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  1. The star Jacinth gives 30% extra to everything except resistance which it only gives 5%. With that it is enough to max out most characters (some will be missing a few points in something). So, if you increase it 30% it will already be overkill.
  2. How do you see how many turns you’ve played?
  3. I realized that when I was at the forge, I didn’t care for the weapon inside Thabes because I couldn’t check the price so I thought it was a normal rusted weapon. thanks for telling me though :,)
  4. Got Astra in Thabes after farming at least 200 Inner Sanctums and getting anxiety because I got nothing for days, decided to send everything to hell and go up Thabes again and it dropped. But I didn’t care about the rusted sword since I knew it was a steel sword or an awful venim but it was an Astra.
  5. I would make a whole team composed of just oliphantiers with killer bows.
  6. Started doing the soft reset on the Inner Sanctum farm with the big pots, I think it’s the less time consuming method since the thanes labyrinth takes me about 20 minutes each run. i’m kind of sad because I searched for the drop rates of Sol, Astra and Luna and found out that they have the same drop rate as Mercurius, Gradivus and Parthia... I have gotten two Mercurius, 2 Parthias and about six Gradivus, that means that I could have gotten at least one of the legendaries but the rng gods screw me and give me the other weapons, which, to be fair, have made my team extremely op since Gradivus is (for me, personally) the best lance in the whole game. I’ll keep updating you guys since I don’t want to see the conversations this game had die.
  7. Do you have any more tips? Been trying this for hours, managed to make my inner sanctum runs in less than 2 minutes each, sometimes I even do a whole sanctum run in just a minute and still haven found one of the weapons.
  8. I’ve only played Sacred Stones and SoV, but I started playing SoV after a year or two since I left it a a few days ago and it’s really good. I played it a lot when it came out, but now I’m just doing the endgame dungeon to get sol, astra and luna. It’s repetitive to do that farm, but somehow it isn’t boring.
  9. Does anyone got all three in less than 100 hours? Been playing my file for more than 90 and haven’t got even one... have had farmed inner sanctum for a long time and Thabes and still nothing. On Thabes I usually get a few rusted weapons but they are normally venim weapons. Do you have any tips?
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