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  1. Hey you (yes, YOU! Reading this right now!) What was your favourite moment from this weekend? No matter how big or small, let us know! My favourite moment came after I rearranged our living room, moving our couch to be next to the window. Afterwards, I opened the window and sat on the couch to play some games, and was so relaxed by the gentle cool breeze drifting over me. It felt very wonderful!!
  2. Ouch šŸ˜® Sorry to hear about this!! I hope the repairs are swifter than anticipated.. It's always good to meet a fellow Xenoblade fan!! I've not yet picked up the Definitive Edition, but I intend to do so at some point. I'm a little jealous of everyone else out there who is playing it!! Though it makes me happy to think of so many people playing it for the first time. It felt like such a truly special game when I played it upon its original release, and I'm sure it's lost none of that magic over time. I'm glad you decided to post here! There is no pressure, and so no reason to worry about being shy. I hope you'll come by again in the future and update us on your gaming and drawing! šŸ˜Š
  3. Robin might say that, but I'm pretty sure the rest of the cast would say otherwise šŸ˜Š It's cool to find that there are so many creative people here! And it's also great to hear that gaming has been a life-line for so many during the pandemic. Best of luck with your online classes! I'm glad to hear it's a situation that suits you. I know many are struggling to adapt. There are silver linings to be found in one way or another for all of us!
  4. Yeah, the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer was a good one! (And that game really delivered. I had a blast playing it!)
  5. Somewhat predictable, perhaps, but I still think that the best trailer I've ever seen is this trailer for Breath of the Wild. I remember exactly how I felt when first watching it (and even after playing the game it still blows me away) The moment the music changes after the "100 years ago" line is just... wow. That music, combined with the fast cuts of all the story events (especially the Zelda content) took my breath away and filled my eyes with tears. Based on this trailer, I thought I was in for the story-driven Zelda adventure of a lifetime. It really seemed like it would be a journey that Link and Zelda went through TOGETHER, and I was sick with excitement. Little did I know that 99% of Zelda/Link story content would be told through flashbacks and that in practice I would find it completely underwhelming... But the game was incredible other than that. The Breath of the Wild 2 trailer fills me with a similar excitement, but also leaves me absolutely terrified haha. I'll reserve judgement on that trailer until I actually play the game someday šŸ˜‰ Edit: How do you embed videos? I tried and failed spectacularly.
  6. That sounds fantastic! I don't know if the Great Ace Attorney games will ever be localised, but I really hope that they decide to bring whatever they make next our way. It's a series I adore too much! Your painting sounds great! It's interesting to challenge yourself with concepts like that. Keep it up šŸ˜Š
  7. šŸŒ²šŸŒ³šŸŒ² By the way! If anyone has any favourite Fire Emblem music mixes on Youtube, please let me know and I'll add a link to them in the top post! It's nice to have some music while recording your thoughts šŸ˜Š
  8. That's a good start for me! I've been really getting back into reading fantasy this year. Honestly I don't know why I stopped - I've had great fun, and look forward to more. Best of luck!! Hi friend! I'm glad you've managed to find creative outlets for your emotions. Art therapy is a very real thing, and it's great for working through your emotions! Paintings like those must be a special thing to keep, too. I imagine that, for example, in ten years time they will be precious belongings that capture the essence of certain stages of your life. Nice profile pic btw. I've always wanted to play those Ace Attorney games! I'm still blindly hoping they'll be brought to the West on the Switch or something... Though I heart that a fan translation recently was completed, so perhaps I'll figure out a way to play that. Have you played it?? Hey! Thanks for dropping by. Congratulations on finishing your degree! Though I can definitely relate to the overwhelming number of directions you now face. I don't think you can make the wrong decision, though. Whatever you choose, it will lead to the next thing, and that will lead to the thing after that, and so on. It sounds like you're already setting yourself up with good opportunities! Best of luck with your relationship, too. Relationships over distances can be tough, but if it's with the right person then any amount of hard work will be worthwhile. I hope you're all doing great today!
  9. I think that's next on my list! Glad to hear it's good.
  10. Just started FE7 for the first time! It's my first GBA Fire Emblem game, and so far I'm blown away. I love the atmosphere, and the characters are extremely endearing. (and whenever Lyn turns and looks directly at me I am WEAK)
  11. In what ways does disliking violence limit your options? It sounds like you're the creative type, so perhaps not having violent tendencies allows you to broaden your options in other directions! Good luck with your novel! May I ask what it is about? My wife is currently working on a novel too, and it's a fascinating process to observe
  12. Hello to whoever stumbles upon The Crossing next! I thought I would leave some words to get us started. The Crossing is something I wanted to create during a time of need. I am currently 3000 miles away from home. When I moved to the US to be with my wife, it seemed like an easy decision. After all, at any moment I would only be a three hour flight from home - easy! Though... with the "current situation" (as people like to indirectly refer to the pandemic), I'm somewhat stranded. I know I'm not the only one in this position, but it's a very strange and sad feeling. The distance now feels more than ever. Thankfully my wife and I are safe and well in our small town. We are lucky to live in a place rural enough that we can go out and get plenty of exercise out in nature (even if there are bears here - something I am still not used to!) I've been out of work for the past two months, so until my workplace opens back up again I have been spending time working on a comic that has been slowly building in my mind over the past year. It feels good to have an opportunity to channel myself into something I feel very passionate about! I'm sure many of you reading this are feeling similar emotions while our lives are in such turmoil, and I wish you well!
