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  1. Haha yeah an actual title should reference the Commander Shepard/Shepherd conundrum, really I was just thinking of that and how similar as characters Chrom is to Commander Shepard (paragon, at least) so I put Chrom in the Mass Effect universe and Shepard in the Fire Emblem universe.
  2. So I know it’s still FE related but it’s also...not? So I didn’t wanna put it in another thread. I’m thinking one title for each ‘universe’ Anyway let me know if you get all the little jokes in there!
  3. Oh maybe. I figured heroes was fine for all FE characters. I considered adding a “vote Chrom cyl5” but wasn’t sure if that’s allowed here
  4. I have been hard at work, commissioning several artists for their work for fire emblem pieces that would really make my day. my I have gathered them here to be enjoyed by everyone. some were commissioned for me, others were by me, one was by me for a friend. All artists agreed to me spreading this album, and feel free to continue sharing any art! the last one I posted is part of a 2 part crossover gag. If you like that one, please stick around, part 2 is coming soon!
  5. just because I’m a sucker for ChrOlivia this is by Admikaart
  6. Thanks for moving it for me and thanks! many writing doesn’t break site rules, it’s pretty tame. But if I write it I’ll likely post it on a site dedicated to writing. However I’d share the first chapter here in case it did create interest, I wouldn’t do it for following chapters most likely.
  7. Writing. televised is because it would be written more for how TV functions than for how books function.
  8. Interest check. I don’t want to write if nobody cares, since if nobody cares I can just think of the story myself.
  9. Basically a televised retelling of awakening that would be episodic and basically tell the story chapter by chapter but extrapolate. It would add detail that is implied from supports, but it would be mixed in with extra things that aren’t canon just to fill content (since some chapters are basically filler) there would also be a non canon adjacent telling of the future timeline before the kids come back, so each chapter or “episode” is half of each storyline I would also include some Original Characters to strongly five the feeling that I’m not canonizing anything as this is an alternative telling. But they’d be members of the army, not the main characters. is this something you’d read, or anyone would be interested in? Awakening is old so I’m not sure if anyone would care. i also know others have done similar things but I do think it will be easy to differentiate for a variety of reasons, it’ll all come down to writing and whether mine can hold peoples attention.
  10. Thank you! I should have waited a day before releasing it for his birthday but I was excited
  11. It’s weird that Chrom has so many cards, is the main character of FE13, got one of the first Cipher decks... and yet he doesn’t have an HR IS is hard to predict
  12. That makes a lot of sense to me. When I was saying robin often defaults to male I meant most awakening comics use male (not all though) and warriors used male as well. But heroes gave female more alts plus the legendary hero.
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