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  1. Ffs, we've been over this one before... This isn't a real life, modern day military school campus. This is a Fire Emblem game. It doesn't matter if a real life military instructor wouldn't be caught dead dressing like Byleth on campus. In a medieval fantasy setting, that's about as valid a complaint as griping that the students don't all march around in identical U.S. army uniforms, or that everybody can have tea parties whenever they please, or that they answer to the bloody Church. This isn't real life, so don't expect real life. Clearly there's no such thing as a dress code at Garreg Mach, considering Raphael seems to have thrown away his uniform's jacket, Dorothea and Lorenz are free to accessorize however they want, and Manuela's allowed to dress way more inappropriately than Byleth. Hell, speaking of Manuela, apparently professors at Garreg Mach are free to behave like drunken fools on the job without any repercussions too. And say nothing of Hanneman stalking around after every student whose crest catches his eye, including his boss's "sister". None of that shit would fly on a real life military campus, and yet it's all just everyday happenings here in Fire Emblem. So a professor in a fantasy setting doesn't dress like a professor would in real life. What's new there? And yes, it's extremely offensive and wrong to label a woman a "slut", fictional or not, based entirely on her clothes or appearance. Disliking a character's design because of personal taste is one thing, but encouraging sexist stereotypes just makes you an ass.
  2. It's a very slight difference, but looking closely at them both, her happy face definitely shows the tiniest beginnings of a smile, while her neutral portrait is more or less just a straight-faced stare. But I imagine if there was too much of a change between each portrait it would be a tad jarring. The subtle purity of female Byleth's expressions (especially in contrast to her more flamboyant outfit) is one of the reasons why I feel hers is the stronger design. She looks like a genuinely good-hearted person, like someone I'd trust if I were one of her students. Guyleth's design just puts off too much of that "emo tryhard" energy for me lol I do see what you mean about the green hair, though I don't notice too much of a difference myself. The lighter hair color gives her face a brighter look overall, which would definitely make her smile stand out more.
  3. Not to keep this going either, but for me female Byleth's smile (I'm assuming you mean at the end of Ch.6) is more in keeping with her character because it happens at an important part of the story to show that Byleth's growing and changing as a person instead of staying the emotionless rock she was at the beginning. Jeralt even comments on it, and it makes for a nice, lighthearted moment between her and Dimitri (at least on Blue Lions) after such a grim chapter. To me it's a really sweet character development moment for someone who I feel gets overshadowed most of the time by the more complex lords. Male Byleth's scowl on the other hand is in his neutral dialogue portrait. If you look here: https://www.spriters-resource.com/nintendo_switch/fireemblemthreehouses/sheet/122141/ https://www.spriters-resource.com/nintendo_switch/fireemblemthreehouses/sheet/122142/ There's hardly any difference between his neutral portrait and his "angry" one. Even in his happy, concerned and blushing portraits, he looks like he's masking anger or contempt. While female Byleth's smile looks wholesome, male's looks like he's scheming or something. Female looks like she's genuinely concerned while male looks like he's trying too hard to "look concerned." And his blushing face just looks damn weird. Overall I feel like female Byleth's expressions show a gradual change from having absolutely no feelings at all to feeling pure, genuine emotion, while male's just show a perpetually moody, angry man. Which is great if you're writing a character like Felix but just feels out of place on Byleth, imo. But again, this is just my take. I'm not trying to discourage anyone who prefers male Byleth, everyone's got their own feelings and nobody should feel forced to play a protagonist they don't like (looking at you, Corrin).
  4. Different strokes, my dude. Female Byleth's outfit, while obviously impractical, doesn't bother me. Nearly everything about male Byleth's design does: the hair, the scowl (Byleth's supposed to have no emotions wtf), the black clothes with the bloody red pentagram thing on his chest... I could go on. Clearly it's the other way around for you, and that's perfectly fine. Not sure why you have to post your disagreement when we've already had this discussion before.
  5. I personally don't play on Maddening because I feel like it forces a lot of extra grinding and makes battles longer/more tedious, but I always choose female Byleth no matter the route/difficulty. Pegasus/Falcon access, Darting Blow and free Sylvain are too good to pass up, plus I almost always prefer a woman as the protagonist. Certainly helps too that I find male Byleth's design ugly as hell, dude looks like he's got a stick up his ass lol
  6. This, really. VW and SS, the way they are now, are pretty much the same damn route. It's not worth trying to salvage both, imo. And when you compare the two routes, VW has a much more engaging cast (Golden Deer vs. shoehorned Eagles? Not a close race there) and a fan-favorite lord character with a unique and interesting backstory (not to mention an effing albino wyvern.) SS has... Rhea as the final boss. That's about it, really. Makes more sense to try and salvage VW, seeing as it's got more going for it to begin with. SS was just the rough draft, anyway. It shouldn't have even been in the game at all.