  13. "Welcome to The Crossing, traveller. You've come a long way, haven't you..? Stop a while and tell us what brought you here. You'll find there's always someone who'll lend an ear..." Hello and welcome to The Crossing! This is a quiet place for people to gather and reflect; a place to listen, support, and tell your story. As you pass through, consider spending a moment writing about your day or week, about something that is happening to you, or something you are feeling. As with most, your experience with The Crossing may be transient. Something that passes without much thought, but with each passing you will leave your mark for somebody else to discover. And who knows? Our paths are not linear, and chances are the forest will bring you back to The Crossing once again... Take care, traveller. šŸŒ²šŸŒ²šŸŒ² Why not listen to some music during your stay? šŸŽµ Awakening | Echoes | Three Houses šŸŽµ
  14. The passion in this thread is inspiring! (Just waiting until I have chance to respond in full! Thoroughly enjoying reading the discussion in the meantime)
  15. Thanks Benice! I'll take a look at that. I don't usually enjoy Discord rooms too much (the fast pace is so hard to keep up with! And there's something more enjoyable about catching up reading through a forum.) That said, I'm having a great time just existing in the forums in general, with or without a hangout thread šŸ™‚
  16. That's an interesting idea! It might have been much more interesting to see actual society 500 years earlier (or however long the time difference is). Though... I guess that's where budget and other restrictions come in. Also, I wonder what that would mean for the community system. For me it did a fantastic job of endearing me to the citizens of Torna, and making me genuinely care about the place. Since the community is so Torna focused, I wonder if it would have been too diluted if a much more populated titan (compared to Gormott) were to be used instead. Torna's shorter playtime is something I appreciated! In XC2 I didn't feel particularly compelled to do many of the side-quests at all (I'm sure I'm missing out on some good content), because I just felt like the core game itself had SO MUCH to offer. Meanwhile, Torna gives you a little more room to breathe. I've really enjoyed starting up the game each night for the past week or so and just exploring, completing side quests and unlocking abilities for my blades. The lack of constant forward momentum gave me opportunity to slow down and enjoy what the game had to offer. If the game were to double in length, I wonder how far this kind of gameplay loop could have stretched, but for the length it is - I loved it! Also, a factor that probably aided my enjoyment - I knew beforehand that there were some requirements for community level later in the game, and so I was never caught off-guard. I think this knowledge gave me the initial push I needed to clear a bunch of the quests, but as I cleared more and more I started to seek them out purely for the enjoyment of it. I imagine that if I hadn't known they were mandatory, I definitely would have hit a roadblock sooner or later.
  17. Nice to meet you!! I hope I'll see you around the forums during your stay šŸ™‚ Your icon is very cute btw!
  18. Welcome to the forum!! Great to meet you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are producing!
  19. I expect that perhaps the justification for having Gormott in the Torna DLC was to provide the players a common area between the two games to demonstrate the time difference. There was a small novelty in seeing what things were like previously, but not nearly enough to really sell it.
  20. That was indeed a large collection! I enjoyed reading through it and seeing such detailed thoughts. This must be cool for yourself to read through again in the future! Do you write commentaries on games like this often? Perhaps it's something I should consider someday. Thank you for sharing! šŸ™‚
  21. I'm guilty of just finding Malos to be pretty boring overall. He's super powerful, which lends his fights at least some bombastic drama. But, like you say, he really just came across as a big bully to me. As for Jin, I feel like I can see the glimmer of an interesting idea that the writers wanted to explore. The struggle of being a blade is explored the most through his character, and feels akin to the classic "Vampire who lives forever and sees the world dying around him" trope. I don't think they explored it to its full potential, but I did enjoy it. I'm hopeful that in future Xeno titles they'll feel confident to go head first into exploring more philosophical things again. It adds a lot of flavour!!
  22. The Majora comparison is very appropriate! I felt very driven to help these people, knowing what was coming. A part of me hoped that by helping them in quests, like the one in which you build a shelter in the city, they would stand a better chance of survival in the end... (I'm also opting for the spoiler tag, just in case!) I'd be curious to know what someone's experience was playing the entire experience in chronological order - Torna, then XC2. Sure, certain villainous ambiguities would be ruined, but any scenes involving these characters (Jin in particular) would be so much more interesting having seen their past. If the game weren't so dang long, I'd be tempted to play it again just to get a feel. Maybe someday... šŸ˜œ
  23. Hello everyone! I just finished my first playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicle 2's Torna DLC, and was wondering if any of you have played it and what you thought! Overall I was very impressed by it. I loved that it really felt like a fleshed out game, and I was really hooked by the community system. Seeing those little stories intertwine was really satisfying. I've got just a few more to do in the post-game, with hunting down all the named monsters a particularly big task I'm looking forward to. As for plot stuff: All that said, I'm pretty sure this might be some of the best DLC content I've ever played. Perhaps only rivaled by BOTW. If any of you all have played it, what did you think? I'd love to discuss!
  24. Nice to meet someone else who is new! Thanks for the tips! And you like Sacred Stones a lot, huh? Iā€™m really looking forward to playing that one too šŸ™‚
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