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  1. Bleuie

    The best character

    Good question, definitely coffee! I think the same, lol. Anyone else I showed it to who I know personally thought it was tea because I drink that a lot and I'm personally someone who hates coffee but Soren is definitely a coffee person imo
  2. Bleuie

    The best character

    Thank you! and I mean I guess lol, he would probably main Ike even if he wasn't good at him Thanks! I tried to make the lighting very contrasting so glad that sorta worked out. And yeah, you can honestly have a field day looking at all the concept art for all the fe games because there's so much stuff you never see
  3. @ the title sorry I don't make the rules ANYWAY I don't even know if I'm doing this right by posting here cuz I haven't seen a lot of art around but may as well anyway. Been working on this on and off over 3 days but I mean by that I mean I was painting it for like 2 hours and then edited minor details after because I have issues revisiting art I'm not doing immediately for some reason?? It's also drawn all on one layer! so that's fun! Anyone with eyes can see I'm a filthy apologist so here's my art. It's actually whatever is under his robes I honestly didn't even know either until I saw some concept art so yeah I guess. I never got around to polishing the hands and mug but lets overlook that pls dont kill me if im posting in the wrong place
  4. While I agree that it would be ideal that we get both in a bundle to get all the content at once instead of waiting many years I think it's a little optimistic unfortunately because it would take a lot of time and resources to produce something of that scale (especially in the current world situation) considering PoR and RD are two of the longest fire emblem games, I actually think RD is the longest though I'm not sure. I think a system which would be cool in a PoR/RD remake is that if you have supports in PoR and then do a system transfer to the RD remake (or just have the data on the same game if it is combined) you could have a sort of "timeskip" situation like how three houses handled supports and have extra supports to tie up the lacklustre ones that went nowhere. Even to give some of the RD newcomers supports like Heather or Vika or something since their characters are hurt by RD having basically no supports. Your suggestions for new content are good too but I do think if they remade it they'd be more likely to stay faithful to the original kind of how Echoes handled their remake even if it made the game overall worse due to map design even though I wish all those things could happen, I'd definitely throw my money at IS.
  5. Oh no, RD normal as a first FE is so intense hahah, I wish him luck cuz that's bound to be a rollercoaster. And thank you! nice to meet you all!
  6. (not sure if I'm doing this right) Thank you and thanks for the welcome! And yes lol painfully obvious but I'm not sure if he's my all time fave, probably though? A few others have to be Alm, Lysithea, Dimitri is cool too.
  7. Hi, I'm not really sure what to say because I don't talk on forums ever and I'm really shy and nervous and usually ghost stuff but I want to be part of this community.. I don't know how to introduce myself either I'm sorry I guess I should start by mentioning I like to draw a lot and play other video games like xenoblade and splatoon, etc. I've been into Fire Emblem since I was 14, starting with awakening and have loved it ever since and most of the reason I'm posting here is because I don't really have other friends who have played or want to talk about it aaaah. I've played (in order) Awakening, Fates (all routes), SoV, Three Houses, PoR and Radiant Dawn and I'm currently playing FE4 Not sure how to end this either but thanks for your time if you read this 😆
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