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  1. This exactly. Everyone just abandoned Dimitri, who needed them. You could even say that Rodrigues helping Dimitri was only because of his promise to Lambert. I kind of wish Dimitri was a bit more harsh to Gilbert for that.
  2. Makalov - He'd literally sell a ring Astrid gave him for money, selfish as all fuck and never changes. I think he has a death quote where he says sorry to Marcia for being a bad brother and it's just like UH YEAH. Abel: He's clearly an adult while Est is 15 in Gaiden/Echoes, meaning she was likely younger when they met and I'm going to throw up. Brom: Engaged his 16 year old daughter to the 25 year old Zihark and most conversations are Zihark being VERY uncomfortable with this. Gray: He's blatantly sexist and his ending with Clair is basically he kept bothering her until she said yes.
  3. A timed mission that uses real time rather than turns. Like you have 30min to complete this mission.
  4. Character? Eliwood. Literally he is perfect. Combat wise: Dimitri, especially post skip. There is nothing this man cannot kill.
  5. 1. Dimitri 2. Mercedes 3. Marianne 4. Claude 5. Seteth 6. Yuri 7. Balthus 8. Edelgard 9. Petra 10. Flayn I like Seteth, he gives good advice to and cares for the students. He helps many of them in his supports, along with Manuela. His over-protectiveness of Flayn stems from how he allowed her to fight in the war and she nearly died, being put in a deep slumber. This is also why Flayn fears sleeping (mentioned on a few occasions) For Dimitri, I find his story powerful, everyone piles their expectations on him, which is especially annoying after the skip because he's been on the run and homeless for five years and none of them try to help him recover save Byleth and Rodrigue. Even in the academy days, he was obsessed with revenge but just hiding it, it's only when he himself learns that his own life has value and he can live for himself that really he says his blind revenge wasn't the right thing to do and wouldn't help anyone. Marianne: I relate, I suffer from severely low self esteem and often believe there's no value in my life. I find her character growth inspiring, plus using Blutgang is always fun.
  6. It's still a shitty thing to do, especially to the crown prince. And since Dimitri's birth mother died, Lambert having another kid would create chaos.
  7. I always make her a dark flier actually, keeping her axe rank up so she can also use the bolt axe. In my most recent one I had her in the lord class, but she does fine as a peg knight. Fire and Bolganone are her most useful spells imo. She can't really take characters out in one hit with Hades (which has only two uses).
  8. Annie just forgiving him is so frustrating imo because they don't even seem to really make up in their supports? Plus Dimitri mentions that one of Gilberts training methods was to leave him on a snowy mountain to find his way home. The actual fuck? Even if he is meant to be dislikable, it doesn't matter to me because I do not like him at all.
  9. I always marry Shamir with him, they have a lot of similarities and she's one of the characters who remains loyal to Byleth should they side with Edelgard.
  10. Their reason pool isn't too bad, it's the same as Mercedes I think? For faith, I'd give them Physic too.
  11. Dimitri doesn't get ~miraculously~ healed, he states multiple times that he's still hearing the voices of the dead. He just decides not to let revenge consume and hurt his friends, as the man who was basically like a dad to him died in that very way. One thing that bothers me is that they chose to make him obviously mentally ill and incredibly violent on top of it. It's not a good way to represent mental illness. The same could be said for Jeritza. As for me: Gilbert - He's the shittiest character ever, Dedue basically calls him on his BS in their supports and it's true. Quit making excuses to not return to your family and RETURN TO THEM. Fucks sake. His whole story is BS because he abandoned Dimitri too. Catherine: While Cyril is a kid and hasn't had the best view of the world, therefore someone treating him kindly would obviously earn reverence. Catherine is 27, she's an adult and still chooses to obsessively stalk Byleth just because Rhea pays attention to them and is just plain creepily obsessed with her. Not to mention Christophe. Miklan: All of Sylvain's bad traits can be traced back to him. Don't forget that he literally abused and tried to kill Sylvain multiple times. Then if you have the DLC Yuri states that he kidnaps people and it's assumed he kills them (he says women in the ENG ver which is 100x terrible)
  12. Probably Azure Moon because I'm glad to help Dimitri. But I'm on Crimson Flower now so I'll get to keep Edelgard alive.
  13. Dark Flier is my fave, Byleth and Flayn both do well. I made Edelgard one this time around but I like the utility of fliers. I'm making Constance a war cleric though she's a dancer for now. I didn't like Valkyrie that much because it seems to have less movement than other calvary?
  14. But it is sad to see what Dimitri goes through, and that you can't really help him. He's one of the most endearing characters and the lord that seemingly needs you the most. It is really sad.
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