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  1. I'm thrilled Charlotte and Nyx were added! I just got Charlotte via a free 40th summon and Nyx a few summons after. It has never taken me so many summons (45 total!) to get a character off a banner in Heroes, and I had to buy the starter pack to have enough orbs. Also, I'm still a little sore about Shura not being the Grand Hero Battle character. Arete was such an out-of-left-field choice. There's always next year. Maybe next year we'll get a Fates banner featuring neutral characters/characters playable in all Fates routes and Shura can be the GHB character or (less likely) on the main banner. Best-case scenario, that would also give me Izana, Sophie and Mozu. I'm looking forward to a future Awakening banner and Shadow Dragon banner, but hopefully not too soon and hopefully not back to back. August will give me time to save my orbs. I really hope we get a banner with the remaining Shepherds and Gregor as the GHB, but that seems unlikely since IS avoids male-dominated banners. I'm hoping for Xane (I like his personality and I'm curious how Heroes will handle his gimmick) and Nyna (I don't love her, but she has a cool design, is an important character in Shadow Dragon, and I'm curious what type of unit she would be. Probably a mage or staff unit.)
  2. I’m surprised how much I enjoy seeing other people’s lists. Some characters are more popular than I expected (Hayato, Hisame, the Hoshidan royals, Saizo.) Some are less. Of the frequently disliked characters, the ones that puzzled me the most are Jakob and Yukimura. I suppose Jakob can sometimes be abrasive, but he’s cut from the same cloth as characters like Frederick, Hubert, Sothe and Soren, who are deeply devoted to a main character, but unfriendly to most others. Sothe and Soren are much more abrasive than Jakob, and I’m very fond of them, too. With Yukimura, I have no clue what is so off-putting about him to some people, since he has such a neutral and mild personality. Maybe that makes him boring, though for me, being boring would put a character in the Neutral tier.
  3. Agreed. I like Candace—she’s one of the more memorable minor bosses—but I don’t ever see her being added to Heroes. That’s the problem with being an unpopular character in a popular game with a very large cast. I’ll be pleasantly shocked if we get Percy and Yukimura on a future banner. I have never been this ambivalent about a New Heroes banner before. 😕 I’m thrilled to see Nyx and Charlotte, my second and third most-wanted characters! I would’ve been surprised if they weren’t on this banner. I didn’t expect Orochi to be with them, and I didn’t expect Benny to be added over Dwyer or Kiragi, but they both are pleasant surprises. I’m very bitter about the GHB. Shura had a good shot since there aren’t many GHB archers (no pun intended.) There were other good choices for Fates GHB characters, and they had to pick a bit-part character who I had to look up who she was. As some other people have pointed out, there is something of a Nohr bias in Heroes. To be fair, I greatly prefer the Nohrian cast to the Hoshidan cast. Maybe next year’s Fates banner will be a neutral banner with infantry lance Mozu, cavalry sword Sophie, colorless tome Izana and staff demote Dwyer (Dwyer is one of my least favorite characters, but he does well in CYL and he’s the most likely choice for this theme) with red/blue/green archer Shura as the GHB.
  4. There was a Nohrian Summer banner too, so I don’t think Jugdral having a more “grim” feel to it would exclude the cast from potential summer alts. If anything, lack of popularity would. I’m not even sure how many of the Japanese fans have played those games. On a semi-related note, I loved most of the Fates class and character designs. Adventurers (both male and female versions), Nohrian Nobles (both male and female versions), Maids and Butlers have my all-time favorite FE class outfits. Sky Knights, Falcon Knights, and Kinshi Knights look amazing, too. Although I never liked Hoshido Noble (I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a pale imitation of Nohrian Noble or because the colors are much less flattering on default Corrin) and the female Cavaliers and Great Knights. The hip window works very well on Camilla, but it looks silly when every other part of a character is covered in bulky armor. Maybe the Nohrian army is too poor to afford pants for all their soldiers. 😆
  5. Realistically, I theorize that a new Fates banner will have Nyx (red tome infantry), Charlotte (axe infantry), Kiragi (blue archer infantry), and Dwyer (staff cavalry) with Shura (colorless archer infantry) as the GHB character. Kiragi isn’t one of the most popular Fates characters, but he is the last remaining Fates royal. Shiro and Siegbert are much less popular than him and were probably added to Heroes for that reason. The last Fates banner had two generation 1 units and two generation 2 units. Dwyer or Kiragi will probably be the demote. On the other hand, my dream Fates banner would have Nyx (colorless tome infantry), Charlotte (axe infantry), Shura (blue archer infantry) and Reina (red archer flyer) with Percy (axe flyer) as the GHB character.
