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  1. I think you did an excellent job with both, the story's coming along great and you've really captured Lysithea's personality. Not even three Death Knights can get her to back down, that's Lyssie for sure! One thing I did notice was a few small typos in the dialogue, but other than that it looks like you're set for the prologue.
  2. No problem 🙂 It's fun to try out different builds in 3H since there's just so much you can do with each character. I'm playing through CF right now with a completely magic-based Edelgard and she's surprisingly good.
  3. The main draw of brawling on fast units like Guyleth and Yuri isn't really to help them double, it's that brawling classes have so much more to offer compared to sword classes that you just get a better deal overall with a brawling build. Especially when things like Killer Knuckles exist. Brawl Avo +20 being a mastery skill that anyone can get (as opposed to Sword Avo being locked to your dancer) certainly helps too. That said though, there's certainly nothing wrong with sword builds. It definitely sounds like you've got a nice setup there with your magic Byleth idea. Now that you mention it, I think I might try something similar on my next run. Maybe a War Cleric build to shake things up from my usual Falcon Knight.
  4. I always got the impression that Cornelia was just... Cornelia. The real deal, not killed and replaced. As for why she isn't grey like the other Agarthans, either she made herself look "normal" to fit in or she's not Agarthan at all, just some opportunistic prick who saw working with them as an excuse to raise some hell in the Kingdom.
  5. Ah, you're right, that was my mistake. For some reason I thought he randomly sold Agarthium sometimes. Nowhere online seems to mention him selling it at all though, so I'm probably just remembering wrong.
  6. Y'know, that's a fair enough take. However, I think it still makes sense that to get more uses out of Aymr, you need to defeat a challenging enemy. The game shouldn't just give away Agarthium for free. But Raging Storm's such an incredibly useful CA, that it's worth the trouble of getting more Agarthium. My point to Shadow Mir was that he can't rag on Raging Storm's limited uses if he's not willing to put the work in to get more.
  7. What's so wrong with that? She's the best mage in the game. So Sylvain, Felix, Linhardt, Yuri and Jeritza don't exist then?
  8. What exactly are you doing then? Putting units like Byleth and Yuri in Falcon/Wyvern but still clinging to those damn swords because "muh Windsweep", even if it means passing up Lancefaire or Axefaire? Because it seems to me that if you're hyping up a sword CA as the best thing since sliced bread, then by extension you're telling people to stick with the classes that are made for swords. I never said that making everyone a Wyvern Lord is a good strategy, nor did I say that it's the only viable endgame class. So I don't know where you're getting this idea that you're gonna run out of flying battalions. On average, only 3, maybe 4, of your units want to be in a flying class. Bow units benefit more from Sniper or Bow Knight, mages obviously want a magic class, fast male units like Felix and Yuri want Grappler or War Master, etc. There should be plenty of battalions to go around unless you're skimping out on paralogues for some reason. Well seeing as CAs like Swift Strikes and Vengeance were the only things I really "hyped" in that post, I didn't think you were hung up on something as minor as Yuri's crest, which if you go back and read, I simply describe as an added bonus, not a make-or-break selling point. Then all I can say is that this is your own fault. This isn't the game not providing you with the resources, this is you willingly passing up the resources the game offers. If Titanus are too hard for you, then you're just gonna have to live with your decision not to fight them. But you can't present that as a shortcoming of the game when it's entirely your choice. Okay. Can't begin to fathom why, but okay. Getting her to C in bows is practically zero effort, bane or no bane. I had to do the same thing with axes to get Death Blow on Bernadetta, she passed the Brigand cert on a 67% and mastered the class before the end of Ch.5. And if you go back and read Dark Holy Elf's post, you'll see that Hit +20 isn't even necessary if you find it too cumbersome to get. There's plenty of alternatives that give you reliable hit with Aymr.
  9. Thanks, that's actually much easier to see! The darker background really helps. The pic of Lysithea with the hourglass fits the intro perfectly too! Also, I just wanted to say I appreciate all the hard work you've put into this project. Lysithea's such a strong and engaging character in 3H and seeing her as the lord of her own story is basically a FE dream come true. You've really put your heart into this game, and I'd just like to say thanks for all the Lyssie fans out there who are sure to love it.
  10. Looks like the prologue's just about ready to go! Just one minor detail (sorry if this sounds nitpicky), the intro's a little hard to read. The white letters blend into the background a bit. Thief -> Sniper or Archer -> Sniper sounds like a nice progression for her. Daggers could work, but might be a bit awkward to include if we're sticking to 3H's classes for the most part. She's not that young, I don't think. The game doesn't give her a specific age, but I'd say she's most likely a teenager in 3H. She looks a few years older than Flayn or pre-skip Lyssie, at least.
  11. The Battle of the Tailtean Plains (second to last battle where Dimitri dies) happens on the 29th of the Great Tree Moon, Imperial Year 1186 I think. The final battle at Fhirdiad isn't given a date in-game, but I'd imagine it takes place a few days after Tailtean (2nd or 3rd of the Harpstring Moon, maybe?) given the distance between Tailtean and Fhirdiad. I can dig around and see if there's an official date though. Closest thing to a canon class we see for her is when she attacks Dimitri with a knife on Azure Moon. From that, I'd say Assassin's your best bet. Her name means "arrow" in French though, so Sniper could be another way to go since we don't have a bow user yet.
  12. I'll admit I chuckled a little at Byleth using words like "badass". He's certainly come a long way from his favorite word being "..." The story looks great so far! TWSITD's really stepping up their game, did they just give Ladislava the Nemesis treatment? My idea was mainly just giving her a different weapon, no changes to her class. Having a dismount option would be nice if that's something you want to do, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. As long as she's got flight, she's pretty much set.
  13. Ngl, I think that title goes to either Jeralt or Sothis, not Byleth. Even Byleth makes some pretty questionable calls here and there, especially with things concerning Rhea (her sudden VW/SS Cyril syndrome) or TWSITD (Chapter 10 in a nutshell). Jeralt and Sothis always take the most reasonable approach, never jump to conclusions about anybody without knowing the whole story and never lose their cool even when things go south (or in Sothis's case, only lose their cool for a second because someone else, usually Byleth, screwed up). And naturally, they just happen to be the two people the game decides "yep, they gotta go" before part 2 rolls around and all hell breaks loose. Aaaand now it just dawned on me that Sothis would've made a much more interesting protagonist than Byleth.
  14. Looks like it's coming along pretty nicely! I like how you fixed Byleth's face for his portrait. Just softening his features a bit made all the difference, he looks much less angry than he did in 3H. I can't wait to see how the "Death Knight" plays into the story too. Some kind of TWSITD-made copy, I'm guessing. Btw, just a random thought I had yesterday, but what if to show that she's completely done with TWSITD, Edelgard no longer uses Aymr? Instead she replaces it with Hauteclere like Brave Edelgard in FEH. Aside from the symbolism, taking away Raging Storm also means she won't break the game with Galeforce shenanigans.
  15. Look at Flayn, though. Look at her next to Ingrid, or Dorothea, or Leonie or any of the other "average teenage girl" students. She's significantly shorter, baby-faced, flat-chested and dressed like a child. She looks like a young preteen girl, maybe 11-12 years old. The other female students for the most part look like women in their early twenties, or at least senior year high schoolers. It's only natural that some people just aren't comfortable with shipping Flayn the way they are with, say, Dorothea or Hilda. And to clarify, I don't ship Lysithea with anyone either until after the timeskip.
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