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  1. Looking at Twitter, Seliph went from 4th place to first while Chrom went from first to a distance second, with Felix climbing. i can’t say anything until we can look At first hour votes but as it stands, Chrom could end up being the first person to ever go from 1-3
  2. 4th vote for Chrom. He is losing support fast, it seems, but he still has a very narrow lead online. Doesn't mean that will be reflected in real votes so I am not going to jump ship. Anyway the worst pat about CYL being so early is that the wait until the Feb 1st FEH channel is going to feel like forever and be so stressful.
  3. I wasn't a fan of Lon'qu with Olivia, as I don't think they will really be helpful for each other. But the others I do think are pretty good, just nothing that really stuck with me. For Sumia, I like the ones you said for a happy ending, I like Gaius for more tragic playthroughs, because truth is he doesn't really want to change and she is so straight laced that I think there is a bit of a tragic twist there that Sumia doesn't deserve, but is so rare in FE that I felt it would be refreshing to sometimes have those in a playthrough, so that one stuck with me the most. As for canon, there isn't a strict canon in Awakening, but there is a soft/spin off canon in heroes (Inigo references the sibling support, Morgan insinuates he and Lucina are not siblings), Warriors (Love's many forms pairs Chrom and Olivia, their history mode which is said to be canon used Chrom/Olivia's supports), and Fates (Inigo makes references to Lucina sibling supports, and compares himself to Chrom and Lucina while his Awakening supports compare himself to his father and Lucina.) Now the reason for that is just because the original polls placed Chrom/Olivia in the top 10 FE pairings. The only other Chrom ship that ranked was Chrom/Female Robin; but that is true of every Lord/Avatar side kick duo, they are always the most popular. So when IS does anything related to chrom's children is usually uses Olivia because is the only other one that ranked. You can give Chrom a soft canon, but you can't give that to Robin as it would "canonize" a gender and love interest for the unit that players re meant to have agency over. But Chrom is a set character with a set story. I mean, Eliwood/Ninian never got actually canonized either, but Cipher has had implications that the two were together. Chrom and Olivia will never be That level, but they do presently have the most nods. That is all they are, nods. I wouldn't actually debate that they are or ever will be made fully canon, and any day now Heroes could give a Cynthia, Brady, or Kjelle who has dialogue relating to Lucina's sibling supports.
  4. I am not too worried about Chrom's weapon if he ever does win. He has lances as you mentioned, and in Warriors which is non canon but was built around him, he gets lightning based lances. He may use some sort of Dragon's breathe like Lance that is made of lightning and attacks the weaker of Def or Res (Chrom was Naga;s chosen Before he performed the awakening) He could use Emm's staff, or a new weapon out of nowhere (hopefully not as CYL is a celebration and should be grounded in the character) But even if he is a Falchion user, which maybe maybe not it could go either way, I think he would use the awakened falchion, it isn't in heroes yet but it is the last Opus you get in warriors, and is in the end few chapters of the game (performs the awakening, becomes the awakener, sword glows Orange) Don't know what it would do for gameplay but at least the artwork would be very visually distinct from any other Falchion.
  5. Nino is a recurring top 20 so at least she’s getting some traction. I think she will be back in there! But I do think Hilda will win with golden deer fans now leaving Marianne. as for Chrom’s competition you hit exactly why I think this isn’t his year. Though I think Ashe will drop at least somewhat, and Robin as never actually been competition for Chrom. He sits in the top 10 and has been by Chrom in rank but never really near him in vote count, I think it’s partially because most Robin fans like Chrom too and may vote for him, but many Chrom fans aren’t Robin fans so they don’t vote for Robin. And lastly…yes. You’re completely right about GK I think a big portion comes from memes. Maybe it came from memes and blossomed into a true fandom, but regardless I think this will lead to more memes in the top 10.
  6. Absolutely a large part of it is. and there’s genuine GK love not saying it’s all a joke but… gatekeeper has proven memes can win when Reinhardt couldn’t. Is Reinhardt the next big meme? He tried but failed but maybe he gets his second wins. Maybe Abysskeeper, or Brigand boss. The reason I think it’s different this time, is that the meme community has proven their power and if any of those memes make it into the top 10, there’s a big change they’ll take 1st place. 2nd place is open, but between M Byleth being made into a secondary unit in his duo, while f Byleth got to lead, that’ll get his fans riled up. Then Felix who got no attention, surely that won’t go over well. Chrom still got 20k votes and while some came from spite voting and may leave, not all of it did a lot was genuine. So does he have a chance? well Seliph got no attention this year, and Seliph went from 15 to 6 so back to 15 is likely. Does that all come from Chrom? Who can really say. Marth fans are likely splitting. Some to Chrom, some to Tiki and Caeda, and some to other legacy characters like Seliph. It’s impossible to track, but it’s way too soon to say Chrom has it in the bag and unfortunately his fanbase on Twitter at least is acting like he does which puts him in a really tough spot going forward.
