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  1. Thank you, also, i have a question, what is the best male swordmaster character tô invest? (The grail ones) To put astra and distant counter, right now i only have Navarre and Lon'qu
  2. Can someone send me the prediction image of the nexts mythic/legendary heroes banner? Showing what Will return in the next months. Please
  3. Thank you for showing me comrade, I have 200 orbs right now, I hope it's enough, as for you comrade, I wish you good luck, If I get roy easyly, I will try altina, then hel, but 200 orbs may not be enough hahahahaha
  4. Got It, and the banner with new hero and the banner with Roy and Altina comes July 30th?
  5. In the next mythic banner there Will bê a New legendary hero? Also Roy qnd Altina comes back to summon, right?
  6. Hello there, when does the next legendary/mythic banner Will come? (We already are in the end of the month)
  7. Hello there nice folks, there is a prediction when Ryoma will come to summon? (The normal 5* Ryoma, not the legendary with a mount)
  8. I want the legendary Roy, the guys above said that Will come by the end of this month, so, i know it's RNG, but does exist a statistic about the legendary hero? (Like 100-300 orbs to maybe summon It) The banner is this one below
  9. Ok, so what i should do? Save the orbs or try to pick some 5* on the New player banner ?
  10. Ok, i saw the vídeo that Vicious Sal posted above and I understood the way, so i've reset my acc, now, i've 2 free 5* heroes to summon, wich ones are the best?(images below) And the Guy in the vídeo, said that legendary nailah is good to pick, in the long run, what do you guys say, i try to pick it or no?
  11. Ok, i'll watch, but, can you help me choose the 2 free 5* heroes ?
  12. I already linked my acc with Nintendo acc , can i still reset?
  13. Ok, thank you for the tips, now Tell me something, in your opinion, i continue with Valter or on the other ones that you Said?
  14. That is unespected, i had 3 laslows.....now they are gone.....he is a red orb unit right? Ok, can you send me a link(vídeo or text) for this laslow build? Now i'm interested in doing it
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