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  1. We added a new version that is now downloadable, it's kind of experimental and it's done to start testing some things we'd like to include in the future updates, so we'll leave the earlier versions available. The new version might be, as a matter of fact, quite unstable, so if someone plays it we would like some feedback on how it works and its stability.
  2. A little update: we decided to create alternative versions of the most frustruting chapters of the game, which will remain playable like in the older version only in Maddening mode. In particular this patch affects chapter 4, as well as fixing bugs and various other minor problems. Maddening mode has been tested till chapter 8
  3. Update. From this moment, I am the only owner of the project and the only one responsible for it. A few months ago I accepted Vivider's (co-author of the hack) request to have the link and the post on the other forum deleted even if I didn't wanted to do it. Even if I think it wasn't necessary, this update removes most of the controversial content of the game and tones down a lot all the dark/edgy/whatever elements that were not important for the plot. The direction of the further updates will be the same. Also, now we added an in-game warning, stating the nature of the content that can be found in game. As I said, I would have not removed the download link, but still, Vivider insisted in not making a public re-release, but the link to the discord will work again. If you are interested in playing the game, you can find the download link in the discord. Also, as always, we will really appreciate some help to improve the writing. There is also a lot of space for inserting original writing, so, if you are interested, let us know. The update also brings changes to portraits, names, weapons, maps and balance. In particular: -Poison now deals 1+rand(0,2)+10% of the max health of the unit. A unit with 40 hp will take 5 base damage + a random number from 0 to 2 from poison damage. A unit with 50 hp will take 6 base damage + a random number from 0 to 2 from poison damage etc... This buff to poison damage is a nerf to bulky units and also allows us to nerf the stronger monsters that will now deal less damage and will carry more poison weapons instead of bows. -Maddening will be redesigned around enemies having a +20 hit rate in enemy turn and a different positioning, but that will come later on. Right now maddening mode will be almost unplayable, even more than in the previous patches.
  4. Actually it seems Pandan wasn't referreing to us. Anyway we are still discussing to decide what to do
  5. New Update: -One of Manfred's skills has been fixed -We previously forgot to restrict one deathquote to the +17 mode, so, especially if you are sensitive people playing the game in the base version you should update. That said, if any of you playing finds that something in the hack is offensive or in bad taste, we have no problems discussing about it, after all, the ANONYMOUS form was created mainly for negative feedback, rather than for positive one. We are happy for the compliments etc, but it's the negative feedback that allows to improve a project. If you have something to say, feel free to contact us in private or on discord, we are always happy to talk about the hack.
  6. Since someone was asking for it, Vivider decided to write short guide on how HE thinks the chapter could be beaten more easily. This is for the players who are really having difficulties, and please, do not use this guide unless you are stuck. On the contrary it could be interesting to read each chapter's note once beaten the said chapter. It all of course depend also on the units you have in your party, but this guide should contain information that works for everyone.
  7. New update downloadable: -we did some balancing (classes stats' caps and promotion gains) and some fixing with the weapons. Soon we are gonna work on version 1.1.0 and we'd need some play-testers. In case you're up for it contact us (possibly on the discord).
  8. New update downloadable: Mature Mode We decided not to create a separate mature version of the game, but simply to implement it as a separate mode. The game runs by default on the "Standard Mode". At the end of the prologue chapter the player is asked if they want to play on the "Mature Mode" and so to see the more mature/disturbing elements of the hack. The player can switch mode at will at any chapter, the same way you can modify the difficulty. To modify them, you have to hold select at the start of the chapter (when the title of the chapter happears) In case you already started the game but you want to play it in the mature version, you just need to update and the do the same process to activate the mature mode.
  9. New updated downloadable: -The update mainly addresses a possible softlock of a cutscene in chapter 3. -A couple of portraits have also been updated, as well as other minor things. Some gameplay tips that will be added to the main post:
  10. New update downloadable: In the folder you can find both 1.0.34 and 1.0.35. The former solves a problem with a possible softlock in chapter 14 and a few other little things; the latter introduces a new spell, Dark Spikes, by SHYUTERz, but we haven't tested it much, so there might be bugs cause by it, but we can't be sure. In case you find something, please report it to us. Spoilers on Dark Spike:
  11. New update downloadable: -a bug is chapter 18 has been solved, in particular, the game could previously softlock Spoilers about chapter 18
  12. New update downloadable: -we fixed a portrait that happened to be wrong If you see a unit that has a bleeding portrait as it's base portrait then it's a mistake, please report it to us if you see something similar.
  13. New update downloadable: -a few bugs have been fixed -some portraits have been changed Outside from this we encourage you to send us some feedback, especially if you didn't enjoy the hack. This after all is what the anonymous feedback form is for: https://forms.gle/sh1aMqrwimLrQVJN6 as much as we like to receive positive feedback, we think negative feedback is fundamental to improve the hack. To those who finished and appreciated the game we'd like you to join our discord, if you want, to talk about the game in an apposite channel, where we could ask for opinions about our ideas for part 2 (which we are going to start working on soon) and things we might want to change in part 1. Here is the like to the discord: https://discord.gg/CPmGuhK
  14. New update downloadable: -some bugs have been fixed We also want to remind you all that the level cap for promoted units is 30, so if this isn't the case please report it to us. Aside from this if any of you has a problem in their run, please contact us, wee might be able to find a way to solve it.
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