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  1. It’s about time we had a Fates legendary! It has been almost two years since legendary female Corrin debuted, and Fates has the largest number of potential legendary units. We still have male Corrin, Camilla, Leo, Elise, Takumi, and Sakura, all of whom are consistently very popular characters. I wouldn’t even rule out Felicia, Jakob or Kaze; they’re all fairly popular and relatively major Fates characters. Xander’s art is spectacular (PenekoR is one of my favorite Heroes artists) and I’m looking forward to having an excellent axe cavalry unit. While I was wowed by his art, his voice immediately ruined my excitement. I’ll never get over how much worse Xander’s voice is in Heroes compared to Fates. In fact, all the characters who were voiced by David Stanbra sound notably worse in Heroes. Kaze’s voice is acceptable, but poor Siegbert. While I am looking forward to Shura someday appearing in Heroes, I’m also bracing for the fact he’ll have a lackluster voice compared to his voice in Fates.
  2. Seeing the three female dragon riders in red—Jill, Altena and Minerva—makes me wish Scarlet were in Heroes. Hopefully she’ll be on the next Fates banner. Minerva is one of my favorite Archanea characters (though I also really like Michalis,) so I’ll join her team!
  3. I haven't created one of these in quite some time! I’m really hoping that either the upcoming New Heroes banner or the one after (whichever one isn’t Three Hopes-related) is a Fates banner. Maybe we actually will get Shura, but this is my speculation/wishful thinking. I have no real color preference, but green works aesthetically with Shura and many Pegasus knights are blue lance wielders. He’s a speedy archer with high movement capabilities, high attack, above average resistance and low defense. Shura: Righteous Rogue Green infantry archer Skills Summoning Dialogue: “The name’s Shura. I was born a ninja of Kohga, and now I’m surviving as a thief in Nohr. Why did you summon me of all people?” Barracks Dialogue: Character Screen Dialogue: Level Up and Growth Dialogue: Battle Dialogue: 5-Star Level 40 Dialogue: “Thanks for summoning me, (Summoner). I like it here. Even with the war going on, it’s much more peaceful than Nohr and no one here knows who I am or what I’ve done. I regret too many things to name. But you were the one who lifted me from the darkness when you summoned me. At first, I wondered why I was summoned instead of more deserving people, but I came to realize what my purpose was here: to have a fresh start. I can’t make up for everything I’ve done wrong, but at least I can help the people of Askr. And it’s all thanks to you. I said you shouldn’t waste your time talking to me, but I’m glad you did. I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done, and let you know I’ll always have your back on the battlefield.” Greeting Dialogue: “Are you (Friend)? For some reason, (Summoner) chose me of all people to take a message of greeting to you.”
  4. That's an interesting theory! I wonder how much Hans and Iago know about Anankos. I've heard several people say Subaki is a lackluster unit, but I loved using him in my Birthright playthrough. He was my second-best pegasus knight after Hinoka. I enjoyed having a slower but sturdier pegasus knight (usually they're too frail for my tastes,) and he doesn't have the crippling low resistance of Scarlet. Chapter 4 The early game chapters in Fates are fairly fun. I don’t mind playing through them each time, which is part of why I don’t use Branch of Fate. This is another chapter where I like to take the most difficult route possible. While Ryoma makes a beeline for his sisters, I lure the Faceless to me and defeat them one at a time.
  5. Meg, who lost a lot of weight for the wedding, and Zihark is also on the banner. I was thinking along the same lines. Sophia had an alt not that long ago, and is Larum (or Silvia, who it could also be) popular enough to warrant having an alt? Lene had an alt, but that’s more because of the parallals between her and her Harmonic partner Dorothea. I highly doubt she would’ve received an alt otherwise.
  6. I was disappointed that Xander lost in the first round (to Jagen, of all characters,) but at least Frederick won. He and Titania were my second/third choices.
