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  1. So I've been trying to play the game on ePSXe but I run into an issue where the audio sounds like it's constantly. I've tried out using various other plugins , turning on the frame limiter and all but nothing seems to fix it. Anyone know why? On my old PC it worked fine and it's the same iso and emulator as I used on that one.
  2. That's great news, and I don't have an issue paying some money for a translation (as long as it ain't full priced). I assume it will be available through Steam or something. I tried it out in japanese back when it came out but even just the gameplay is a bit complicated when you're pressing buttons and stats you don't understand.
  3. Someone who's translating the whole thing on Twitter says only SD Awakening and Fates. This tweet just made me lose all hype.
  4. So, who else thinks Kamui's redesign is based on Yen'Fay to make him an ancestor to him and Say'ri?
  5. The UI looks really clean and the screens over all look nice. Hoping mystery character X is indeed a new character just made to expand the games roster. I would not be able to handle Kris 2.0
  6. Well, it took me a couple of months, but I finally finished the Metal Emperor. Also if you've looked at my avatar recently you probably saw that I redid it to be a bit closer to reality. I also did this sort of AU version for FEGame (I'll clean it up later, probably) Also I tried to do something interesting with this fighters hair, not sure it worked out too well...
  7. Hope I'm not too late to this party (This is what I get for not checking the concepts section for a long time) Well there's already like a 120 characters submitted so I might as well submit one too> Name: Dion Affinity: Fire Class: Sage Inventory: Elfire, Vulnerary Weapon Ranks: Fire, Wind (for ranks you can do whatever is appropriate to make it balanced for that point in the game) General join time: Around mid game. Personal Skill: Something that raises evasion rate maybe? Could be called Dodgeball King or something. Stats: Best Stats: Skill and Speed, Worst Stats: Luck and Defense. Good Bases, Bad growths Dialogue: Of course you can tweak things like the dialogue of the recruiter to fit it's personality. PS: I'll probably refine the sprite a bit later on. EDIT: Refined it a bit.
  8. Digimon World Dawn/Dusk is/are my favourite game(s) of all time, and the only people I know who know it, know it because I told them about it and told them to play it (those that did enjoyed it). When it comes to games in this series people always talk about World, World 3, Rumble arena and (since recently, because it was just recently released) Cyber Sleuth. And these two get ignored despite having arguably the best gameplay in the entire series (haven't played Lost Evolution due to the whole no japanese speaking thing, so I can't really compare it).
  9. So, I've got some new sprites (made some adjustments to this one because it didn't feel right) I wanted to make this guy have a cool pose with him holding his hat downward, can someone with more "hands on" experience "point" me in the right direction. Before moving on to this guys laser guns I'd like some C+C on the rest of him. And finally, if you're a Digimon fan you might've heard that Kouji Wada, the singer of almost every japanese Opening theme for Digimon theme among many others, passed away from cancer a few days ago (the news came out yesterday), so I made this as a tribute to one of his most iconic songs Butter-Fly
  10. That was the case for America, we in Europe got it early, although I can see why you'd be confused as usually it's the other way around.
  11. The only game I've bought this year so far is Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, although Mario & Luigi Paper Jam came out near the end of 2015v and a big part of my playtime has been during 2016 (Fates isn't coming here until May), so yeah they're the only options :P (although I do really like both).
  12. That looks pretty good, I assume the mountain tiles are still work in progress.
  13. I find it kind of weird that people are complaining about the fact that with it all the things gamplay-wise it affects are lost as well. Yet when I and others complained a long time ago about it, people said "oh it's optional and barely affects anything". Which one is it? Does it or does it not affect the gameplay in a somewhat notable way?
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