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  1. Xander? Sigurd? Who? Just kidding but Xander is nowhere near as popular as Micaiah (he's not in the top 20 since 2018) nor as important (the MCs of fates are Corrin and Azura). Sigurd is very popular but not as much as Micaiah and his son is already in. Yeah Robin, true, but we already have Chrom and Lucina.
  2. A very popular unit (Winner of CYL 3) of a game with almost no legendary (Only one for both Tellius games). This is long overdue, she's the only main character of a game who won CYL that don't have a legendary variant. I'm not complaining, I'm pointing out how weird this is, even winners of last year already got legendary alts. Since legendary Ike (January 2018) everyone is expecting her, but no sign of IS releasing her anytime soon. Why ? Well I have a theory, they're holding her for some reason and maybe, just maybe, because they're going to announce a remake of the Tellius games. I mean switch is the perfect platform for the only games released on non-portable devices, everyone knows Ike but no one played PoR and RD and they're the best FE games ! (Ok, maybe that's just me) What do you guys think?
  3. Thank you all for your warm welcome! Yeah I should buy more! We don't need anything to get on the hype train! I'm sure IS will outdo themselves for the next one. Thank you! I hope to!
  4. Hi everyone, I don't usually use forums but because of a non existent amount of fire emblem fans I meet in my life despite all my effort in turning all my super smash bros gamer friends into fire emblem fans with average results, I thought it would be a good idea to come here. I use Serenes forest for my playthrough since... I don't even remember. My first and favourite game is Radiant Dawn but only because of nostalgia as I easily acknowledge that Three houses or even Echoes are better games. I live in Japan right now and spend my days buying way too much cipher cards. I hope we can all share the hype for the next fire emblem game.
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