112 5: 113-160 6: 161-204 7: 205-255 VULNERABILITY TO AILMENTS (Enemies): 0: 100% (Nympho & Fachens are here) 1: ~62% 2: ~51% 3: ~40% 4: ~29% 5: ~18% 6: ~7% 7: 0% CASTER ACCURACY BONUS (The player's casting the spell): 0: 8% 1: 16% (Jean starts here) 2: 30% 3: 40% (Nina & Spar start here) 4: 50% 5: 60% 6: 70% 7: 80% VULNERABILITY TO AILMENTS (Players): 0: 100% 1: ~62% 2: ~50% 3: ~40% 4: ~34% 5: ~31% 6: ~28% 7: 25% CASTER ACCURACY BONUS (The enemy's casting the spell): 0: 8% 1: 16% 2: 32% 3: 48% 4: 64% 5: 80% 6: 90% 7: Always hit SUCCESS RATE OF NINA'S WILL (based on Wisdom): 0: ~45% 1: 50% 2: ~56% 3: ~62% 4: ~65% 5: ~71% 6: 75% 7: ~78% THE ROUTE: Nympho’s Tower: Keep stepping on Nympho's iron plate with Ryu. -------------------------------- ENEMY ENCOUNTERS (Defensive) Magician Mummies: Can do 30-40 Damage with spells, but only once, and you can blunt damage with Defend. Sten OHKO, so just have him attack. Alternatively, you let one blow its load, then Nina regenerate MP. X1-3 Beezlebubs: Nina Defends, while the others attack x4-5 Beezlebubs: Nina or Rand use Thunder/Jolt, while the others Defend Fachens: Nina Frosts while the others Defend. Can also land Blunt and stall for MP, since they have no resistance to status ailments. Ogres: You can land Blunt on one and stall for MP, if you like (~71% accurate) X1 Acorn Knight: Save your Whelp spell for x2 Acorn Knights or the boss, but otherwise, use your strongest attacks. x2 Acorn Knights: Have Ryu OHKO one of them with a Whelp spell in Round 1, and use your strongest attacks on the other. -------------------------------- 2nd Floor: Use Smoke Bomb after 4 steps 3rd Floor: Use Smoke Bomb when about to emerge from narrow passage, then take the 4th platform from the right 2nd Floor: Snag all chests, except the far middle-left one, the far middle-bottom one, the far middle-top one, and the one just below the far-middle top one 3rd Floor: Take the far left platform 4th Floor: Use Smoke Bomb after going STRAIGHT down from stairs, step on the middle of three plates, step on plate directly upper-right from the lower-left chest, then step on the middle of three plates. Snag the Silk Glove, use a Smoke Bomb shortly after, then snag the Warlock Ring & Sage’s Robe (equip Silk Glove & Sage's Robe to Nina when convenient). Step on the nearest plate to proceed. 5th Floor: Use Smoke Bomb, then ride the left platform for a Wisdom Brace, --------------------------------------------------------- VS. Nympho (550 HP): Defensive Turn 1: Ryu uses Whelp, Sten Simoons, Rand uses Wisdom Seed on Ryu, then Nina uses Slow Turn 2: Ryu uses another Whelp --------------------------------------------------------- 5th Floor: Use Smoke Bomb, take right platform for Wisdom Fruit, and drop off! Overworld: Walk back to Tapeta and kiss him with Nina CHANGE PARTY: Ryu/Sten/Nina/Tapeta party TRANSLATION MISHAPS: Mundane grammar gaffe Why not just "ribbit"? ...No you're not. Stupid......?
