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  1. So, I saw a particular FE YouTuber upload a series on FE9 randomized. I didn't think it was possible at all, but apparently it is! I'm very excited about it, but when I went to go and set it up for myself, I realized it looks very, very complicated. I am not one that is good with computers and folders and stuff (it took me a while to learn how to play FE9 and 10 in the first place) and would love some help for me and other people that don't know how to do it. Be it a step by step process or anything that could help would be great! Thank you FE Community!
  2. I'm looking to use pretty standard FE mechanics and using FE8 as a base. I just know nothing about it. I have the money to spare, especially with all my overtime I'm getting due to the virus going around lol. I will have to check out SRPG. I want to make my own stand alone game, not just reskinning or redoing already made games. Once I can start posting and stuff, I was actually going to look around and try to 'recruit' other makers to help me out to help make my dream come true, lol.
  3. Hey, I'm John! I've been playing Fire Emblem games ever since I was eight and now that I'm 21, I'm still an avid fan of the series despite having to be an adult in life now. I have frequented this site for years but never actually made an account, but now I decided to! I'm very interested in making my own FEHack and have all sorts of interesting prospects for a new fan game, but have literal 0 experience with hacking or anything like that to do so. Any insight or help is much appreciated! I'd also love to talk about anything really, be it FE related or not. Glad to be here!
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