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  1. Gotcha. So essentially it's not a bug that mistakenly assigns who gets a love critical, but rather a misleading love critical animation that shows up if either combatant happens to trigger a critical. It makes sense that this would be more visible issue in Binary, since all enemies can critical you in this version. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the responses. For the random number issue, one nice thing about FE4 Binary is that the random numbers are changed on a reset. So you are right in that Vanilla you'd get the same results if you reset and reload and activate the same battle, but in Binary you get different results. This is how I was able to test the conditions of the seldom activated love critical, and in the event I did get a love critical, 100% of those times Cuan wouldn't get the critical but Zyne would. It is possible that it could be a coincidence that Zyne is getting natural crits (he has a 18% chance thanks to the Critical skill), but for it to always line up with the love critical animation seems fishy. Plus I tested it out until I activated the love critical about 7-8 times before I gave up and found another route (clearly I really wanted to kill Zyne with Cuan), so it would be a mighty coincidence. Also, Zane's natural crit kicking in solution also wouldn't explain why Cuan's crit always vanishes; if that were the case they would both be getting crits. It seems to me that Zyne is snatching Cuan's lover crit. This is the only time so far I've been able to see this problem, otherwise the love crit seems to be working fine. That is why I think it could be the fact that Cuan and Zyne have the same class that could be throwing the programming off. As for multiple attacks, my Cuan had an Attack Speed of 15 and Zyne had 11. In Binary, if you don't have pursuit skill, you need 6 more AS than your opponent to double attack. So Cuan won't double Zyne here. He could if Continue activated, and I did see it activate a couple times in my tests combined with the activated love critical, but neither attack were critical hits. Also, neither Cuan nor Zyne have the Charge skill, so no chance of the battle extending. I uploaded the below video to youtube to show an example of what I've been seeing:
  3. Good thought, but no, Cuan would attack first with a regular attack, and it would not miss. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but in the Binary hack, the Horseslayer increases the damage for every attack done to mounted units but does not guarantee a critical. So most of the time, Zyne would not execute a critical attack, though he would do big damage with his normal attack. However, when the love critical triggered between Cuan and Ethlin, Cuan would just get a regular attack and Zyne would get a critical every time. Now I'm thinking it is probably just a Binary issue since the critical system was revamped significantly from vanilla.
  4. Searched for a while and couldn't find anyone else mentioning this, but noticed an odd thing when playing FE4 Binary. Not sure if it's specific to that hack or if its in the vanilla game as well. I was fighting Zyne in chapter 2 with Cuan and triggered a love critical with Ethlin one tile adjacent. However, instead of Cuan getting a critical hit, Zyne got the critical hit. I tested it multiple times and got the same result; anytime Cuan would get the love critical against Zyne, it would be a dead Cuan. Interestingly, Zyne and Cuan shared the same class, being Duke Knights. It's as if the game searches for the first character that has the class of the character who was supposed to get the auto-critical and stops there and gives them the auto-critical, rather than using a character ID or a unique way to find the correct combatant. Anyone else notice this before? Thought it was interesting. It's possibly a bug or I'm not understand a specific game mechanic.
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