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  1. Currently I’m looking for exactly what it says in the title: an F2U animation of Serra (FE7) attacking with a sword. I wanted to use it for a sort of project I’m working on which involves three Serras as playable units, one of which is a myrmidon, and I happened to find a good animation for her attacking with a sword. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the animation in a format which I can implement through FEBuilder. If anyone can find a formatted version of the animation I’m talking about, it would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Nvm, found it myself.
  2. Yeah, I downloaded the 7z. I know I’m clicking the right file because it’s marked as an application.
  3. I’m also on Windows 10. I really have no idea why it wouldn’t work. I even downloaded every one of the files and put them in the same folder to make sure it would work, but still nothing.
  4. Unfortunately I tried running this and the application just won’t run. As in, any time I open the application absolutely nothing happens at all. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. Because it’s on the topic of Lilina. I wanted to just add it because I think it’s also an unpopular opinion, more unpopular than saying she’s a bad unit. I just disagree with people who say that she’s super interesting. Trust me, I’m not the type of person to go ranting because someone else likes a character or uses a bad unit, I’m just talking about this because I don’t find her interesting, which is an unpopular opinion. True, but did she recruit the greatest characters in fiction, Trec and Noah? Didn’t think so 😎 Seriously this time, that is a good point, I just personally don’t care for Lilina as a character and I don’t find her interactions interesting. People are free to disagree with me though. Where I have a problem is people that claim Lilina is objectively good because of their bias towards her in gameplay, because there really isn’t a perfect “objective” way to rank a unit, and I have a problem with people who claim that units like Lilina are “objectively” good when it partially comes down to playstyle and personal experience.
  6. From what I've seen, even today, a lot of people seem to think that Lilina is a really good unit, and I've even run into some that believe her to be one of the best in the game. Definitely worse than Lugh, for the reasons you mentioned. Specifically I believe this because I feel like a lot of these claims come from hypocrisy that stems from the "but they were really good when I played the game" argument, where there are some people who feed all of their resources to one unit or baby them for the whole game and then claim that they're good by default. I just think Lilina is worse than Roy because he's forced, required to travel across the map, and makes okay use of resources like angelic robes, and because he's actually useful near the end of the game. While being forced in maps doesn't necessarily mean a unit should be used often, I think Roy is at least not a bad contender for some of the early resources, since it makes lugging him around each map less annoying and diffcult.
  7. No, I'd just rather not waste another unit's turn having to rescue and drop Lilina out of the way when there are other units who can survive and keep a better action economy. Fair enough, but let me just say that saying she gets one-rounded by everything is just used to make a point. I realize this may create misunderstandings with my argument, but I'm just saying that she's still way more fragile than other units and needs more babying and special protection. But you specifically mention the A support, which will take longer to build. Yes, it is a very fast support compared to most, but it's not like the A support is a huge game-changer for her either, compared to other units. Sacae may technically be faster, but is also more difficult and requires more specific strategies for efficiency. When I say "efficiency," I'm not referring to super rigged LTCs or anything, I'm referring to strategies that will generally yield a lower turn count without any rigging or meticulous planning for every chapter from the very beginning. If we're talking about strict LTC strats, they don't apply as well since those use rigging, and almost anyone can be good with rigging. I'm confused by your phrasing of this? It's hard to tell what you mean. Again, I'm confused by this. I'm saying Lilina as a staff bot isn't worth deploying because doing so means she can't attack, and since she doesn't do enemy phase very well that can mean a lot. And don't forget my emphasis on having E staves in FE6. Yeah, usually my staffbot is Saul. What I'm trying to point out here is that the actual staff units make way better use of staves than Lilina, and her getting staves adds very little to her prowess. And how exactly do I contradict this? I said she's a garbage unit, AKA not worth using and slows down progress. I never said she was among the absolute worst like Wendy, and I don't think Roy falls along those lines either. Fair point, she does deal good damage with that one hit that she actually lands, but again, attacking with her often requires inputting more actions and wasting turns from your mounted units to move her out of the way. With the right weapons, anyone can still do good damage, and when you really need to do heavy damage, there are still units like Rutger who can double reliably and frequently crit, and Fir also doubles pretty reliably with training, plus her hard mode bonuses means she isn't that bad at base level either (there are others, but this is just to name a couple). There are specific things I could point out here, but I just want to note that this is also assuming Lilina is 20/1, which would mean feeding her kills until she hits level 20 and waiting all the way to that point to finally give her +1 move and staves. This means that you're still dealing with a 5 move, frail, slow unit with no utility for the last 8 chapters. If not for Lilina, you could be focusing on other units, such as your cavs, since they have more utility than her and are better at base level. Fair enough. Again, I was exaggerating to prove my point, but I understand that it makes my argument sound less like what I actually mean. I just mean that she's more frail than average, and not being able to sustain many physical attacks is still an issue. Accurate chip damage is good, but you also have other units who can chip accurately, like Shin and Sue, as well as really good effective weaponry for your mounted units, including horseslayers. FE6's enemy quality is still high enough that it's not like her contributions are going to change everything, though. Since Guiding Rings are also limited, she has trouble promoting at a convenient time while also leaving your army better off, since Saul/Clarine and Lugh arguably bring more benefit with it than she does. It isn't just about feeding her kills, it's also considering who you'd be taking kills away from, and in Lilina's case, it's mostly early units who have important leads against her in speed and bulk and reach level 10 much faster. Shanna is also different in that she has more utility and versatility with her pegasus and 7 move, as well as better availability. This means that feeding kills to her is much easier and will arguably pay off more since she has better movement and more time around. Let's also add, I'm not specifically saying you should feed kills to Shanna, because she's already great by default thanks to her class and availability, whereas Lilina relies on stats and good levels.
