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  1. Ah, that's an interesting take! Makes a lot more sense imo than Byleth suddenly becoming Cyril/Catherine post-timeskip and fits right in with VW's theme of seeking the truth. I still think the sheer number of times she talks about Rhea is a bit excessive though. They should've dialed it back at least for VW.
  2. They work together for the same reason Edelgard allies with TWSITD and then wipes them off the map once Rhea's dealt with. Claude and Rhea may not see eye to eye idealogically, but they have a common enemy in Edelgard and then TWSITD. They can settle their own issues once those two are out of the way, but until then it benefits them both to work together despite their differences. VW is a bit unclear on what happens to Rhea, she just sorta disappears after her Seiros/Immaculate One info dump speech. But if the javelins of light are enough to trigger her dragon madness on SS, it makes no sense why they don't on VW when the exact same thing happens. Least justified boss fight or not, it's still a huge plot hole. But again, these are just my thoughts. VW definitely needed a better final boss than the one we got.
  3. This alone would've been a massive improvement on so many levels. Nemesis definitely looks like a fun fight from what I saw, but he comes completely out of left field and makes zero sense thematically. I'm not even sure why TWSITD cloned/zombified/whatever'd Nemesis to begin with, considering their original plan was to use Edelgard as their "new Nemesis". They brought back Nemesis when that plan blew up in their faces I guess? lol Rhea makes much better sense as Claude's final boss, as she represents the corrupt system and the failing leadership of old that stands in the way of Claude's dream for the future. Not to mention a three way final battle with Thales, TWSITD mechs and the Immaculate One all after your head would be badass. Agreed. I don't even get that complaint about CF, tbh. Hubert tells us in his paralogue that TWSITD will be dealt with in secret through assassinations, not typical FE battles. Which makes perfect sense as it doesn't hurt Edelgard's reputation as a leader the way another war would. CF didn't need four extra chapters about putting poison in Thales's diet Sprite.
  4. Thanks everyone for your thoughts! :) Glad to hear I'm not the only one who felt let down by VW. I'm still playing with the idea of giving it a try and making the best of it hopefully, but yeah... so many things they could've done better. That sounds like a very interesting idea, @Sooks1016. I'd much rather have that VW, where the Alliance and Almyra take center stage, than the one we got. Something that breaks away from the other routes and tells Claude's own story, separate from Dimitri and Edelgard's war.
  5. ...this route feels like such a letdown, especially compared to Azure Moon and Crimson Flower. I decided to watch a playthrough of the route to see if I'd like it before trying it myself, but in all honesty, I can't really say that I do. Claude's such an interesting, more "off the beaten path" lord character, and so I was hoping to see his route reflect that and take the story in a different direction. But in the end, there's just too many places where it wastes perfectly good story potential in favor of the tried and true. Which, ironically, doesn't ring as true on Verdant Wind. Judith not being recruitable sticks out like a sore thumb when AM and CF give us Gilbert and Jeritza as route-exclusive characters and VW gives us nobody. She's in all the cutscenes and she plays an important part in the story, but for no reason at all, she isn't playable. They could have patched her in just like they did with Jeritza, but instead they chose not to. VW was also the perfect chance to have some story chapters centered on Alliance relations and politics, like the conflict between House Reigan and Houses Gloucester and Ordelia. It would've been interesting to see a more fleshed-out clash of ideals between these houses, especially considering House Ordelia's connection to TWSITD, the fact that the Church hired Tomas by their recommendation and Lysithea's personal history with them. It feels like the Alliance had so many unique things it could've added to the story that just got overlooked in favor of the standard "kill the other two lords and then final boss" routine, which comes across weaker on VW than it did on AM and CF because Claude isn't as personally involved in the Kingdom/Empire war as Edelgard and Dimitri are. What goes with this is the fact that VW still uses Garreg Mach as home base, when there's really no reason it couldn't have been Derdriu. Dimitri had to use Garreg Mach on AM because Cornelia had taken over Fhirdiad. And Edelgard had to stay in Garreg Mach on CF to keep Rhea from taking it back. There's nothing actively keeping Claude away from Derdriu on VW except for Garreg Mach's strategic advantage of being at the center of Fodlan, which never bears any weight on the actual plot. And with so much civil unrest going on in the Alliance, leaving Derdriu probably isn't such a good idea either. Dimitri's death feels like it was tacked on as an afterthought. No proper death scene, no final words, not even a cutscene still, but just a passing mention from Hilda that he died is such a disrespectful way to kill off a main lord character. At least CF gave him an on-screen death and some parting words with Dedue. The