  6. I’m a few weeks behind, but I have to say, I really like the recent comics. I especially loved that they featured my two all-time favorite FE characters Camilla and Jakob back to back! In response to a few earlier posters, it is rather odd that Camilla hasn’t had a Resplendent outfit yet, and I’m surprised by the lack of Camilla or Azura in a Harmonic duo. I’m not sure who I’d want to see Camilla with (I’d honestly rather have Camilla as a Duo Hero with Elise or Corrin), and both the characters I’d want to see Azura with are already Harmonic Heroes (Ninian and Dorothea.)
  7. Shura has a VERY good chance of being the next Fates GHB character. He’s over 100 CYL places ahead of any other Fates antagonist, barring Anankos, who will probably be a Mythic. I would be very pleased with this outcome. I wouldn’t have to summon for him (although I would love for Shura to have a Forging Bonds conversation) and GHB characters almost always have amazing art. Reina is about the only other acceptable Fates GHB option (though Candace or Kotaro would be cool, they’re not as popular or significant). I’d rather have Reina as part of Forging Bonds. I really want her gold headdress/halo as an accessory!
  8. Cynthia is one of my all-time favorite Fire Emblem characters, so I’m choosing her!
  9. (I have been reading this topic a little, but haven't had as much time to reply as I would like due to the 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog happening around the same time and working on this piece.) That's sound logic, but for me I felt the opposite way. I’m indifferent towards most of the cast in Three Houses, with a few characters I strongly like, a few I strongly dislike, a few I have mixed feelings about, and the majority of the cast fall into a neutral category. I feel that way about Shadows of Valentia, too. There are a few characters I strongly like, and while I have misgivings about a few characters, I don't dislike them as strongly as the characters I dislike in Fates and Awakening. I feel neutral about most of the Shadows of Valentia cast, if not slightly more positive than negative. I would have a hard time making a tier list for Shadows of Valentia or Three Houses (and Shadow Dragon even more so) since I have neutral opinions on most of the characters in those games. Shadow Dragon would be even harder since many of the characters only have a couple lines.
  10. @JAZ_2002, @NSSKG151, @FlyingKitsune Where did you make these tier lists? I must try this!
  11. Since Fates has such a huge cast, I thought it would be fun to create an entirely subjective tier list based on personal likes and dislikes rather than somewhat more objective traits like functionality as units. Share your favorite character tier lists! I organized my favorites in order of preference within each tier, but I don’t expect that from everyone. I also count Male Corrin and Female Corrin and Male Kana and Female Kana as different characters. Feel free to copy my list and move character names around if it’s too much work to try to remember them all or type them out again. I listed every playable character and some NPCs and bosses when I felt inclined to include them. Top 10 Camilla, Jakob, Azura, Corrin (F), Corrin (M), Shigure, Shura, Felicia, Leo, Elise Top 20 (I love them just slightly less) Peri, Charlotte, Anna, Nyx, Ryoma, Reina, Xander, Selkie, Laslow, Siegbert Like Kaze, Percy, Flora, Sophie, Izana, Scarlet, Silas, Subaki, Arthur, Hayato, Kana (M), Kana (F), Kiragi, Lilith, Mozu, Ophelia, Odin, Hisame, Keaton, Velouria, Orochi, Rinkah, Kagero, Oboro, Yukimura, Kaden, Mitama, Benny, Effie, Rhajat, Caeldori, Kotaro, Candace Neutral Setsuna, Hinoka, Beruka, Asugi, Mikoto, Sakura, Garon, Midori, Shiro, Gunter, Fuga, Funke, Nichol, Senno, Hinata Mixed Feelings/Ambivalent Azama, Hana, Ignatius, Iago, Nina, Zola, Soleil, Forrest, Dwyer, Selena Dislike Takumi, Niles, Saizo, Hans
  12. Dark Knight Saizo looks amazing. I remember seeing a screenshot of him here a long time ago. Master of Arms Subaki, Falcon Knight Kaden and Kinshi Knight Jakob are great on my current Birthright playthrough. Falcon Knight Laslow is quite good as well (but not as good as Kaden.) Here are some S-rank reclassing options I want to try in future playthroughs. Any opinions? I plan to Partner Seal Peri to Falcon Knight in my next Conquest playthrough. Not only would the outfit look fantastic on her, but she already uses lances and it would improve her already high speed and resistance. I also really like her as a character and want to S-rank her at some point. In a different playthrough I plan to partner seal Shura to either Kinshi Knight (so he keeps bows) or to Butler (so he keeps staffs.) Both would look great on him and work well with his high speed and resistance and low defense stats. I’m leaning toward Kinshi Knight, but I’m looking for second opinions. I also really like him as a character and want to S-rank him at some point.