  8. Yeah, because getting one-rounded by archers and one-shot by armors is the same as being thrown into hordes of enemies without protection. Also, I'd prefer being able to expose units on enemy phase because, you know, I like being able to kill more enemies. Yeah, this may be more of a Mage issue than a Lilina-specific issue, but that makes it no less of a problem. Point is, when Lilina is only able to chip one enemy on player phase before I have to pull her away to avoid getting killed by a nearby archer, I'd rather just bench her in favor of a unit that can see more combat with less risk, such as tanks like Lot or Trec. Because I don't want my units dying from trying to expose them to just a little bit of enemy phase combat? Having good defense means being able to survive longer in tight situations, and with FE6's enemy quality you need units who have good survivability and can get you out of those situations, not another one who just dies if you ever get cornered. And why should that go to Lilina? You seem to have issues with Roy's survivability, so why not give it to him? Or better yet, why not give it to Shanna so she can use her flier utility more safely and engage in combat more often with her high movement? Yeah, it helps Lilina's issues a bit, but it doesn't fix the problem and it's better used on other units who are more versatile. Support is nice, but it's still something you need to build up, and it's hard to be able to transport Roy to the throne and kill things with Lilina when you're having to ensure they can get that boost. I'd rather just ignore it since I can easily beat the game without it and have to use specific positioning for it to actually work and pay off. Sorry, what? Lilina being able to die makes her more useful? I get what you mean; Lilina isn't required to be protected and as such isn't as much of a pain to use. But that says nothing about her viability. Being able to die doesn't make her any more useful than Roy; if anything, it makes her worse in that aspect because it means Roy is more likely to see some form of use, since dead units can't contribute, unlike weak units. It's not like trying to use Roy means he'll die either, since, like I said, you can give him an angelic robe instead to improve his durability and make protecting him easier, and his bulk is already better than Lilina's by default. But I'm not going to Sacae? Enemies in FE6 are generally dodgy, it's not a problem exclusive to certain enemies. I'm not "ignoring" Lilina targeting Res, it's that it isn't a big enough boon to make up for her other issues. She still won't double, and unless you feed her lots of kills her damage output won't be good either (and again, why am I giving that exp to Lilina?). For armored units there are already armorslayers, which are arguably more effective because they deal bonus damage, and there are mounted units who can wield them. Not to mention, they're also super accurate, so accuracy isn't an issue. For Wyverns, there are already bow units I have like Shin and Sue, who are both mounted and have access to weapons like the Brave Bow to deal better and more reliable damage. Being able to bait mages honestly isn't that important. Mages have low base stats already and are easily one-rounded by units who are able to double them, and units like the Pegasus Knights also have good enough Res to bait them if you truly need someone to do that. Healing staves are nice, but there are already other staff units at that point who can heal and also have a much better shot at reaching a good staff rank for Physic and even Warp. When you also factor in the fact that this consumes Lilina's turn and means she can't attack, it's not worth it to promote her for staves when you can just deploy units who can use more staves than her to save up on deployment slots. You rarely need more than one or two staff units anyway, and at least one of them is mainly for warping. She isn't the worst, there are definitely worse units than her, such as Wendy, Barth, and Sophia. "Playing to her strengths" is where I have issues, because as previously stated, she doesn't have many strengths, and most of what she does have is either an unimportant strength or something that other units do better. She also has no major or unique utility and is foot-locked in a game that heavily emphasizes movement and rescuing. Besides that, "playing to her strengths" also means having to shield her from just about everything on enemy phase, something that the majority of other units don't need. Less enemy phase action = less combat. Less combat = less overall contribution. Less overall contribution = less usefulness. Again, since she's not doubling, her damage output still isn't great, and not being able to handle enemy phases also means less damage dealt, so it seems she doesn't do her main job very well. Yeah, Binding Blade doesn't need an overwhelming stat advantage for units to do well. But you know what it does need? Units who don't get one-rounded by nearly every enemy in the game and need an angelic robe to survive a single enemy. Just to highlight this, you're still giving Lilina special treatment here. Discussing Lilina isn't quite enough to show how bad she is, hence why I compare her to other units, since it's less important to consider the good qualities of one unit alone than to consider how many of those qualities are actually important or if there are other options that perform better then them.