relationship between Claude and the Church also felt very awkward. Claude talks about how he's against the teachings of the Church and disapproves of Rhea's actions, but this budding conflict never comes to a head, even when their common enemy is gone. Which makes no sense, as Claude's goal is all about breaking down the traditions of old, which Rhea all but personifies. It feels like the main antagonists of the route should have been Rhea and TWSITD, the two lingering specters of Fodlan's bloody past. With Rhea as the final boss after Thales (just like on Silver Snow) instead of a shoehorned Nemesis fight. Or the final stage could've been a three-way battle between the Alliance, berserk dragon mode Rhea and TWSITD, where both Rhea and Thales (or Nemesis but with better foreshadowing) need to be taken down to usher in a new dawn for Fodlan. All the Rhea shilling, especially in Byleth's dialogue choices and the final two chapters, just comes off as very out of place in Claude's route. Byleth has no reason to be as attached to her as she is in VW, and by the end it really starts to take away from Claude's story. It almost feels like something out of SS that they forgot to change when they copypasted it over to VW. Last but not least, and probably my biggest gripe about VW, Byleth is never given the chance to grow and become her (just gonna use she/her for simplicity's sake) own person on this route. On CF, she rebels against the Church and becomes a revolutionary, the exact opposite of what Rhea was grooming her to be. In the end, she even sacrifices her divinity for Edelgard's cause and returns to her old human self. On AM, where Rhea's completely out of the picture, Byleth cuts her own path with Dimitri by her side and fulfills her "destiny" in her own way, separate from Rhea's ambitions. On VW, she's basically there as Claude's holy good luck charm for the whole route. And then in the last two chapters, she just sucks it up and becomes exactly what Rhea wanted all along. No longer Byleth, no longer Jeralt's daughter, just the wielder of the Sword of the Creator and nothing more. Exactly what Leonie reminded her never to become back in chapter 11. This just felt like such a downer ending for her, especially after she'd experienced so much with her Golden Deer friends. Anyway, I apologize for the rant. I just wanna say that I haven't completely written off playing Claude's route, I just feel like there's was a lot of potential there for a truly unique take on the story. And I found it disappointing that for the most part they simply cloned SS and called it a day. Claude and the Golden Deer deserved better, imo.
  6. Maybe "homeland" is the right word then? I know nationality's more of a modern term but I was stuck for a word. What I was trying to say was that it's based on where he's from, not any racial characteristics like language, culture, etc.
  7. That's a fair take, honestly. The only thing I'd really disagree with is that her prejudice is based off race/ethnicity. I'd say it's nationality more than anything. I guess in the end though what it comes down to is where each of us draw the boundaries of racism. I personally feel that Ingrid, while clearly in the wrong with her treatment of Dedue, was in something of a sympathetic "grey" area compared to the outright "evil" of racism. And that's why she seems able to learn and grow past her prejudice instead of slowly becoming someone like Thales. But again, it's all a matter of opinion. I know this is a topic that not everybody agrees on, and I'm glad we could discuss it civilly without any accusations or caps lock. As for Lysithea, yeah I kinda get why some people find her annoying. I don't really take her snark all that seriously, so I can laugh at most of it. But I can see why she's not everyone's cup of tea.
  8. Okay, I just did Dedue's paralogue today out of curiosity and it does look like the Duscur soldiers are darker skinned. But you're completely wrong to say that my entire argument is rooted in that. I made several points in my earlier post that you either misinterpreted or flat-out ignored. Like this. When did I ever say that racism towards Almyra or Duscur is impossible because they're also countries? Never, that's when. I said that Ingrid's prejudice is based on the country's actions, not racial or cultural identity. The only time I brought up Almyra was when you were talking about Duscur being a "clear allegory for racism", when aside from a few throwaway remarks from nameless NPCs, that's simply not the case like it is for Almyra. Duscur's mentioned more times than not in reference to the Tragedy and nothing else. You just contradicted yourself here. By saying it's understandable, you're admitting that it's not blind hatred. It can't be both. You... seem genuinely confused about what racism actually means. You're describing prejudice, which is a much broader and varied thing, and calling it racism. You're the one thinking in black and white here. Prejudice that's rooted in something like anger, grief or pain isn't racism because, well, it's rooted in anger, grief or pain. There's a legitimate reason behind it that isn't race. It still isn't right, but it's not blind, unfounded hatred. And that's why it's so much more easily overcome than racism. I mean, if Ingrid was truly racist deep down, do you really think a few conversations with Dedue were gonna somehow "cure" her? I certainly don't. That's a completely unrealistic expectation.