  13. Child of Dusk Corrin is one of my favorite units in Heroes, so I’m definitely supporting her!
  14. I’m excited for June; the three games that are most likely to have another banner are among the games I care about most (though I’d definitely take another Shadow Dragon banner.) Shadows of Valentia seems likely. I don’t have strong feelings about any SoV character who hasn’t been added to Heroes yet, but Mycen is the one I most want to see. If there is an Awakening banner, I truly hope it contains the remaining Shepherds: Kellam (lance armor), Vaike (axe infantry), Miriel (red tome infantry), and Ricken (colorless tome infantry)! Gregor (sword infantry) can be the GHB, since he is recruited later than the others, he’s more of an outlier, and as I recall, Chrom and the other Shepherds didn’t know him until the chapter where he is recruited. I know Heroes avoids male-dominated banners (and it doesn’t help that Miriel isn’t especially beautiful or sexy), but IS has done weirder things with Awakening in Heroes. They’ve had some very odd priorities with releasing Awakening characters into Heroes. Several antagonists, second-gen units and relatively late-game recruits were added before these five Shepherds, who are all recruited relatively early. Let’s hope June is the remaining Shepherds' time to finally shine! *takes a deep breath* With Fates, I’m going to try hard to balance my expectations with reality... What my dream Fates banner would look like: Nyx (colorless tome infantry), Charlotte (axe infantry), Shura (blue archer infantry) and Reina (red archer flyer) with Percy (axe flyer) as the GHB character. Most realistically I think it will look like this: Nyx (red tome infantry), Charlotte (axe infantry), Kiragi (blue archer infantry), and Dwyer (staff cavalry) with Shura (colorless archer infantry) as the GHB character. There are a few other characters who stand a good chance of being on the next Fates banner (Mozu, Scarlet and Orochi come to mind offhand), but I’ll be very surprised if the GHB character on the next Fates banner isn’t Shura. All the other Fates antagonists not yet in Heroes placed more than 200 spots beneath him on CYL, there are plenty of antagonists left so there is no need to dip into the rest of the roster, Shura joins you in all three Fates games and he is fought in all three Fates games. Besides, there have only been a couple GHB archers. (I'm not including Anankos, since I see him as a Mythic candidate, not a GHB candidate.)
  15. Both Ryoma and Legendary Ryoma were available on banners at the same time, so I tried summoning for them since they’re on my “most wanted units list.” At first I had no luck on the Legendary banner, but extremely weird luck on the normal rerun banner. I kept summoning Roy and Eliwood over and over again, and summoned several new 3 and 4-star characters from recent New Heroes banners (Miranda, Knoll, Lex.) I also summoned my first normal Caeda! Weirdly enough, I summoned Zelgius with my free summon, THEN summoned him two summons later, and AGAIN later on! Also all three were +Defense/Resistance and -Attack. I also summoned Laevatein (I love her design!) and Saber. The next day, I summoned Legendary Ryoma on my first summon. Then on the other banner, after six summons, I summoned Ike, immediately followed by normal Ryoma! I’m sticking to my theory that free summons are rigged with a higher summoning chance, because I recently summoned Brave Lucina with one, too. This is probably to make people think they have good luck on the banner so they’ll spend more. It certainly worked; I spent about 200 orbs (half my orbs) and it was definitely worth it for everything I picked up along the way.
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