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  1. Did 35 summons on Latest banner cuz why not. Got another celica and Alm on the first try. Got 7 Wrys, 4 Stahls and 5 Sorens. Which is good my Soren is +5 lol. Got a bunch of other useless 3 stars. Then on the last summon I got Ayra.
  2. I found it the saddest because comparing Edelguard killing him to what person you turn him to by the end just shows the really kind of Person he is. Byleth is the person who brings Dimitri back. Without Byleth he just remains a crazy killer.
  3. Fallen Ike- +spd/-res fallen Lyon- +res/-def I’m happy I’m able to continue my journey to collect all the Ike units. I have all except FEH Pass. Too expensive for me lol. And I’m surprised I got them both on the same summon. I used my free summon and got ike and then summoned Lyon. I’m usually not this lucky
  4. I would love to talk Ike because we both value our friends. Chrom because we share a lot in common surprisingly and I think we would get along lol. And Mercedes because I want to have a hug and drink some tea while we converse about exploring the monastery lol
  5. After what seemed like 100,000,000 Wrys later... sorry for bad photo quality my phone required me to make the photo size smaller 🙄
  6. Sigurd and Seliph need an alt! I would love to see a Zelgius alt in his red armor I think it would be cool. Elena could be added like greil was. Mercedes would be amazing in a Valentine’s Day or any holiday event. Jill, Lyre and Rolf would be nice too but hopefully they get a base form before that.
  7. I follow play throughs and guides and am OK ish at it. Lol I am able to finish all the battles with a dwindles army. It seems hard to advance all my units together so they are all strong enough to stay alive the whole battle.
  8. This is my opinion of course. I believe it is the saddest. I’ve played through this path 3 times trying to find all the secrets so to speak. I noticed that you can end up with Dedue or without Dedue after the time skip which means either he’s dead or he’s not. Or he could still be alive but hiding somewhere. In the beginning of the time skip Dimitri is like a lifeless and dead person. He only cares for killing everyone who stands in his including his own friends and you. Which makes me sad that he let his emotions get him that far. Edelguard ends up with all her army killed by you or the Alliance if they are able to in certain battles. At the same time Black eagles was sad. I did not support her decisions at all and the second time I played through that I went with the church.
  9. My Ingrid and Felix has the highest support they could and got married. I’ve never had any other units get married besides the ones I married
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