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  1. I’m happy to see another Archanea banner, even if none of these characters are among the Archanean characters on my “most wanted” list. I’ll probably summon for Wolf, since I always liked him in Shadow Dragon and cavalry archers are among my favorite unit types. Depending on if I feel like saving orbs for an upcoming Awakening banner, I may summon for Malice. I like her design/concept of her character and she seems like an interesting character from what I’ve read. It’s such a shame New Mystery was never released outside of Japan…*sad sigh* And I’ll join in the chorus of “Why is Coyote/Hardin absent from a banner featuring his guards?”
  2. Today I summoned Inigo, completing my Performing Arts quartet! I’ve been looking forward to this banner’s return all year. On my seventh summon, I gained Shigure! Later I summoned Azura. I summoned Olivia a couple summons after Azura, and summoned Inigo seven summons after Olivia. I saved up over 200 Orbs anticipating this banner, and I’m relieved I had relatively good luck with summoning all four characters. I still have 157 Orbs left for the next New Heroes banner. I’d be surprised if it didn’t feature Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem, Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn or Awakening, and any of those games’ casts I’d be excited for.
  3. I agree with you and others (I really wish I could quote within quotes), although it pains me to say it. There are only a few remaining Archanea characters I genuinely care about having in Heroes: Rickard, Xane, Nyna, Hardin, Wolf, Castor, Malice, Jake and Etzel in that order, and maybe a couple others I can’t think of offhand. -The pool for potential dagger units is very small (even with most thieves, such as Gaius and Julian, being shifted to daggers) so I’m hoping Rickard can be added on that merit, and he could be a demote so we get another 3-4 star dagger user to flesh out that category. He also has more personality than many of the other minor characters in the Archanea games and he starred in a paralogue of sorts with Lena, Castor and Navarre. Also, Julian mentions Rickard several times in Heroes. Rickard may be unpopular, but I’m not completely ruling him out of ever being added to Heroes. -Xane has an interesting gimmick, and there is a skill already present in Heroes that isn’t entirely different (I forget its name, but it substitutes the unit with a nearby unit to take damage.) He also has a relatively notable personality and he’s relatively popular. -Nyna and Hardin are plot-relevant, and I’d be surprised if neither were on the next Archanea banner. -Wolf is relatively popular, perhaps because of his design and utility as a unit, and he leads the Wolfguard, so he is a fairly likely addition on the next Archanea banner. -I’m hard pressed to think of reasons the other remaining characters would be added, other than the fact I personally like them. I suppose Malice isn’t bad-looking, and has a distinctive design. On the topic of Fates, Mozu is relatively popular, and a few of the Corrinsexuals like Scarlet and Shura are too. It also helps that Scarlet and Shura are prominent in the story in a couple chapters, and that Shura and Mozu are the remaining first-gen characters available in all three Fates games. From a gameplay standpoint, I could see Scarlet and Shura being fun characters to use in Heroes with skills/weapons based on their Fates personal skills. Scarlet could have her special activate automatically if she is below a certain HP percentage (similar to how her Fates personal skill drastically increases her critical hit chance) and Shura could have a skill/weapon that deals additional damage to opponents that cannot counter. Yukimura is one of the only, if not the only, canon dagger cavalry and his mechanical mount could lend itself to a unique movement skill. The same goes for Sophie and her wayward horse.
  4. You’re not alone; I think those two look very similar. 😄 I’m disappointed (though not at all surprised) to see a second Three Houses banner this year, when I was really looking forward to another Tellius or Archanea (including Awakening) banner. I have little interest in this banner, though I like Hapi and I’m pleased to see her included in the Heroes roster. I’m saving my orbs for the upcoming seasonal banner with Azura, Shigure, Olivia and Inigo or a Tellius or Archanea banner depending on the characters on it. Edit: And in response to several other people that I can’t quote in an edit, I am definitely getting Three Houses fatigue.
  5. I agree with you on both counts. Nifl’s design and character art are subpar, but Muspell takes it to another level. Muspell has the worst character art I’ve seen in Heroes, both from a character design and quality perspective. On a positive note, both their dragon designs are awesome. On the other hand, I love Nanna’s artwork, and the artwork for the Day of the Twelve banner in general. I’m definitely going to summon for Leif and Seliph when I have the chance.
