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  1. In addition to what @GonzoMD1993 said, if you have trouble reaching to Zephiel before he dies you can try utilizing your staffbots (especially Pent) by sending them above the Throne room with status staves and try to put them to sleep or berserk which gives you more time to reach the throne before things get hairy. This is what I tend to do if I lack good combat units and need to gain me a few more turns.

  3. Samee, I want to play the gaidens damnit.
  4. Here is how to get all recruitables and item drops from enemies and steal the items from boss (the most luck requiring part) in chapter 3 RIGHT SIDE: send pirate with swordreaver near bush on right side, send 2 brothers + gary with a hand axe after him make gary kil the other hand axe guy in the bush and stall the dark mages until your mage arrives use your mage to kill dark mages there will also be a brigand with a droppable steel axe coming make sure your pirate w/ swordreaver is in a bush waiting for him after that rest of them can do 0 damage to you anyways so it should be no problem taking rest out when you are done rush to the bush near the recruitable characters to help with middle LEFT SIDE: Send your thief with a killing edge into the bush near the cracked wall. DO NOT HIT THE WALL otherwise swordreaver will kill her after 1 turn passes with the wall being broken send her to middle MIDDLE: Send everyone remaining there but do not leave the building. Have barry with a bow in the range of the swordsman you are going to recruit, while waiting for him make your healer barrier both him and the silent axe dude whose name I can't remember next turn recruit him and put him at the right at the outer doors also your thief with killing edge should be at middle right now from escaping the swordreaver coming from left. This is important because she will be the bait for that thief and the axe user coming from middle next turn place the thief in the bush send your sword guy to the right bush make barry with a silver axe + supports tank the swordreaver (he can 1-hit) this is where barrier you used from before will start helping because dark mages from bottom and left will start hitting you place barry in the bush and send the thief to steal the boots if you want but you will lose valuable manpower when trying to rescue her out of hit range, only person that can rescue her and still stay alive is either barry or the horseman you recruit which both of them are too important to make sure you don't get overrun. HOWEVER if you want to go for it you can do it last turn or the one before that barely since that is the earliest you can get the horseman near the boss after you recruit the mage and the swordsman start rescue+drop to get the mage out of range dont fight the berserkers and start running to the left side and that should be the end of it.
  5. vision quest is finished please update it also most of these finished hacks have dead links and aren't accessible so should they stay in the list too?
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