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  1. We just uploaded a new version to fix a problem in chapter 3. It could happen that, once finished the chapter, the game would change difficulty to maddening. I hope this problem is now solved. Anyway, check the color of the save, if it's in maddening (color red), you can bring back the difficulty to to hard/normal by keeping pressed the select button at the beginning of a chapter.
  2. Surely not soon. Making the second part requires support, we have less time to dedicate to the project than what we had when we were working on the first part. We will continue to update.
  3. A reminder. We always seek out people willing to help us with the writing, if you are interested please tell us, a lot of liberty would be given. End-of-the-month news. We have decided to make a series of big changes, this will delay the public rerelease since we have to implement the changes and do a full playtest. If you have already beaten the game, we would appreciate a feedback about the changes we are planning. Most of them are already implemented but we need to test most of the game. Major planned changes: -Bows hit rate scaling on distance. For every tile of distance after 2, the bows will lose 10% hit rate. -Luck/2 will be added to base hit rate. This should help the player units that early game struggle at hitting enemies and it should also help the enemy units that in end game struggle at hitting player units. -Weapon range changes. Longbows will only have 5 range but they will be more precise. All thunder magic will have 3-5 range while hail and meteor will be standard siege tomes. -Major Skills rework: -Nihil will only negate proc skills. -Proc skills will be nerfed to be useful but to not be granted kills. -Less useful skills will be rebalanced to have a more significant impact in the game. -Given the fact that a lot of skill will be more useful, many units will not receive as many skills as now, since those will be already good enough. -Updating the skillsystem will allow us to insert a lot more new useful skills in the game, this opens a lot of space for expansion of the game, so we would like to make some extra chapters and new units. Your feedback is important, please remember we have our anonymous form. Otherwise you can discuss everything you want directly with us on discord.
  4. End month update. We decided to lock the new mechanics exclusively to maddening mode for now. This update mainly fixes bugs and balance in maddening mode, in particular, some chapters felt too easy and needed fixes. Our writing speed it too slow as for now, so, we plan to add all the remaining base camps without dialogues in the next update. That, together with finishing to test the maddening, would make the gameplay close to what the definitive thing will be, and that will permit a re-release probably. Your help with the testing would be appreciated.
  5. Hello. We need your .sav or a savestate to check the problem and we need to know the version of the game you are playing on. You can find your .sav in the same folder where you have the rom. Also, we would prefer you to send the files and discuss the problem on the discord server, if it's not a problem for you, it's easier for us.
  6. We decided to add a few new things that may change the game quite a bit. There are heavy spoilers so, read it only if you are past chapter 5.
  7. Since we are changing many things in the hack, with new frequent update and new things added to the game, we preferred to do so in a more controlled environment. We also hoped that making people use a dedicated discord server would have brought in the people interested in the project and therefore incentivize them to give us feedback.
  8. New update: This update adds the base camp for chapter 3 and changes the portraits of some playable characters.
  9. Update: This update is released now because it should finally fix a bug that continued to re-emerge from patch to patch in chapters 1 and 8. In addition to that, this update adds the first of the Base Camp chapters. (Of 13 scheduled). The base camps will be optional chapters in which we will put some text to characterize the characters, which would be very annoying in a normal chapter. In the base camp chapters it will be possible to obtain rewards which, of course, will simplify the game a bit. Within these chapters we also intend to add some random shops in which rare items will be sold, restarting the chapter will not reset the shop. These chapters will use SME's free movement patch, the controls are quite intuitive and for now there is no tutorial. To interact with the objects on the map just get close and press A, to visit one tent you have to go in front of it. We thank Airavat very much for helping with proofreading the dialogues. In addition, in he base game many playable characters are generic fillers and we've never felt the need to characterize them as we didn't think we had the space to give them a full characterization and in our eyes having "Dorcas taken directly from FE7" or "Adrian, recolor of a F2U portrait" is the same thing. Things change, however, with the introduction of base camps, in which each character can have his space (and that would be our intention). This is why we have begun replacing generic characters and intend to replace them all. As an indication, we plan to publicly re-release the hack once the base camps are complete and we have fully tested the maddening. The best way to help is to give us feedback on the stability of the hack, report any bugs and, if someone is available, help us with proofreading or directly with writing (on which we leave a lot of freedom).
  10. We added a new version that is now downloadable, it's kind of experimental and it's done to start testing some things we'd like to include in the future updates, so we'll leave the earlier versions available. The new version might be, as a matter of fact, quite unstable, so if someone plays it we would like some feedback on how it works and its stability.
  11. A little update: we decided to create alternative versions of the most frustruting chapters of the game, which will remain playable like in the older version only in Maddening mode. In particular this patch affects chapter 4, as well as fixing bugs and various other minor problems. Maddening mode has been tested till chapter 8
  12. Update. From this moment, I am the only owner of the project and the only one responsible for it. A few months ago I accepted Vivider's (co-author of the hack) request to have the link and the post on the other forum deleted even if I didn't wanted to do it. Even if I think it wasn't necessary, this update removes most of the controversial content of the game and tones down a lot all the dark/edgy/whatever elements that were not important for the plot. The direction of the further updates will be the same. Also, now we added an in-game warning, stating the nature of the content that can be found in game. As I said, I would have not removed the download link, but still, Vivider insisted in not making a public re-release, but the link to the discord will work again. If you are interested in playing the game, you can find the download link in the discord. Also, as always, we will really appreciate some help to improve the writing. There is also a lot of space for inserting original writing, so, if you are interested, let us know. The update also brings changes to portraits, names, weapons, maps and balance. In particular: -Poison now deals 1+rand(0,2)+10% of the max health of the unit. A unit with 40 hp will take 5 base damage + a random number from 0 to 2 from poison damage. A unit with 50 hp will take 6 base damage + a random number from 0 to 2 from poison damage etc... This buff to poison damage is a nerf to bulky units and also allows us to nerf the stronger monsters that will now deal less damage and will carry more poison weapons instead of bows. -Maddening will be redesigned around enemies having a +20 hit rate in enemy turn and a different positioning, but that will come later on. Right now maddening mode will be almost unplayable, even more than in the previous patches.
  13. Actually it seems Pandan wasn't referreing to us. Anyway we are still discussing to decide what to do
  14. New Update: -One of Manfred's skills has been fixed -We previously forgot to restrict one deathquote to the +17 mode, so, especially if you are sensitive people playing the game in the base version you should update. That said, if any of you playing finds that something in the hack is offensive or in bad taste, we have no problems discussing about it, after all, the ANONYMOUS form was created mainly for negative feedback, rather than for positive one. We are happy for the compliments etc, but it's the negative feedback that allows to improve a project. If you have something to say, feel free to contact us in private or on discord, we are always happy to talk about the hack.
  15. Since someone was asking for it, Vivider decided to write short guide on how HE thinks the chapter could be beaten more easily. This is for the players who are really having difficulties, and please, do not use this guide unless you are stuck. On the contrary it could be interesting to read each chapter's note once beaten the said chapter. It all of course depend also on the units you have in your party, but this guide should contain information that works for everyone.
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