  6. At long last, here is my own tier list! Fates (Conquest in particular) has my favorite cast of any Fire Emblem game by a significant margin. I shifted around a few characters from my earlier list for various reasons (e.g. I like Dwyer better if he is Corrin’s son, but overall I dislike him enough to put him in the Strongly Dislike category) though there aren’t any drastic changes from my original list. Some additional notes: -I prefer female Corrin to male Corrin by a small margin, and male Kana to female Kana by a larger margin. -Sadly, Anna isn’t part of this tier list maker. She would be in the Top 20 between Xander and Selkie. -Likewise, Kotaro and Candace would be at the end of the “Like” section after Kaden and before Setsuna. -Funke, Nichol and Senno would be at the end of the “Neutral” section in that order just before Hinata. -Zola would be in the middle of the “Ambivalent” section between Ignatius and Nina.
  7. That would be incredibly awesome! In all seriousness, I wonder if Soren will ever be a legendary candidate. Sothe and Elincia have a decent shot at being legendaries in the future, and are also characters I really like.
  8. Legault. Though he’s not my type (but I must say I love his art in Heroes,) I’m quite fond of him as a character and I really enjoyed his supports.
  9. Who is Awakening! Ignatius? I don’t remember him at all.
  10. Same here! I love the idea of crossover support conversations, and most of my Harmonic ideas are inspired by that. (and I also crack ship Xander and Lucina! In a future Conquest playthrough I’m going make a blue-haired avatar named Lucina, make her a Great Lord and marry her to Xander.) I’ve seen lots of ideas I like so far. I’m listing the “front” character first and “back” character second. Duo Heroes: Cain and Abel: the OG red and green cavaliers. This will probably happen at some point. Julian and Rickard: Partners in crime. Their recruitment conversation in Shadow Dragon is hilarious, and I want to see this duo do more together. Pity they’re both pretty unpopular (Julian placed in the mid-300s last CYL, and Rickard has never risen out of the 400s) and I’ll consider myself blessed if Rickard is added to Heroes in any capacity. Naesala with either Leanne or Tibarn: I like all three of them (Naesala in particular) and we need a beast duo. Harmonic Heroes: Jakob and Soren: Many parallels exist between these two. They are both highborn, but were abandoned by their parents and do not express any desire to reclaim their noble titles. They had rough childhoods and were rejected by others until they were befriended by the main character in their respective games, who they became extremely loyal and devoted to. Both are cold, blunt and antisocial to most characters, but show a softer side to their games’ respective main characters. In fact, they would probably dislike each other until they realize how similar they are. Xander with either Camus or Reinhardt: Xander has already been part of a Harmonic, but thematically works well with Reinhardt in particular. Minerva with either Cherche or Scarlet: The former because Cherche’s wyvern is named Minerva, and the latter because they would look awesome together. Kaze and Zihark: They have humble, easygoing personalities, are popular with women, and lack the predujices that many of their allies have. Panne and Lethe: They both have similar character arcs as they gradually learn to trust humans, and a Harmonic beast unit would be awesome. Tharja and Faye: Robin and Alm, beware, the yanderes have teamed up! This would be a hilarious combination, and they are very different types of yanderes (I prefer Faye’s type.) Azura and Dorothea (though Dorothea is already part of a harmonic, I’m going to use her here): They may be on opposite ends of the social ladder, but they’re surprisingly similar. They’re both pragmatic-minded songstresses who try to be outwardly positive, but mask their personal issues from others and have/had a mentor in life and singing (Azura with her mother, and Dorothea with Manuela.) Elise and Lissa: This would be adorable, and I could see these two becoming fast friends. Cynthia and Arthur: I crack ship this, and their personalities would be hilarious together. This is part of the reason I feel that Cynthia should have returned in Fates as Elise’s retainer. Ashe and Shura: Two former thieves who are otherwise decent people whose circumstances forced them into crime. Their age difference gives them different perspectives on life, and I imagine that Ashe would have turned out similar to Shura had he not been adopted by Lonato. Ashe is idealistic and sees the good in others, which contrasts nicely with Shura’s self-hatred and aloof personality. He would convince Shura that he really can atone for his past and achieve his goal of rebuilding his homeland.
