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  1. Mount death is a weakness of sorts. Building or terrain lock is another. The latter is cute if you make a droppable map event for demount that the enemies can use to take it. What keeps infantry relevant is the same thing that keeps standard equipment relevant, lack of funds and then losing the item. However spear and bow lock on flying units is most realistic reach wise as well as a potentially hefty hit penalty though a charge attack power buff is good too. The other draw back is the first in, first dead if the mount dies on a rush counter, have an extra hidden crit possibility for auto mount death as well as a normal hp bar and it gets ugly for the rider. Some random stuff I could go at length. It is not game breaking.
  2. Classifying long ranged tomes as heavy arcane in the some way a ballista is a heavy bow, put mildly, bow type is fair but I think a bow type with mount is as useful as they will ever get, I don't use archers due to their limitations so they say more range but the pay off isn't all that great. Mage all day block formation if you need. I think you there should just be a retrieve discarded item event added in and you can just go back and grab the mount. Like as though placed a treasure event yourself for AI notes? Kind of. Buying is a given as is movement and you can place them under the same life or death stipulation as chosen by the casual or classic setting. You could just give mounts type and weapon levels. Almost anyone can ride a normal horse but promotion unlocks a war horse of some kind of race horse type or the Wyverns or Gryphons or whatever. Using it as a promotion item seems kind of too easy.
  3. It depends on what engine you are installing the feature into and how the data handlers are aligned. In it's simplest form you can just make the horse a holdable stat change item for the attributes but it is crude, it is the imaginative element that matters here. Now if you make a slightly different Python engine for instance it is easy as hell to add a life bar for the horse along with, well, all kinds of things really. Free form as it is just data and light amounts of handling methods. You would just have to run the derived stat calculation after equip, hit eva etc. I got it working once.
  4. I am so down. I just found and downloaded Berwick saga and was playing it last night, I didn't realize someone had finally gotten around to completing it. I realized it has equipable horses and was a little less pleased with my efforts. I think it has a lot of great mechanics. Horses mercenaries repairing some good, well distributed skills though the level system is tedious. I don't like how noticeably worse the enemy portraits are but I do like how strong and numerous they are. Gallius on map three hit me at like the worst time and I love it. I only lived because I hit a lucky 20 point hit he ran back to the cave and used the Vulnerary and then I blocked him in and used pulverize. I was however mad that I couldn't mug the other dude for the swordbreaker, I wanted it so bad I cheated for it only to reread and realize you can't take rare items. I hoard them don't ask. I was never going to use it. Leon is Og. One of my faves. Death match every thing for the equip exp at least. If he dies he was too weak anyway. The ultimate engine I have in mind and outlined is way grittier and realistic than FE or Berwick but I would probably be the only way who plays it and making a game just to play it for yourself seems pointless. So I am chilling.
  5. Hey listen. I just wanted to say your engine seems kind of bulky at times but is sexy af. If you ever complete a full editor UI I will be proud as hell. You have no idea how long I wanted to see a python engine and then I found there was one. I haven't messed with code yet but I do read over it as I mull over what to do but I do like to rearrange the data and make do with the methods you have and it so good. I have ideas too but I won't tell you how to make your engine.
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