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  1. I recently bought a small lot of Fire Emblem Cipher sleeves, and I have a few spares I don't want and would like to trade them for other Cipher sleeves. All of them came loose in no packaging, so there might be some slight wear and tear on them. Sleeves I have: 1x Pixel Marth 1x Mystery of the Emblem Cover Art Sleeve 1x Shadow Dragon DS Cover Art 5x Pixel Roy 6x Binding Blade Cover Art 26x Marth: Hero Chosen by the Exalted Blade Art (Sleeve Pack 68) 29x Micaiah: Maiden of Miracles (Sleeve Pack 64) Sleeves I'm looking for: 1-5x Ayra: Almighty Astra (Sleeve Pack 84) 1x Pixel Celica 1-5x Nowi: Long-Lived Little Dragon (Sleeve Pack 65) 1x Faye: Ram Village Girl (Sleeve Pack 51) 1x Echoes Cover Art 10x Seliph: Prince of Grannvale (Sleeve Pack 47) 1x Deirdre: Tragic Saint (Sleeve Pack 34) 1x Lachesis: Princess of Nodion (Sleeve Pack 35) 1x Charlotte: Colorful Coaxing (Sleeve Pack 36) 1x L Arachel: Beauteous Maiden of Justice (Sleeve Pack 90) 1x Elise: Young Princess of Nohr (Sleeve Pack 16) Feel free to DM me for questions/photos of the sleeves. I'm also happy to trade for other older sleeves, too. Thank you!
  2. LC1987 +1 - Great trade partner! helloard3n +1- Great trade partner! Thank you both so much!
  3. +1 Jiayejoe - This is my second time trading with him and I still have no complaints! Very good trade partner.
  4. Is the ability to revive fallen characters something that you can do an infinite amount of times? Or is it more limited like in Echoes? I also might have either missed the Paragon ring or am not far enough to have it yet (I believe I'm in chapter three now). Is it located in one of the earlier chapters, or is it later?
  5. +1 Min-Yong77 (Fast and very patient!) +1 Keroppi (very patient and great to contact! Thanks a bunch!)
  6. Shiren 5 actually has a vita port that was localized a few years back by Aksys.
  7. Yes, that would be very helpful. Especially since I'm not very good at recruiting characters in FE games without a guide.
  8. +1 jiayejoe - Thanks for helping me with the small stuff I was looking for! +1 SplashTOMATO - Thank you the shiny small stuff I was looking for!
  9. Thank you all for your input. Money and item management looks like it's going to be a huge pain, as well as double-attacking only being a skill for certain units. Well. here's hoping I don't get too frustrated with the older mechanics. Another thing I meant to ask about is if Fog of War was introduced in FE4 or the next game. I always get mixed up with which games have this feature.
  10. Hello, I've recently been getting into Fire Emblem and after I'm done with Sacred Stone I plan to play FE4, but I'm not too sure what to expect in terms of general difficulty going from some of the more modern FE games (I've mostly beaten the 3DS games and Three Houses) to one of the older games. I'll also be trying it out on official hardware (no translation patch) so how difficult is the story to understand as someone who is not very proficient at reading Japanese? I have a basic understanding of the language and access to some older dictionaries for certain words or phrases. Also, how long is FE4 in terms of hours typically spent playing? Any advice or tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Right now I'm swapping between Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and making a competitive team in Pokemon Sword (I forgot how tedious these games are in that aspect...)
  12. As I am a new member here, I seem to have reached my post limit already:
    If anyone needs to get in contact with me, feel free to drop a friend request and DM in my Discord Inbox:

    I apologize for any hassle I cause with this.

  13. Hello, my buddies and I have started getting into Cipher the past month or so and want to build some decks but alas have not bought much product so being able to build what we want is a little bit difficult without spending some serious cash on shipping right now, so I figured I'd try to trade for as much of the remaining pieces in America and reduce that burden slightly. I'd really prefer to conduct trades/sales among others living in the US since the current pandemic situation is quite limiting. I also play Yu-gi-oh! and Cardfight!! Vanguard so I can try and arrange trades with those TCG cards if there are others who are unfortunate enough to play multiple TCGs right now lol. All of my current list is B08, B11, B16, B17, B19, B20 and B21 at this time, so nothing too old sadly. My work schedule has me working pretty late, so I may take a while to reply to inquires here, so I do apologize in advance. Thank you for takin' a look.
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