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    I love cooking, reading, drawing, painting and playing hockey.
    I'm a huge Pokémon and Zelda fan and I really have a soft spot for JRPGs and 2D platformers.
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  1. Adding to this, I can certainly say that chapter 14 was extremely annoying, for merely the fact that you were almost forced to bring out all of your magic units, fliers and thieves just in hopes of navigating the map because of the Fog of War and reduced movement. However, to clear the air around the Sacae route, I believe that Chapter 14 is much more tedious, and challenging than Chapters 17b and 19b (respectively) solely because of the movement problem(s) paired with the fact that you may want the Divine Weapon to achieve the game's true ending, which is only possible in a certain turn limit. 17b and 19b will only need 1 thief (each) because of the normal movement over plains/floor and the rather predicatable amount/types of enemies due to the terrain/spacing of these chapters.
  2. I go by a moniker of Aariadro and i've been playing Fire Emblem for about 7 years. I've lurked around on this community for awhile, looking at the character comparisons and different strategy ideas that you all have discussed and decided that I would also like to be part of such a wonderful community! My first game was Blazing Blade which is also my favourite game in the series thus far. Aside from being an FE fan just like you all, I enjoy cooking, painting, reading, and anything manga/anime related. I'm also a really big Zelda and Pokémon fan! I hope to enjoy my time here on this forum getting to have healthy interaction with all of you!
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