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  1. Who else agrees with me? Generally I am indifferent to characters that can only support with the main character (or one or two other characters, like Anna in Awakening, Flora and Gunter), but Fates had some truly memorable ones. Here is my take on each one. What are your opinions? Anna-She’s more or less the same as her character in Awakening, though I’m glad Fates Anna doesn’t look like a jester. I love both of them. Flora-From what few supports she has and her role in the story, she has a genuinely interesting personality and backstory with untapped potential. I like the contrast and similarities between her and Felicia. While I prefer Felicia as a character, I prefer Flora as a unit. In general, I love the Maid/Butler classes and Flora is the best in combat. Fuga-I have a neutral opinion of him. I find it kind of amusing that by marrying him you become Hayato’s stepmother. Also, I really like Kana’s hair color if Fuga is his father (apparently he had dark brown hair before he went bald/shaved.) Gunter-I like him more than I expected to. For a Jagen he has good longevity. He is a surprisingly viable unit for me; in Conquest I used him all the way up to Chapter 22. I noticed him falling behind in usability in Chapter 21 (though he took hardly damage from the Faceless since his defense was so high). I enjoyed his supports as well. Izana-I liked him immediately for his wit, positivity, innocence, pure-heartedness, and beatific attitude. I don’t see innocent male characters too often, which is part of his (and male Corrin’s) appeal. His supports with Corrin are unfortunately somewhat dull, but his Kana support is hilarious and is one of my favorite father supports for Kana. From my experiences, he’s one of the better mages in Fates. Reina-I’m not hugely fond of most of the Hoshidan cast, but Reina is one of my favorite characters in Birthright. Her personality is somewhere between Camilla and Peri, both of whom I love, so understandably I would love her, too. Kinshi Knight is an awesome class both in utility and aesthetics (one of my favorite Fire Emblem classes ever) and she is a powerful unit. Scarlet-I like her design and personality, and it’s a pity she didn’t get to do more. I’ve seen several people echo that sentiment, and she ranked remarkably high in the last Choose Your Legends, placing 146th. I would’ve liked to see her resistance group play a larger role in Birthright and I wish she had a support with Flora. She’s a great unit, too. I love having a strong, defense-oriented flyer. Shura-See Flora, but with even fewer supports. Shura is one of my favorite non-royal characters in Fates, and currently at the top of my “most wanted list” for Heroes. He has an interesting design: I like his hair, and Adventurers have one of the best class outfits in any Fire Emblem game. Though Shura lacks the fabulous hat enemy Adventurers wear, I like his color scheme. I can’t put my finger on why, but I find him oddly charming. For me, he is one of the best non-royal units. He has several great reclassing options, several DLC classes suit him (I made Shura a Lodestar in Conquest; he was virtually untouchable and doubled everything in his path.) In fact, he does well in every class I’ve reclassed him to. His map in Conquest is one of my favorite maps in the series. Yukimura- I have a somewhat positive view of him, and would probably like him more if he had more supports or time in the story. It’s too bad he can only be recruited in Birthright; Mechanist is a very fun class to use. I like the idea of an inventor character in a Fire Emblem game (he’s the only one I know of.) His supports could expand on of the most interesting and unexplored aspects of Hoshido: how much more technologically advanced they are than virtually anywhere else in Fire Emblem.
  2. I couldn’t have summoned a more ironic character with a free summon. Honestly, I had never heard of Farina before she was added to Heroes today, but I immediately liked her. I love her art, she has a pleasing color scheme, she’s a good unit from Level 1, I like her dialogue and her Forging Bonds scene is amusing.
  3. I had very weird summoning luck recently. First I summoned Silque from the first new Voting Gauntlet banner with a free summon! Then with the free summon from the second new Voting Gauntlet banner I summoned Sara—even though she is in the upcoming Voting Gauntlet, she wasn’t actually included on that banner! I summoned her from the normal 5-star summoning pool. What a bizarre coincidence. Then after that, I summoned my first 4-star Lena, consecutively followed by 5-star Lena! After a long dry spell of 3 and 4-star characters, on my 35th summon, at last I summoned Julian! I was close to 40, so I decided to go for the free 5-star character and get a second Julian. The first Julian had an awful asset and flaw (+Defense -Speed,) so I like having a neutral Julian, too. Generally I do not merge 5-star units. I was a little annoyed about the recent announcement of gaining new Celestial Stones for summoning a free unit after 40 summons. This feature will be implemented next week. If only this banner had happened a week later. On a side note, I love Julian’s art (aside from the fact he is in profile) and I love even more that Julian mentions Rickard twice. I’m one of the only people who cares, but I really hope this is a sign that Rickard will appear on the next Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem banner!
  4. I hoped we would have Wrys vs. Rhys! 😄 I never would’ve expected Wrys of all characters to make it to the final round. Then again, I’m always surprised by how well he does in CYL, as a plainly-dressed bald old man who is a very minor character with only a few lines of dialogue and in Shadow Dragon is usually outperformed by other healers like Lena. Am I missing something?
  5. An Awakening banner is also quite likely. Several Awakening characters who have been in Heroes for a long time were just added to “Meet some of the Heroes.” All of them were Shepherds/characters who join Chrom at some point. Maybe we’ll get a banner with the remaining Shepherds! 😃 I could see a banner with Miriel (red tome infantry), Vaike (axe infantry), Ricken (colorless tome infantry), and Kellam (lance armor). Gregor (sword infantry) could be the GHB character.
