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  1. I'm currently looking for Vestaria Saga portraits. Preferably in the 96 x 96 resolution in the game. Here are the one's I found so far. I'm currently looking for the portraits of all the characters in Vestaria Saga. I've was able to find a good amount of them, but not all. Does anyone know where I can find all of them? Preferably in the 96 x 96 resolution from the game. And also with a clear background. Here are the ones I found so far: In 96 x 96 resolution: Zade, Zade (Beta) Athol, Troy, Garlan, Prody, Bonacel, Jean, Ash, Dune, Haldyn, Merida, Theodel, Cezar, Sheela, Zayid, Ritton, Beatrice, Dulles, Vilweiss, Nina, Aslanne, Yaeri, Rubina, Lianka, Hilda, Jemma, Cyltan, Hoelun, Gyskal, Tamthir, Naccara, Orphelia, Accorte, Roland, Syvill, Ajax, Melces, Manneus, Lanna Neere, Siegfried, Vanice, Valerius, Tyron, Therenius, Zech. In HD/sketches/other: Jamulan, Neira (Beta), Emilia, Cyltan (Chapter 12), Fivi, Sjarta, Slayne, Ma'aya (Ending), Tallan, Urven, Lilia, Merida (Promoted)
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