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  1. Eliwood takes Severa on a romantic walk in a rose garden. Severa spends the entire date complaining about the humidity harming her hair, the bees buzzing around, and the heat from the Sun. Eliwood makes a silent vow to never go out with her again. Veronica and Hayato
  2. Eliwood and Hector would be in Golden Deer because it's the closest form of government from where they're from. I see Marth and Caeda being in Blue Lions for their chivalry. I honestly can't see any lords joining Edelgard/Crimson Flower because of its war on the Church. But I see the majority joining Claude/Verdant Wind to reform it peacefully and give Rhea a second chance (Yes, Edelgard offered one to Rhea at the end of CF but Rhea wasn't in her right mind for the entire route so . . .)
  3. Chrom and Cordelia went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. When the bee larvae were served, Chrom accidentally touched Cordelia's hand when he meant to grab his fork. Cordelia was so overcome by emotion that she passed out on the spot. The waiters and Chrom had to revive her, the latter thinking she had a case of food poisoning from the entrée. Aversa and Iago
  4. The only additional thing I could find was that the Cipher character Poe fights the Boundless Chaos in the name of the gods, and that the Cipher character Niamh is from a world with a surplus of it.
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