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  1. No problem. Figured it out on my own by tinkering a bit. I was confusing "level_constants" with "game_constants" and that was giving me an issue. A bit unrelated, but is it possible to have the weather particle effects (like snow) be present in scenic map scenes? Since you toggle that from the overview.txt in the actual battle map, I'm not sure how to reproduce that when using backgrounds. Also, is there any fire map sprite or tiles in a directory that could be used to give the scene a bit more mood?
  2. Am I missing something or is there no "otherTurnChangeScript"? Not a huge issue since I could just move it to the start of a player phase but I'm left wondering. Also, this formatting is all whack choice;LanselotIntroduction;;1.You must forgive our error,2.Stay on your guard, Sister. Is it possible to order the choices vertically so it doesn't glitch out like this? I'm also not quite sure how to proceed after I set up the dialogue choice. The wiki says "The option the player picks will be saved under this name in gameStateObj.game_constants." But I'm again a bit puzzled as to how you'd need to set up the "if" command following that. I would think it'd be if;'1.You must forgive our error' is in gameStateObj.level_constant" whatever dialogue end but it's giving me issues...
  3. Ah! Wonderful news! and mad props to rainlash for including it.
  4. More like how the 3DS games and 3H let you choose a options when in the middle of dialogue. Like "Save Emmeryn: - Yes - No", "Fight for Hoshido or Fight for Nohr", "Kill Shura?" or 3 Houses numerous interactions where you get extra support points if you say what they want to hear.
  5. Does Lex Talionis support branching dialogue options?
  6. Thank you for the feed back. I'm glad it wasn't all me just not understanding things correctly and it was only partially me not understanding things correctly. The map conversation isn't a big deal either, just wanted to make sure it wasn't me doing things wrong. Now my next step is gonna be recreating the dynamic boss ai of FE7 ch 12. Should be an interesting excercise. Wish me luck!
  7. I see, so checking for custom flags should always be formatted as if;'flag' (not) in gameStateObj.level_constants. I was borrowing the format for how the turn count flag was written, but I guess that only works when you can assign numeric values to the statement for turns or unit position in maps. And not being able to run scripted fights in the fight script makes sense. I'd imagine the game crashes because Batta is dead and can't initiate the regular combat phase after the script is done. A million thanks! Oh but I'm also wondering why the Boss fight convo was had in the normal map instead of the actual battle screen. I just checked out if it would sort itself if I removed the scripted combat and still both the pre battle and the death quote is on the normal map screen.
  8. I think I'm a bit confused as to how to properly construct eval for if commands. I'm recreating FE7's chapter 1 to just train on using the program and auxiliary tools. I recreated the intro sequence, but I'm having a bit of trouble scripting the event fight properly. This is what I put on the fightScript.txt if;self.unit.name == 'Lyn' if;self.unit2.name == 'Batta' if;'BattaDefault' not in gameStateObj.level_constants u;Batta;Left s;Batta;Who do you think you are?{w}{br}You think you can stand up to Batta the Beast? r;Batta interact_unit;Lyn;Batta;Hit,Hit,Hit set_level_constant;BattaDefault end end end The dialogue is played (dialogue plays before the actual combat screen shows up though) and the scripted combat plays out. But after that, the game crashes. 95640 INFO: Dialogue: Script line to parse: ['set_level_constant', 'BattaDefault'] 95641 INFO: Turnwheel: Add Action 84: ChangeLevelConstant 95641 DEBUG: GeneralStates: Ending dialogue state 95641 INFO: GeneralStates: Repeat Dialogue State! 95641 DEBUG: StateMachine: Temp State: ['pop'] 95642 ERROR: main: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'update' Traceback (most recent call last): File "main.py", line 122, in <module> File "main.py", line 44, in main File "main.py", line 65, in run File "Code\StateMachine.py", line 198, in update update_output = self.state[-1].update(gameStateObj, metaDataObj) File "Code\GeneralStates.py", line 2250, in update combatisover = gameStateObj.combatInstance.update(gameStateObj, metaDataObj, self.skip) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'update' 96687 DEBUG: Engine: Created save point from ./Saves\LDEBUGT3.p So I think there's an issue with the flag I'm trying to create, but I'm using the tutorial and the fight dialogue we set up with Braguet as the example to follow... After that, Lyn should have a dialogue before the enemy phase starts. Should be easy, right? in enemyTurnChangeScript.txt, just check if the BattaDefault flag has been activated and do the dialogue But I realized I don't know how to check this properly. I'm also not quite sure when the elif (else if, right?) command should be used. I figured "if;gameStateObj.level_constants == 'BattaDefault'" would check if the flag is activated, but I'm not sure. Would that and the first example of checking if the flag is not there correctly typed? with the space separating the "==" sign? Then the second round of combat should play out and I'm wondering if this would be right. In fightScript, following the first round if;self.unit.name == 'Lyn' if;self.unit2.name == 'Batta' if;gameStateObj.level_constants == 'BattaDefault' interact_unit;Batta;Lyn;Miss,Crit end end end
  9. Ah perfect! I thought that might be it but I hadn't tried deleting the 'M' or 'F' from the name convention, so I was adding the number id on top of that. Much appreciated!
  10. That's pretty awesome El Grillo, way to go. So rainlash, is it possible to have different map sprites for the same class other than male / female versions? Like for example, having different weapons equipped or for an FE7 situation where Eliwood and Hector are both Lords.
  11. So where can I check what's causing the engine to crash? There must be a crash log right? I tried adding a Lyn unit to see how it would go. But I must've messed something up when either adding the sprites or the parameters since it's crashing. I ran the animation converter, and renamed the new files, recolored the portrait background, and added the unit and class parameters... Not sure where I might've messed up.
  12. Tiled works great! Thanks a ton. I managed to recreate FE7 Prologue map well enough and figured I'd toy around with it to practice some scripting. I can't seem to find a directory of character sprites with the winks and mouth frames included like you provided in the tutorial... I'm sorry to be such a bother, but are they organized like that anywhere? Edit: Nvm, found the FE Universe resource repo you linked.
  13. Right, that's what I meant. I did find FE Map Creator here by just digging around and I thought trying to recreate FE7's prologue map would be a good exercise to learn how to use it. By just poking around, I realized that ok, you gotta choose FE7's Plain Tile Set and easily put the the gate and the village, the forest tiles and even the mountain and cliff tiles to be the same ones. It's the actual plains that are giving me trouble when trying to recreate the patterns on the ground, can't even seem to find those white patches of dirt tiles. I realize that trying to recreate the exact same grass tiles would be almost impossible but at least getting a hand at making some nice textures for the ground would be cool. Linking different tiles like the plains or the peak in a way that make sense seems to be giving me trouble. Doesn't help that the sprite tiles are so tiny on the tile set selector. I'm guessing the tags are for when using this program to insert them directly into GBA hacks but I'm a bit of a loss at the 'Repair Map' command is used for and what the logic behind the randomization of 'Generate Map' is. I may be too off topic since this isn't strictly about lex talonis, if it is, I can move this rant to a more appropriate thread.
  14. Hi, I reached you on reddit the other day, asking a few things about the tutorial... I'm still blown away at how good your level editor tool is. But I'm very new to the scene and I'm wondering what's the best way to make the graphical display of a new custom map. Since the level editor needs a pre made image file to start, I hope there's a relatively easy way to make these images. Thanks for all the help!
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