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  1. spoiler because large image lol These are amazing! You captured each of them perfectly. I can't wait to see the next portraits you make.
  2. I'm gonna make my choices only out of the FE characters already in smash right now. 1. Marth. He's the most iconic in the series, and started it out. He's the most familiar in the Smash scene. His moveset may seem unoriginal, but that's only because there are so many echoes of him in Smash right now. If none of the echoes existed (in other words, if Lucina, Chrom and Roy disappeared), he would be entirely unique, aside from his counter. 2. Robin. They represent magic and weapon durability, as well as Fire Emblem Awakening, which essentially saved the Fire Emblem franchise. They have a unique and interesting playstyle with their magic. 3. Byleth. They represent the weapon triangle and bows, as well as the most popular and recent Fire Emblem game to date. They also have a very unique playstyle, and are generally fun to play. 4. Ike. He's pretty iconic as well, and represents a fan favourite from the franchise. His moveset is pretty unique too, despite only using swords. And honestly, his attack sound effects are just too satisfying to get rid of. Though, if I were to pick out of all FE characters in general, I would replace one of those (probably Ike) with Anna. Throughout the franchise she's used a variety of different things to fight (Swords in Awakening and 3H, axes in Heroes, lances in Awakening as the merchant class, bows in Fates and 3H, and magic in all three), giving her lots of things to draw from for a unique moveset. On top of that, she's arguably one of the most iconic Fire Emblem characters, seeing as she appears in every single installment in the franchise save for Gaiden and Echoes.
  3. Oh, thanks so much for telling me that. I was having Parvati walk from tile to tile, lmao. That spares me a lot of time that would be wasted otherwise.
  4. Just started playing this romhack and I've been thoroughly enjoying it so far! I'm going into it blind, so I'm glad I got to Parvati's village in time. Anyways, I noticed after getting Parvati that the Runeseeker's class description is just "Runeseeker." Did you forget to give it a description, or was that on purpose?
  5. I'm gonna have to agree with you in that Miklan's map is shit and I hate it lmao. At least on hard and above you can shoot Miklan with deadeye from the first curve which prompts him to start running towards you, speeding up the map a bit. My personal favourite is the final map of Crimson Flower. It feels like this big climactic showdown of you fighting surrounded by proof of the atrocities Rhea has committed, attempting to put an end to the evil once and for all. Fighting Catherine, Cyril, Gilbert, Ashe and Annette while making your way slowly through the flames, carefully destroying the golems, and defending against reinforcements felt really cool to me. The final showdown against Rhea and sending your strongest units who are usually Byleth and Edelgard felt really cool as well. Crimson Flower as a route kinda sucked overall and Edelgard deserved better, but that final map I believe is the best one out of all the routes.
  6. honestly yeah, although i think ultimate is far too inflated with FE characters for another one, in future games i would love Celica to be added. Also I think the implementation of self-damaging moves as a reference to HP draining SoV magic would be cool.
  7. Oh my god you're right, This boi uses nino. I'm so sorry for confusing you, Hong Nhi. Forgive my stupidity, lol.
  8. Nice to meet you, and welcome to the forums, Bleuie! I just joined the forums recently as well, but I find everyone is very kind and welcoming so I don't think you need to worry in that regard, lol I would ask you what your favourite character is, but by the looks of it, it's most likely Soren, Which, frankly is understandable, Soren's great Anyways, hope you have fun here!