  7. I like several of the characters in this Voting Gauntlet, and I’m joining Team Xander! If he loses, I’ll also be more than content joining Team Titania.
  8. I love the idea of ikemen young Oliver, before he lost his figure and most of his hair. I picture his hairstyle being between Soren’s and Jakob’s. Bonus points if young Oliver says something along the lines of “Beauty is fleeting, and I must enjoy every minute of it.” Or he could be even more vain at this age. Also, I’d really want to see young Corrin (either male or female) with a young Felicia and Flora duo, young Jakob, and young Camilla. They have fascinating childhoods that Fates only briefly details. Camilla would be noticeably older than the others, a teen around the same age as Elise or Sakura’s current age, Jakob would be 10-12 years old, between the ages of Flora/Felicia (9-11 years old) and Camilla, and Corrin would be the youngest of the group (7-8 years old.) Flora and Felicia would be confused by why they were sent to live with Corrin (even adult Felicia doesn’t fully understand that she was a hostage) and Jakob would struggle with his servant tasks and would be upset that his parents abandoned him. Also, I’m quite convinced that Ben Diskin could give young Jakob a good voice, since he voiced Numbah One and Numbah Two in Codename: Kids Next Door. While Peri doesn’t fit the group theme, at least she’s from Nohr and I’d want to see her as a child, too. She would be the Tempest Trial unit. Whether you love or hate Peri, she’d look adorable as a child and her childhood is a significant part of her character. Young Peri could be from before her mother was murdered or shortly after she was traumatized; both would be interesting takes on her character.
  9. Depending on the next New Heroes banner, I might summon for young Soren. Other than that, I’m disappointed by this banner. I couldn’t care less about Boyd, Mia or Mist, and while I somewhat like Ilyana, I don’t like her enough to invest significant orbs to summon for her. I would’ve rather seen young Elincia, Sanaki, Sothe or even Micaiah for non-Greil Mercenaries characters. Young Titania would be very interesting, though she’d be considerably older than the others, teenage at the youngest.
  10. I’m indifferent to the Krises (I haven’t played New Mystery, but I probably would like them if I did,) but all the other characters you mentioned are ones I’m very fond of. Male Corrin is a given because of Legendary female Corrin (also, both Robins and Byleths have Legendary forms, so it’s only a matter of time before he is given one) and Xander seems extremely likely because of Legendary Ryoma. I’m quite surprised there isn’t a Legendary Camilla due to her popularity and the less popular Hinoka having a Legendary Form. The Krises will probably be added at some point, since they are (to my knowledge) Lord characters. Elincia seems very likely, too. She is almost a Lord character, very popular, and Tellius doesn’t have many viable Legendary options. Soren and Sothe seem most viable, and maybe Lethe. Now that more non-lord characters are getting Legendary forms, I’d be ecstatic to see Jakob get a Legendary form. He’s a fairly major character in Fates, though I think the Fates royals (and maybe Felicia, who I also love, but not nearly as much) would be given priority. Jakob seems less likely, but still completely possible.
  11. Fates has my favorite cast of any Fire Emblem game, yet I somewhat agree that Fates has a fair number of “gimmicky” characters, probably for the reasons mentioned in above posts. So does Awakening, proportionately to the size of its cast. The Fates cast is still my favorite cast, perhaps because I found many of the characters’ gimmicks consistently enjoyable. Felicia, Kagero, Mitama, Nyx, Subaki, Arthur, Percy, Hayato, Sophie, Flora, Kiragi*, Orochi*, Charlotte* and Selkie* come to mind. * Do their main traits count as gimmicks? Also, the large number of supports benefits characters that don’t rely on a gimmick. There’s a reason that many of my favorite Fire Emblem characters and four of my top five (Camilla, Jakob, Corrin, Azura) come from Fates. Their supports give the writers the chance to flesh out their characters, show different sides of their personalities and give them nuance. It also bolsters my longstanding lament that the characters with only Corrin and Kana supports should have had at least 2-3 more supports to flesh them out. Shura and Izana in particular, since they’re neutral characters and they’re recruited late. I’m also quite fond of Reina and Scarlet. On a side note, you’re literally the only person in the entire fandom I’ve met who doesn’t like Leo. Now I’m curious why. I’m not criticizing you, I’m just curious.