  13. And now for an...interesting...diversion. Click here for the full 827x1169 image Part 8: Breath of Fire II—Awakening (Shamans & Dragons) THUMBNAIL ART BY: Chiakimi TWITTER: https://twitter.com/chiakimi_ CORRECTION ON BOMB SEEDS: The Pollen/Bomb Seeds' chance of using Flame/Flameblast is actually less than 1%. I forgot to account for it's 75% chance to use BuildUp in the episode itself. EQUIPMENT BEFORE NYMPHO'S TOWER: Ryu: Longsword, Ranger Suit, BronzeSH/Escutcheon, & Bronze Helm Sten: Silver Knife, Chain Mail, BronzeSH/Escutcheon, & Bronze Helm Rand: Bare Knuckle, SuedeAR/Tanned Armor, IronAR/Iron Band, & Bandana Nina: FalseRG/Ring, Bum'sCL/Clothes, IronAR/Iron Band, & GlassRG/Glass Helm ITEMS BEFORE NYMPHO'S TOWER: x6 Smoke Bombs x3+ Wisdom Seeds (more is preferred) ABOUT THE CARPENTERS: You may choose only one of the following: 1) The cooking carpenter (always available) 2) The treehouse carpenter (requires you to save 3-4 villagers last episode) 3) The Arabian carpenter (requires you to save 5-6 villagers last episode) CHOICE OF CARPENTER: The cooking carpenter (far-right house) ENEMY AI: S.Idol/Stone Faces (Weak to fire) 65/128 defend Otherwise, 129/256 ColdBrth, 127/256 attack Pollens/Bomb Seeds (Weak to ice) If used BuildUp last turn, attack Otherwise, 3/4 Buildup Otherwise, 1/64 defend Otherwise, 33/256 cast spell, 223/256 attack Spell list: 75% Spark, 25% Flame Stamen/Androeciums (Weak to fire) 1/64 defend Otherwise, 129/256 SwtBrth, 127/256 attack H.Fly/Beezlebubs (Weak to wind) 1/64 defend Otherwise, 129/256 cast spell, 127/256 attack Spell list: 75% Psn.Atck, 25% Curse DRAGON DAMAGE (EXACT): Fract = [ ([current AP/2]*256) / [max AP/2] ] Squared = [ fract^2 / 256 ] If squared is less than 1, squared = 1 Damage = [ squared * (base power) / 256 ] [Base power of all Puppy/Whelp spells is 256] DRAGON DAMAGE (SIMPLIFIED): Damage = Base Power * (Current AP / Max AP) ² THE ROUTE: Overworld: Run & Roll on back to Capitan Capitan: Save your game (YAY!! You can save your game again!) Talk to Sanamo to head to hut Snag the Ammonia from the closet before entering the circle Walk back to Capitan...or die on the way Get the Wisdom Seed Talk to the first guy you see to instantly head back to Township. Township: Perform ANOTHER death warp. Kill Rand with the three melee guys (including himself), while Nina Defends. Kill Nina. Kill Ryu next, then Sten. Capitan: Choose the carpenter in the far right house! Snag the Guts Pill in said carpenter’s cabinet while you’re at it —Keep these; They're incredible for cooking Gold Nuggets later. Head on over to the forest and talk to Tapeta Overworld: (Defensive Formation) Auto, then make the party Ryu/Sten/Rand/Nina Auto your items, Sort Smoke Bombs to the top Roll on down to the campground to safety save —Bomb Seeds, and the boss of Nympho's Tower, can troll you with obscenely bad luck. x2 Stone Faces can also troll, if you don't have enough Wisdom Seeds to splurge on OHKOing either one with a Fire Whelp. Roll on up to Nympho’s Tower —Flare on Androceiums and Frost on Bomb Seeds (Bomb Seeds are a OHKO) —Use Fire Whelps and spells on x2 Stone Faces, if you have more than x3 Wisdom Seeds (or are close to camp). Otherwise, just Flee, as they have only 1 Vigor TRANSLATION MISHAPS: The old localization can never decide between "Joining" or "Uniting". Why thanks you. TRANSLATION SUCCESSES: Well, I'll give 'em this; They at least retained the French accent. Speech patterns like that often get lost, in fan translations.
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