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  1. Okay thank you so much I really appreciate the answer.
  2. Hello, I just got a copy of Shadow Dragon on Ebay. While playing I notice a very quick screen (Like blink and you will miss it.) glitch when I am speeding through the text quickly by pressing A. On a lower screen of the DS a white line will show up for a second then disappear, I notice it happens when the characters are talking while the map is being shown below. Like the part when Lena and Julian are talking to each other at the start of chapter 3. Though the thing is it doesn't always happen I tested that part like five times and the single white line only showed up like the first three tries. I just want to know if anyone else has seen this before? I'm probably making a big deal out of nothing I have a bad habit of doing that, I mean the game works fine and its authentic, I was just want to know is all. Thank you if I can have an answer.
  3. Okay so looking at supports wasn't implemented until 7 then. Thank you for checking that.
  4. I just started a playthrough of Fire Emblem 6 and I already got a few supports. I was wondering can you view supports like in 7 and 8 in Extras? Or do I have to beat the game first to see the ones I got? I remember 8 letting me see the supports right after beating the chapter I saw them in, but its been a while.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if there is a SNES cartridge of Genealogy of the Holy War that has the Naga translation that I can buy online? I've only found that the Gharnef translation is put on an SNES cartridge. I just like having the game on a cartridge, its just something I like doing. Thank you for anyone giving me an answer.
  6. Okay thank you, I was trying to find some info on this glitch, but I couldn't find it at all. So its good to know its documented somewhere then.
  7. Hello, I recently played Fire Emblem 4 for the first time since a friend recommended it to me. So in chapter 6, I accidentally gave Julia the Aura tome since I didn't know Nosferatu was the better choice of the two. So I go through the remaining chapters and Julia gets doubled easy since Aura weighs a lot. Then in chapter 8 the shop keeper has a lightening tome, so I give it to Julia and she starts to do very well now, since the tome is lighter. However when I started chapter 9, the lightening tome was gone from her inventory and I couldn't find it anywhere. She still had the Aura tome and the Mend staff she got from Lana. So I was wondering was that a glitch or something? No other character has lost their weapon in the following chapters, not including the weapon transfer from gen 1 to gen 2. I just want to know if that was supposed to happen or was that a glitch?
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