  12. Since this topic has been revived, does anyone have Kaden with Replicate? I’ve been searching for over a year now on here, Reddit, GameFAQs and elsewhere without any luck.
  13. At first I liked Harmonic Sonya and Tharja, until I realized that means my dream of a Tharja and Faye Harmonic will never happen. 😔 I particularly love the idea of them as witches for a Harvest Festival alt, and Faye is Tharja’s “apprentice.” Also, I’m disappointed by the lack of Panne. It would be hilarious to see her on a Spring Festival banner. Maybe next year. I imagine she’d be bewildered by the festival, if not a little insulted or flattered. Speaking of character sets, Spring Peri would have been nice, since we have Spring Xander and Laslow/Inigo. The attire would be an excellent look on her. Although I’d rather see Peri have a Harvest Festival alt. Some time ago, I came up with an in-depth hypothetical idea for that. https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/95383-create-a-hero-revival-thread/page/2/#comments I like Maria’s alt, but otherwise I’m disappointed with this banner.
  14. I agree with everything you said. Both Awakening and Fates had pre-rendered cutscenes that used camera angles to obscure the avatar’s customizable parts and recorded with different voice options. They also used lower-quality in-engine cutscenes to show the avatar’s customizable features. Three Houses has better quality in-engine graphics than Fates or Awakening, so there is really no excuse. Byleth is my least favorite lord for many of the reasons that have been mentioned in this topic. I’ve never liked silent protagonists. The trope feels like a cop-out for writers to avoid giving their protagonists any real personality or character development. I don’t buy the idea that “players can insert/immerse themselves in the world better through a character that doesn’t have a defined personality.” It has never had that effect on me. While Corrin is also a divisive character, part of what I love about Corrin is that s/he has a very defined personality, which makes his/her interactions with other characters far more interesting and (for me, at least) immersive than just brief responses like in Byleth’s supports. I like the concept of Byleth having different dialogue choices, but it wasn’t well-executed. I wish they were more meaningful, both in how other characters react and in giving the player more say in Byleth’s “personality” even if these choices don’t influence the story.
  15. Chapter 2 I would be curious to know how Kaze and Rinkah returned to Hoshido. I have several headcanons about their journey home. Nohr is not hospitable territory to travel through, and its citizens would be even less hospitable to two enemy Hoshidans traveling through their land. Chapter 3 Hah! As if. Impenetrable, huh? Let’s penetrate this bee-yotch! Call me stubborn or defiant, but every time I play this chapter, I take the hard route and storm the fortress in the northeast corner of the map. There’s no tactical advantage to this (other than gaining some experience,) but I get satisfaction out of doing it. This is why I hate Hans. He goes out of his way to make the main character’s (and the player’s) life harder, even when it is detrimental to him. Now Celestin and Gunter have to (temporarily) retreat to heal since Felicia can’t come close enough to heal them. Forget Hans. I’m going to move and let him Leroy Jenkins himself to death since he wants to so badly. Penetration successful! What a bizarre enemy attack range grid. Penetration complete! Take that, Gunter! Now onto the fortress in the lower half of the map. It has a cool design when examined closely. I never understood why Hans wanted to kill Gunter and Corrin here. Garon’s plan to assassinate Queen Mikoto would fail if Corrin died before reaching Hoshido. This is part of why I question whether Garon truly intended to have Corrin bring Ganglari to Hoshido for it to explode and kill Mikoto. I hope that was his intention, because if it is, he’s a brilliant villain. Assassinating the ruler of a rival kingdom who has a barrier around her kingdom that causes invaders to lose their will to fight is no easy task.
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