  9. I only meant "wrong" in the sense that blaming people like Dedue (who clearly don't condone the Tragedy) isn't exactly fair. It makes perfect sense why she did, but it wasn't the right thing to do. But that doesn't make her a bad person at all. Ingrid's one of my favorite characters in no small part because of her kindness and loyalty. And like the kindhearted person she is, she realizes her mistake and apologises. @haarhaarhaar I get what you mean about Ingrid's treatment of Dedue. But that's still not tied to race in any way. You're right, racism is just a specific type of prejudice. But "racism" can't be used as a blanket term for prejudice. Especially in cases where, unlike racism, someone's prejudice isn't unfounded. Ingrid's treatment of Dedue was simply a case of misplaced anger over something his country did that affected her. That's why it's so easily resolved. If racism was really the root of Ingird's anger, Dedue's words would've meant nothing to her because she'd never have listened to him. But that's a completely separate topic I'd rather not dive into here. It seems we both have different opinions on the way Ingrid acted, so it's probably best to just leave it at that.
  10. This is exactly what makes Ingrid wrong in directing her anger at all of Duscur. But there's no proof that she uses race (by any definition) as part of her reasoning, so racism is out of the question. But not a country's actions. That's because actions are something that can, well, legitimately piss people off without it falling under the umbrella of racism. Ethnicity, cluture, religion etc are all incredibly petty "just because" reasons to hate a country or its people because those are all part of a culture's identity. It's what they are. Actions, like the Tragedy of Duscur, are what the country did. Ingrid's anger towards Duscur and its people is purely over what they did. The attributes that make up race have no influence over her feelings. Where she goes wrong is in blaming the entire country for the Tragedy, which like you said was in part because that's what the majority of Faerghus believed to be true. In her supports with Dedue, she realizes that she was wrong to think this way and corrects herself. A true racist who hates based on identity, not actions, is less likely to own up to their crooked beliefs. Exactly. Prejudiced would be a fair way to describe her.
  11. Except that's literally not what racism is. Ingrid's anger towards the people of Duscur isn't based on race, it's based on the country's actions. That's why she phrases it "people of Duscur". Hell, we don't even know enough about Duscur to call it a race. Dedue's the only person from Duscur we actually see. It could've been home to any number of ethnicities. I mean, if you say "people of America" or "people of England", there's no way you can be talking about one specific race. Islam is a religion, not a race. That comparison isn't exactly helping your argument. Where are you getting this? The entirety of Duscur was just a plot device meant to give the Blue Lions a tragic backstory and fuel Dimitri's hatred towards Edelgard. Other than that, Duscur amounts to squat in the actual story. Like I said before, we don't even get to see Duscur or any of its people besides Dedue. Are you sure you're not thinking of Almyra, which I'll admit is a pretty clear Mexican border allegory? I never said Ingrid's anger towards Duscur was justified or right, I said it was understandable. She's not hating blindly, that's the point. There's a clear reason behind her feelings, and it's not petty racism or "them's not from 'round deez parts", it's a tragedy that caused her personal loss and suffering. A tragedy that, as far as she (and most people in Faerghus) knows, the people of Duscur were directly responsible for. So yes, maybe in her anger and grief she convinced herself that Duscur deserved its punishment. After all, if it wasn't for their actions, her beloved Glenn would still be with her. It makes perfect sense that Duscur made its lasting impresson on her as a nation of heartless killers above all else. I mean, think about how someone who lost a loved one in WW2 would've thought about Germany after the war ended. It's the same exact feeling. And it's perfectly understandable. It isn't right, but it's a far-cry from the blind hatred of racism. And like you said, she learns to let go of her anger through her supports with Dedue. The truly racist characters (like TWSITD) die, as they should.
  12. She's not exactly "racist" like a lot of people say. She holds a grudge against Duscur as a country purely because of the Tragedy, which led to the death of her fiancé Glenn and nearly killed her best friend Dimitri too. Her anger's totally understandable, but naturally makes things uncomfortable between her and Dedue at first. As far as actual race goes though, she doesn't really care. The whole "Ingrid is racist" thing was started as a joke because of Dedue's dark skin (like the "Dimitri murders woman" meme), but some people took it a bit too seriously. This is basically a spot-on description of Dimitri for me lol
  13. If you're not already pairing her with Hanneman, I'd say Lysithea just to make sure her twin crests are cured. As a side note...
  14. I don't recall ever mentioning Sylvain's attractiveness. I'm starting to think you really can't read lol Yeah, this couldn't be a more obvious troll post. Everyone else already spelled out why this is a fresh load of crap, so... enjoy the ingore list, amigo!
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