  7. I feel like those would split between Ashe and Hilda more than any other 3H characters. Maybe some still go to characters like Felix. He did go down in votes so those may come back with a vengeance. but almost all 3H characters went down, while GK had a lot. That’s why I think it correlates but that may not be the case.
  8. Chrom- Awakener, awakened Falchion and his great lord costume. Risen king/fallen. But if they just put purple smoke behind base Chrom and call it a day I don’t want it. Robin- Grandmaster. M or F, but I don’t need both personally. Use levin sword that I guess just attacks their resistance instead of defense corrin-Valleite noble design from cipher for F, Hoshidan noble for M. Also no Corrins use Magic/Healing which is what separates Hoshidan and Nohrian so maybe use those weapons. Olivia-the promotion outfit from warriors. Non canon but looks cool and I don’t see why not. Dimitri-Lord class. His animations were clean in the base Lord class, but maybe use swords because we don’t need young Dimitri with infantry Lance and swords are Dimitri’s secondary anyway. Edward-I’m feeling he will be added as a seasonal unit but I want his base costume and his true blade costume those are the ones I’m pining for, other than some post TS alts but I feel those are coming this year now that every pre ts student is in.
  9. Yeah but I never said a vast majority. My worry is that if he goes down due to that, then gatekeeper votes tend to stay in three houses and give their attention to Byleth and Felix, plus Felix gets rallied due to no alts, it may add up to be enough to take Chrom down.
  10. Not great reason, but there was a lot of Anti-GK rallying. Some vote from Byleth, some from Felix, Robin, and Seliph. All of it adds up. Sure Chrom was ahead of them anyway, hence why they went to him not the other way around...but Felix hasn't gotten an alt at all this year so there is also that plus the votes returning to the pool from GK, that is what has me nervous. We saw All jump from 18k to 62k in one year, after celica won, so it is very likely Felix and/or byleth make the same jump. chrom also tends to go up and down in votes, so he may not actually make it to 35 again. I’ll admit I’m partially pessimistic but I think 6 may be out year of Chrom fans leaving team Chrom, thinking we have it in the bag and voting their next guy. Then 7 is our wake up call but by then there’s a new remake , and then a new game… this being Chrom’s last chance just had me stressed and maybe it’s got me pessimistic.
  11. It may not even be anything against gatekeeper, just a special thing for the 5th ever CYL
  12. Ah so CYL6 is what will really tell us. I guess if it was an every time thing they’d revamp old 2nd place winners okay then! I aim for first and second is a consolation prize even though tbh I think Chrom will be 3rd anyway
  13. I am really casual so I may sounds dumb but after CYL5 when they both got a preferred skill, is there an issue with being 2nd? Seems like it is fine other than pride for me. I am going Chrom all 7 no matter what because I think a lot of Chrom fans are dropping off due to him having a heavy lead in 5, but I don't want to risk it. So it won't change my votes I am just asking out of curiosity.
  14. I will as always be voting Chrom, with maybe a vote to spare for Olivia just so they are in the barracks together, even though I know they won't win together. Honestly I have my doubts Chrom will even win. People talk like he is a guarantee due to his large lead but... Seliph didn't get an alt this year except the secondary character in a harmonic. Felix didn't get anything at all. M Byleth was the sec nondairy in a duo while F Byleth led, which may hurt his fans and cause a rally. Meanwhile Chrom got a resplendent But at the same time, Chrom grew in 20k votes from CYL4 so he seems like a lock...except twitter trends pointed that his votes were mostly from an uptick of Seliph fans voting for Chrom to "beat" GK and they failed. Those votes are going back to Seliph, and gatekeeper votes are going to Felix or Byleth, or others but almost never Chrom. So Chrom is going down in votes while his three biggest competitors are going up. Add on that Chrom fans are talking like him winning is a lock, and at the end of the day I am not sold that he will win this one. Maybe 7, but by then there will be a new Echoes game, announced if not released (hopefully) and the CYL will go to characters from that game. Even if it is just an announcement, you can still vote characters from it since they are remakes. So I am voting Chrom, but I don't think he has the biggest chances of winning. I think he may stay in third place, maybe return to fourth like 1,3 and 4
  15. I like a good pattern but I also think Janurary being the last book OC’s is the most inoffensive just for CYL. If Chrom/Felix/Byleth/Seliph got their alt in the New Years banner 3 weeks before voting, they’d be screwed. (Male front runners) giving it to the heroes characters who are very unlikely to win doesn’t risk that. though there is still the new heroes banner and the other janurary seasonal, either of those could kill one of their chances. But still this makes it 2 chances not 3 I guess.
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