  6. I don’t see why this would have any bearing on Heroes. Plenty of characters (in the English version) have different VAs in Heroes than in their original games. Xander, Kaze and Siegbert shared a VA in Fates and are played by different people in Heroes. When Shura is added, he’ll probably have a different VA too, since all four characters I mentioned are voiced by David Stanbra (who did an excellent job; I was sad to see he didn’t reprise his roles for Heroes.) Speaking of Fates, I suspect we’ll have another Fates banner next month or in the next few months. Initially I was torn about having a Fates banner in April (due to it coming right after the AHR banner and wanting to save orbs for it), but I summoned Child of Dusk Corrin with relative ease and with 400+ orbs remaining. Now I really hope there will be a Fates banner soon. Many characters I want to see in Heroes have a very high chance of being added. I’d be thrilled to see Charlotte, Nyx, Shura, Scarlet or Reina on a New Heroes banner, and they all stand decent chances based on CYL results. Charlotte and Nyx seem like givens, and Shura is a very likely choice for GHB (though I’d rather see him in the main banner so he can have a Forging Bonds conversation.)
  7. I was referring to Panne and Yarne, though I suppose my wording was a little vague. I think Panne would be offended at first, thinking that the silly costumes are mocking taguel, then after seeing more of the festival she would realize that isn’t the case. Yarne would be skittish at first, then feel flattered. There was A Day in the Life comic that was somewhat like this, where he dreamed everyone became taguel.
  8. It would be funny to see them in Spring Festival attire as well as their reactions to the festival and rabbit costumes. 😁 Do you think they would be flattered or offended?
  9. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! The latest and greatest addition to my Corrin army! Seriously, I summoned three different varieties in the last week: my first of both normal male and female Corrin, then Dream Prince Corrin. I also have Bloodbound Beast Corrin. I’ve been trying to get Child of Dusk Corrin since she first debuted (just after I started playing Fire Emblem Heroes), and I’m ecstatic to finally have her! I’m glad her Legendary form features her Nohrian outfit and not her substantially less interesting Hoshidan outfit. Along the way I summoned: Emmeryn, Natasha (one set of orbs; I separate orb sets with straight lines) | Sakura | L’Arachel (no colorless orbs, went for blue) | Sothe (my first Sothe) | Leon, Jeorge | Sakura (again) Merlinus (my first Merlinus, I didn’t know he wasn’t 5-star exclusive. His profile page dialogue answers a long-standing question of mine about how to pronounce Eliwood—I was saying his name correctly all along.) | Merlinus again (two in a row) Ninja-Friend Duo Lyn and Florina (wrong 5-star. +Attack, -Def is good, and I have a neutral version from the free summon to merge with them, so I’ll have +Attack!) Niles, Tanya | Forrest Child of Dusk Corrin after 15 summons! (+HP, -Res. Could be better, could be worse, but I’m not overly concerned with assets and flaws. I’m thrilled I finally have her!) Better yet, I still have 400+ orbs saved for a Fates banner, which will very likely happen in the near future.
  10. I can’t believe my luck! I summoned Dream Prince Corrin on a free summon! I can’t explain how happy I am to get a five-star character (and one I really wanted!) from a free summon. This is an extremely good sign for the upcoming AHR banner. Earlier this week I summoned normal male and female Corrin for the first time. Thus, I summoned THREE Corrins in FIVE days, and this is just with free summons! I’ll be so excited to summon Child of Dusk Corrin net week when the AHR banner happens. At last, I will finally have her!
  11. Yes, I am. Yay! I summoned Marianne on my third summoning ticket! 😄 As I said in a previous post, I’m beginning to think the summoning tickets are rigged/have a higher chance of summoning characters than normal, because the majority of my five-star characters are summoned with summoning tickets. Can someone confirm if the chance of summoning a 5-star character is secretly higher if you're using summoning tickets instead of orbs? Ironically, I wasn't really trying to get Marianne, though she's one of the few 3H characters I like and so far she is an excellent unit in Heroes. On a side note, I summoned female normal Corrin around the same time. Then today, I got male normal Corrin. I usually summon from red or blue orbs, so I'm surprised I didn't summon these two before. I adore Corrin (both, though female even more so), so I'm delighted to have them on my team. I take this as an extremely good sign that I will get Child of Dusk Corrin on the AHR banner! I've wanted her ever since she was released.
  12. An Owain and Eldigan or Ares duo would be hilarious, and even more so in spring festival garb. I can imagine Owain fanboying over the sword Mystletainn. 😆 When I saw the girl’s silhouette on the left, I immediately thought of Selena/Severa, which leads me to think the boy is probably Laslow/Inigo. It could be Odin/Owain, though the hair isn’t spiky enough to me.
  13. I’m so glad Corrin isn’t up against Seiros in the first round. I have a strong feeling Seiros is going to win (though Duo Micaiah is one of the duos I want most). I like Freyja too, though I’m setting my heart on Corrin. I’m indifferent about the characters on the other side, though I skew towards Duo Lyn and Edelgard.
  14. Are the summoning tickets rigged or am I having Percy-tier luck? Once again, I summoned a five-star character (more specifically, a Duo) with my first summoning ticket! I don't especially care about either character, but they are my very first Duo Heroes. I love how they have a special dialogue on their "profile" screen.
  15. In my current Birthright playthrough, I paired Subaki and Hinoka. I generally avoid pairing two units with the same class (because of skill redundancy and feeling like I need to seek out new skills,) but I love how Caeldori looks with Hinoka’s flaming red hair. I have to say it would also be a very flattering color on Sophie (though Sophie looks good with almost any hair color.) I like Hinoka’s supports with both Subaki and Silas. Speaking of seeking skills for second-gen units, Silas is far easier to find skills for than Subaki. I almost never see Subaki with skills outside of his class/promoted classes, even in My Castle lists online.
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