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  1. New update downloadable: -a bug is chapter 18 has been solved, in particular, the game could previously softlock Spoilers about chapter 18
  2. New update downloadable: -we fixed a portrait that happened to be wrong If you see a unit that has a bleeding portrait as it's base portrait then it's a mistake, please report it to us if you see something similar.
  3. New update downloadable: -a few bugs have been fixed -some portraits have been changed Outside from this we encourage you to send us some feedback, especially if you didn't enjoy the hack. This after all is what the anonymous feedback form is for: https://forms.gle/sh1aMqrwimLrQVJN6 as much as we like to receive positive feedback, we think negative feedback is fundamental to improve the hack. To those who finished and appreciated the game we'd like you to join our discord, if you want, to talk about the game in an apposite channel, where we could ask for opinions about our ideas for part 2 (which we are going to start working on soon) and things we might want to change in part 1. Here is the like to the discord: https://discord.gg/CPmGuhK
  4. New update downloadable: -some bugs have been fixed We also want to remind you all that the level cap for promoted units is 30, so if this isn't the case please report it to us. Aside from this if any of you has a problem in their run, please contact us, wee might be able to find a way to solve it.
  5. New update downloadable: -Some portraits have been updated -Yna has been buffed -We fixed some wrong item descriptions, thank you for the feedback
  6. New update downloadable: -fixed a small problem in chapter 18 -other small problems (some balacning, some palette) have been fixed
  7. New update downloadable: -problem with promoted classes weapons level solved -some other minor bugs solved -the sensitive content previously added has been temporarily removed -we now added back the version without minimug, sorry for the inconvenience
  8. We encountered a problem where promoted classes take lower weapon ranks than we wanted (some that should have C have D instead), we'll solve this problem with the next patch. We also had another problem and for this reason the version without minimug is not downloadable right now, I'm sorry but for now we can't add it back in, we'll do it in a couple of days.
  9. Hey people, we wanted to bring this up since we recieved some feedback about this: We want to point out this hack shouls be considered suitable for +17 players/M rating. There's blood in this hack and even something more we added recently. In the near future, with the 1.1.0 version we'll also release a +13 version foe people who might be more sensitive or might feel this as out of place. The reason why we did this is mainly to make the player empathize and "feel bad" for the units who die. We'll release the pg 13 version as soon as we can.
  10. New update: -the whole maddening has been tested and all the problems we encountered solved There might still be some problems since we played it only once, so in case please report to us. From now we'll start working on 1.1.0 version.
  11. New update: -We tested Maddening mode up to chapter 19 -We inserted a dialogue in chapter 9 to give an explanation of the new merchant's abilities. If you haven't got to chapter 9 yet, then you should update, otherwise you could wait for the next patch. -We reworked the pegasus knights' portraits, thanks to the help of our new official spriter, Airavat, cheers!
  12. The MERCHANT PATCH is out people: We did some balancing for this patch, but the main new things are the new abilities the merchant has: the merchant now has the ability to position ballistae, buy and repaire weapons, all of this through paying money (these actions should give the mercant XPs). We didn't add yet the ability to call for reinforcement since it is something that needs a little bit more of thinking. Obviously it's very likely there will be bugs and things to fix, so if you want to download the new patch, do a backup first. If you see something weird, please report it to us. A special thanks to 7743 and Vesly for helping out Vivider with FEBuilder patches and with making the events work.
  13. New update is live: -Mddening has been test till chapter 18 -we fixed some problems with some characters Here are the charcaters -Polishing to some dialogues
  14. We created a tierlist template with FE Inheritance playable characters, here is it, in case you want to play with it a bit. Spoilers about characters!
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