  7. Well, canonically (as in, no recruiting) the Deer and the Lions (except Ashe) all get wiped out offscreen courtesy of Gronder 2: Fiery Boogaloo, so... I'd say nobody. Claude cuts his losses and nopes back to Almyra, and all the Alliance heirs are dead. So Leicester's pretty much done for. Faerghus has already been gutted like a fish by part 2, and then Gronder happens, snuffing out any hope of pulling the place back together. And there's no way the Churchpire is ever gonna let Adrestia have any more autonomy after their betrayal, so they're most likely screwed as well. Or, alternatively, Ashe becomes the new ruler of Faerghus and declares war on the Church to get revenge for Lonato's death lol I actually kinda want that now.
  8. Petra: You will be slapped down!
  9. Ikr! I was definitely going for the "comic relief idiot villain" feeling with Acheron, since he's already such an infamous screwup in-story. And I loved the idea of him just barging in like a moron, spouting his grandiose ideals... then noticing Ladislava and Ferdie lying dead atop of a heap of Imperials and just being like "...Oh." This lady cleared out half the damn map on my first AM run, no joke! Not even Dimitri could keep up! Though honestly, I've got no clue why they decided women can't use the brawling classes. I mean, some of the gender locks I get (Pegasus/Falcon, Dark Flier, Gremory) because there's a canon-ish excuse, but what's stopping the ladies from being able to throw a punch? I want War Master Edelgard, dammit! Thanks! My idea was basically to set up the final chapter a little more by having the Alliance lords reconcile with the Almyrans before they all come together for the finale. I also liked the thought of giving Claude his own version of AM's Ch.18, since that was such the perfect culmination of Dimitri's character arc before moving into the final act of the story. Instead of redemption like in Dimitri's case, this would be Claude's chance to finally achieve the first steps of his dream and bring the Alliance and Almyra together as respected allies. Honestly, I'd always seen Count Gloucester as kinda the "stubborn old grandpa" of the Alliance lords. Not really bad-intentioned, just difficult as all hell and a little arrogant. Though he and Claude may not always agree on things, I like to think he still respects Claude and stands by him when the future of the Alliance is at stake, like a true noble would. Like father, like son, basically lol Ironically, I think the most problematic of the Alliance nobles would actually be Holst Goneril, given what we hear about him in Hilda's supports with Cyril. I mean, he supposedly does sort of come around eventually in their A-support, but I still think it's pretty telling of his character that he's fed his younger sister so much bullshit about Almyrans that she's legit surprised to see that Cyril's just a regular guy (Rhea simping aside) and not some warmongering villain. I don't imagine he'd actively betray Claude, but I could definitely see some heavy resistance from him in terms of rebuilding bridges with Almyra. He could potentially end up being a major political rival for Claude down the road.
  10. Just finished addding in the Acheron chapter! Thank you everyone for your suggestions so far, I can't wait to hear more of your thoughts! 🙂
  11. No worries! Like I said, I took a combination of our ideas based on what we discussed and what I felt worked the best. I didn’t make any changes that I wasn't also on board with. And overall I'm very pleased with the end result, it has everything I'd want from a recruitable Fleche. She'd make the perfect addition to anyone's CF run. A female Swift Strikes unit would definitely be cool, but I realized that having access to Darting Blow (not to mention Falcon Knight) means that Swift Strikes would likely see much less use on a female unit than on, say, Sylvain or Seteth.
  12. Just went back and edited my main post. Here's a list of the changes I've made so far: Under non-specific changes, I've addressed the issue with fog of war on Blood of the Eagle and Lion. I included Randolph as a green ally alongside Fleche on Ch.22 Under changes to other routes, I've added in stats for Fleche as a recruitable unit on CF. @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate I took both our ideas for Fleche and combined them as best I could. I added Excalibur and Aura at Reason A and Faith A respectively to give her that hint of Flayn's spell list. I also swapped out Swift Strikes for Frozen Lance. This not only brings in another aspect of Flayn's kit, but I think it'd serve her better overall since she shouldn't have any trouble doubling. I lowered her rank and skill levels, but bumped up her growths like you suggested so she can quickly catch up with the others. I don't know if she's exactly an Est now, or if she's more of a "semi-Est", but I think she strikes a good balance nonetheless. I still need to finish writing the new Acheron chapter and fix the ending so the crest stone doesn't disappear. That shouldn't take too long, though.