  11. This is probably my favorite thing about Three Houses, which is quite a compliment since there are many things in that game I don’t care for. The game wants you to interact with the world and characters, learn more, and immerse yourself in it. This is one of my favorite qualities about video games, and it is something I’m trying to do in the game I’m currently developing, Outcasts of the Rift. I love that Three Houses puts more emphasis on the immersive qualities than other Fire Emblem games (though Fates and Shadows of Valentia took steps in the right direction.) What's a shame is that with Three Houses does all of this is in service of a cast, lore and world that I don’t find especially interesting. Part of why Sun and Moon are two of my favorite Pokémon games (only behind Ruby and Sapphire and their remakes) is for this reason. Alola is hugely atmospheric and has a distinctly different feel than every other game in the series. The elements that make Sun and Moon unique draw from the world/lore of the game rather than feeling put in purely for the sake of gameplay. The Pokémon feel like creatures in a cohesive ecosystem that is unique to the region. Sun and Moon had just the right amount of change in a series that was quickly becoming formulaic, but didn’t change it in a way that removed good additions from past games. I have the latter criticism about Fire Emblem: the series avoids being formulaic, but the developers often remove good ideas that were popular with fans for seemingly no reason. E.g. could something similar to Dragon Veins have been incorporated into Three Houses, but explained with a different in-universe reason? Popular classes like Malig Knight, Maid and Butler would fit in fine with the setting. With Pokémon there is clear progress with each game, where each game feels more polished than the last, but I don’t feel that way about Fire Emblem.
  12. Thanks to her, my Corrin collection is complete! I won't spam the topic with all my images. Here's the link to my Tumblr post. https://magenta-fantasies.tumblr.com/post/658871814449152000/my-corrin-collection-is-complete
  13. Like last month, I’m ambivalent about this banner. Last month I was excited to see a (partially) Archanean summer banner, then immediately stopped caring when I saw Summer Marth wasn’t part of it. 😕 This time I was excited to see Camilla as part of a Duo Hero...but the back end, and as usual I don’t love her alt outfit. To be fair, she has more alts than Hinoka. On the other hand, the pirate banner returns, and Naesala is on it! I’d summon for him, but I really want Summer Corrin to complete my Corrin collection and I’m very low on Orbs. Vika is a pleasant surprise. I hope the ninja banner returns later, and I REALLY hope we get a pirates vs. ninja voting gauntlet. That would partially make up for Fates not bringing back pirate as a class (although there were sort of pirates in one chapter of Conquest, but they were also sort of ninja. It makes sense in context.)
  14. What softens Jakob for me is that he’s usually right (or at least has a point), he’s often trying to be helpful with his candid comments, and his snark is hilarious. Soren and Sothe rarely if ever say anything funny, though I admit it’s a bit of a skewed comparison, since Jakob has far more supports than Sothe and Soren put together. Speaking of rarely saying anything funny, I’m surprised how many people like Saizo, who I can’t stand. Maybe he gets a pass for being a “badass ninja.” He’s very abrasive and ungrateful towards most of the cast, even hostile in his supports with Kaze for no reason, and is completely unlikeable in all but a couple supports. He even drove Laslow to tears. On the other hand, Jakob is blunt and (for me, hilariously) snarky, but much of the time that’s just him being honest and helpful in a roundabout way.
  15. I'm thrilled Charlotte and Nyx were added! I just got Charlotte via a free 40th summon and Nyx a few summons after. It has never taken me so many summons (45 total!) to get a character off a banner in Heroes, and I had to buy the starter pack to have enough orbs. Also, I'm still a little sore about Shura not being the Grand Hero Battle character. Arete was such an out-of-left-field choice. There's always next year. Maybe next year we'll get a Fates banner featuring neutral characters/characters playable in all Fates routes and Shura can be the GHB character or (less likely) on the main banner. Best-case scenario, that would also give me Izana, Sophie and Mozu. I'm looking forward to a future Awakening banner and Shadow Dragon banner, but hopefully not too soon and hopefully not back to back. August will give me time to save my orbs. I really hope we get a banner with the remaining Shepherds and Gregor as the GHB, but that seems unlikely since IS avoids male-dominated banners. I'm hoping for Xane (I like his personality and I'm curious how Heroes will handle his gimmick) and Nyna (I don't love her, but she has a cool design, is an important character in Shadow Dragon, and I'm curious what type of unit she would be. Probably a mage or staff unit.)
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