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  2. Trickster Manuela that's it just Trickster Manuela
  3. Granted, you're now so good at FE that you can't find any enjoyment out of the franchise anymore. I wish Edelgard were a better written character
  4. JoJo Part 4's OST just has me feel like there's more to this world than what we know about
  5. Muesli


    Yeah, I think I'll stop using Hector for now, I need to save his Wolf Beil uses anyway
  6. Muesli


    Thanks, I've had a lot of fun doing this Trust me, I'm never this lucky, this is like a once in a lifetime situation god fucking damn it
  7. All is good my friend, let's beat up the haters together. Because puns are top tier humor Why do I find shitty puns funny?
  8. Because Ashera is a pretty woman and she definitely should be Why should Pelleas be an S support option?
  9. I just had a brainfuck reading that question, but the right answer is Cindered Shadows Why is 3H so addicting?
  10. Because she doesn't just simply save the day, Who the fuck has claimed she's a Mary Sue and may I beat the shit out of them?
  11. Got it, Ignatz in Sniper, focus only on Bow proficiency, nothing else, give him Death Blow and Hit +20 then Bow Crit +10 and Bowfaire, get Hunter's Volley and have a good night Edit: He doesn't need Hit +20 on Hard mode thanks to his personal lmao
  12. Trying to make sense of your english here, so you want your so claimed "shitty units" in good classes?
  13. Uhh, are you referring to the characters on that list as weak? Cause half of them are actually really good Either way, Grappler Hanneman and Falcon Knight Manuela or no balls
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