  13. I think I've got an idea of how to work it in. Let's just say that not everyone in the Alliance will be happy with Acheron peddling his BS in the streets of Derdriu... And if Claude's going back to the capital, this might be the perfect chance for the Almyrans to make peace with the Alliance, since Nader and his crew would be traveling back with Claude and the Golden Deer to help them quell the infighting. Maybe they could even make a big dramatic entrance with the ships like on CF. It would be pretty damn cool to see the Almyran fleet show up, and they're on our side this time. Ah, now I see what you're getting at with the Est archetype idea. My only real experience with an Est has been Mozu, and I recall her taking a fair bit of time to start pulling her weight (now granted I sucked at Fates), which I didn't imagine would be ideal for Fleche seeing as she'd be joining so late. But having her make the jump quickly like you've described should work out really well. I also love the selection of combat arts you've given her, being a huge fan of Swift Strikes, Vengeance and Point-Blank Volley. One tweak I'd make however is her spell list. I gave her something more along the lines of Ingrid's, which has a few more favorable spells imo. I just don't find Cutting Gale, Excalibur or Fortify all that useful most of the time. Ah, good catch on her faith boon! I didn't have it as a boon originally, so I think I forgot to give her a higher rank. I can definitely drop one of her rallies if four's too much, though technically Annette does have access to four thanks to her personal so it may not be too big of an issue. I hadn't thought about bases yet, but they'd definitely be on the higher side of things to help her catch up with the others quickly. Yes, my ideal CF would still have only 18 chapters. I know CF's length is a common complaint people have with the route, but I feel that it serves a thematic purpose that I won't go into here for sake of avoiding the whole Edelgard minefield. It also makes the endgame more challenging, imo, because there's less time to overlevel your units (flashbacks to AM Ch.22 getting thoroughly Dimitri'd). I do see your point about having enough time to complete those supports though... maybe I could have Jeritza's C happen before Ch.15 and just story-lock the B. Caspar's shouldn't be an issue though, I don't think. It's only B+ and A that are story-locked, and afterwards there's still two chapters of dining and auxiliaries left to unlock them.
  14. I could definitely do something like this, since taking out the second Garreg Mach defense map means I've basically got a free chapter to work with. It might be a bit awkward to put the Derdriu mission in between Fort Merceus and Enbarr though... I'll have to do some rearranging probably. I was thinking at first that they'd be AI, since I completely forgot about paralogue Seteth lol But having I kinda like the idea of having them be controllable units now. Either way though, a mid-map convo is always a welcome addition. This looks really well thought out! Very much along the lines of what had in mind. Here's my Sniper pre-promote idea for comparison: A bit farther along in the ranks, I'll admit. But I was a concerned about her late join time so I decided to give her the Jeritza treatment just to be safe. Damn, your ideas are almost exactly like what I came up with! Instead of Edelgard, I actually gave her a support chain (C, B, A) with Hubert. I'm not entirely sure why tbh, but I just get the feeling that something between the two of them would click. A little (C, B) chain with Petra I think would be nice too, seeing as Petra's had a strained relationship with the Empire (outside of the Black Eagles) for so long due to her kidnapping and mistreatment at the hands of Aegir and his cronies. I'm sure she'd be happy to see through a young noblewoman like Fleche that the Empire's steadily moving past the corruption she hated so much and towards a brighter future. Building on that Caspar support, I'd split their B-support into a B and a B+, with the latter unlocking after Randolph's death in Ch.15. B+ and A would see them mourning and reflecting on the loss of Randolph and thinking about the future of the Bergliez family. I had pretty much the same exact idea for a (C, B) support with Lysithea. In mine, the two of them would bond instantly over what it's like being shorter than everyone else. Basically just a funny lighthearted support to offset the more somber tone of the war phase chapters a bit. My idea for a Jeritza support (C, B, A) would have C-support unlock after Ch.15. Jeritza would talk to Fleche about whether or not she plans to seek revenge on her brother's killer. Fleche would then explain to him why, unlike on AM, she doesn't feel the need to go to such lengths. I was also thinking of giving her supports with Ashe (C, B, A) and Yuri (C, B, A), but I haven't decided on any of the details yet. Her paired endings would be: Byleth of either gender (platonic), Hubert, Caspar (family), Ashe, Jeritza and Yuri
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