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  1. Yeah that sucks. I wanted to get a summoner but when i did, i was disappointed. It was already reported anyways and maybe will be fixed next update. Btw dragoon class looks awesome and has really high crit rate but yeah a bit slow, im actually not sure what to get for amelia, dragoon or halberdier... 🤔
  2. Oh man those are amazing! I hope someone could make a romhack with those sick animations.
  3. Any news on this? This is like the bomb i was hoping to get blown up with.
  4. Wow thanks! 😊 Cant wait to play it
  5. I guess i am restarting a new save, the new features are too much for me to miss especially that neimi sniper animation. Thanks bl00d
  6. Oh so that's why. Anyway I love the improvements but found a glitch with moulder promoting to war monk. When you highlight war monk the screen glitches and freezes game. A workaround is to press A button quickly so it wont freeze na game.
  7. That's y Im taking my time playing. Im waiting for the skills update. Hope you finish it soon. Kudos to you.
  8. Man im having a blast playing through. Cant wait till I get ismaire tho. Im still ways away from it though.
  9. I'm playing on hard mode and I was surprised about Bazba as well. Tho in hard mode, he doesn't have a sword breaker, just a steel axe but has this skill that adds 50 hit and 50 evade if his foe is equipped with a sword. Tbh its fine by me that only Seth has the chance to beat him, i dont really use Seth unless really needed since other units need the exp so he's like my trump card made for bosses only. But that's just me.
  10. I just wanna let you know that you have made a grown ass man happy. This hack is the bomb. I still remember how awed i was when i saw those custom sprites for the cutthroats and other enemies. The quality of life mods, the new animations, the bosses that got my units killed. I love hard mode is now literally hard and forces you to think before you act. Everything really. I love what you did with FESS. Please keep it up. Thank you.
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