  9. I'm not entirely sure what you mean inside of the spoiler content, but I'll answer if it will help you. I really enjoy lance infantry classes, and feel like they don't get good enough representation in Fire Emblem, so I would probably be an Infantry class with Lance usage. So like a soldier, but buffed so they're actually usable. It would most likely promote to the Halberdier class, as that's the standard promotion for most games with playable soldiers. Movement 5 in soldier and 6 in halberdier, as per usual. My name would be Evalko, for... obvious reasons. I'm not that good at stat balancing, so I would probably just have Nephenee's stat line. As for my party members, I have a few ideas. One idea is an armoured mage, so a unit who can use magic, but instead of having high resistance and low defense, they have high defense and low resistance. I feel like an armoured mage would play an interesting role in combat and fill in a somewhat unfilled niche. I would call the class Mage Knight, but that's already taken. It isn't creative, but maybe it'd just be named Armour Mage? Who knows. As for the promoted class, it would most likely be called Mage General, and add staff usage. The movement would be 4 in Armour Mage and 5 in Mage General. Her name would be... Sana, because I just used a random name generator and that was the first result. She would probably have Erk's class line but she would trade his resistance stat with his defense stat, and probably have somewhat better stats overall thanks to the movement penalty. Another idea is an archer pegasus knight. I know, I know, Kinshi Knight did it first, hush you, I possess a surprising lack of creativity. The name would be Sky Hunter, or something like that. They would have a mix between the archer class and the pegasus knight class, and so I imagine them being pretty fragile defense-wise. As for the promoted class, it would be... Sky Sniper, or something. Or maybe Sky Fighter, and add sword usage to the mix. Either way, the movement would be 7 in Sky Hunter and 8 in Sky Fighter/Sky Sniper. This class would offer a lot of range, being able to rush to an ally's aid from across the map in an instant. I believe it would be pretty useful. And yes, like I said, I know Kinshi Knight already exists. Call me unoriginal if you must. His name would be... Dexter, because I just used a random name generator and that was the first result. He would probably have a mix between Cordelia and Virion's stat line, with remarkably low defense. Those are the only ideas I can think of.
  10. Both your replies have been very interesting, thank you! Hopefully IS decides to expand on this, perhaps in some extra DLC, a sequel/prequel, or in something else entirely. Until then, all we can do is speculate, I suppose. Either way, both of your theories have given me a lot to think about, I appreciate the replies.
  11. I've always wondered what determines whether an individual has a Major Crest or a Minor Crest. Why do some people have a Major while others don't? Is it just random chance? Or is it determined by how close you are to the original Crest bearer? I'm sure there's no canon explanation, but I'd be interested to hear some theories.
  12. Law credentials being a complete play through of all the Ace Attorney games, but those are just details. On the day of the trial, you show up to defend your ex-best friend, Mark. The prosecutor begins by stating: "Mark has been accused of gang affiliation-" "OBJECTION!" You scream, as you point determinedly at the prosecutor. "Mark wasn't part of a gang!" "Sir, there are multiple witnesses including police officers who saw Mark clearly associating with several known gang members." "...Oh." This trial doesn't seem to be working out well for you or Mark. What should you do? A) Shoot the judge. Mark can't be found guilty if there's no one to find him guilty! B) Give up, who cares about Mark lol C) Lie, it's okay as long as you don't get caught, right? D) Accuse the prosecutor of an entirely unrelated crime
  13. I am taken aback by this suddenly very deep sentiment. Huh. Maybe you're right. And so, everyone became King of the Hill together, and they all lived happily ever after. The End. Unless, of course, someone starts this again and there's an epilogue. In which case, it's not The End. Oh, also, I'm totally King of the Hill.
  14. Oh. Am I supposed to do some more backstory? Alright, I guess. Nino sits, alone and afraid. He had been abandoned by his unnamed parents, because I'm too lazy to provide a name. One day, a skeleton walks up to him and gives him food. "Sans?" He asks. "Sans the skeleton?" "uh uh uh uh. uh uh uh uh uh." Sans replies, as he has no voice acting and the only noise he makes is a bunch of uhs, and text boxes don't appear in the real world. "You want me to claim a random hill in the middle of a grassy field?" "uh uh uh uh uh. uh uh uh uh uh uh uh. uh uh." "Thank you, Sans. I'll do it for you." "uh uh uh uh uh." Sans begins to walk away. "I'll never forget you, Sans the skeleton!" Cut to a few days ago, where Nino stands in front of the very same hill he spoke about with Sans all those days ago. On the hill stands a human. It appears some fighting must happen. Today, everyone stands together, grilling like villains. Because in a way, we all are villains. Causing unnecessary damage to the planet all because of one hill. As if the earth doesn't already have enough to deal with. I sit, munching on my steak, and think. "Why do I want to be King of the Hill? Hmm... I dunno. It's just pretty cool to call yourself King of the Hill, I guess." Rather anticlimactic answer, but that's it. "Which is why, Dayni, I am reclaiming my title as King of the Hill. If you don't forfeit the status to me..." A group of penguins assemble behind me. "I will have to use force." I am the Soon-to-be King of the Hill.
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