  9. Here's one: Lilina is a garbage unit and contributes about as much as Roy. She has awful bases and gets one-rounded by just about everything when she joins. Her defenses are absolutely laughable. You may think being a growth unit would fix her stat issues, but her growths... aren't even good? Just look at her growths: 45% HP, 20% Skill, 35% Speed, and a whopping 10% Defense. Aside from that, her only good growths are an admittedly solid 75% Magic, 35% Resistance (which is relatively high), and 50% Luck, but Luck hardly matters compared to other stats anyway, and letting her dodge things isn't that great when she's still risking getting one-shot by nearly everything that does so much as glance in her general direction. Her HP and Defense growths are even more laughable when you consider that her base HP and Defense are 16 and 2, respectively. Still think I'm exaggerating when I say everything one-rounds her? I'm not. Even with average levels, by level 20, unpromoted, she still has roughly 25 HP and 4 Defense. Yowch. Even after promo, that leaves her at 20/1 with 28 HP and 5 Defense. Absolutely pitiful. Not to mention, even her Speed is below average and gets her doubled frequently. At level 20/1, on average, she'll still only have about 14 Speed. Now, 14 Speed isn't that bad thanks to the +3 on promo, but unless you've been cramming kills down her throat for the entire game since she's joined, you'll still be very late into the game by that point, where enemies are still going to double and kill her on occasion. Because of this, most of Lilina's action on enemy phase is heavily dependent on dodge-tanking (hmm, almost like a certain other character who is implied to be her mother that some people still defend like crazy...). 20% Skill doesn't seem like much of an issue, and with Fire tomes, it honestly isn't. However, that's only because Fire happens to have an excellent hit rate, and switching away from vanilla Fire tomes to increase her damage output means taking a hit to her accuracy. Combined with the fact that she rarely doubles enemies that aren't armored, this means that Lilina sticking with Fire tomes will cause her damage output to be unimpressive even with her crazy Magic growth. Roy isn't great either; he's still hurt massively by his late promo, and his base stats leave something to be desired. However, Roy still has perfect availability, a decent early personal weapon (which, by the way, has the same hit rate as a Fire tome), is force-deployed for every chapter, and obtains a super busted personal weapon near the end of the game. Force-deployment doesn't mean you need to use him, of course, but I feel ignoring force-deployment completely is still somewhat unfair, especially when they're deployed for every single chapter. Since he's around for every map, you might as well at least use him some, and he's actually useful in chapter 4 because of all the cavaliers and dodgy nomads. His late promotion may be an afterthought, but it still means he can contribute decently in the last few maps without much training, so it's not worthless either. Again, it's not like you need to feed tons of kills to him, but there's no reason not to kill just some enemies with him, and his contributions with the Binding Blade are actually decent. It's more than Lilina will do without heavy investment. And for those who will still defend her because she gets decent with investment: Why should I even invest that much into her? The majority of other units around when she joins are superior to her in most ways. Allen and Lance are both mounted, have better bases, better Speed, and better bulk. They also join earlier, so feeding kills to them is easy to do without having to suck it up from the rest of your army. And on that note, why should I train Lilina when investing so much into her leaves me weaker off overall? Again, every other unit is at a higher level than her by then, and most arguably benefit even more than she does from it. The only units I can think of by then that are arguably worse than her are the axe fighters, the knights, and maybe Wolt, and even then I feel that Lot and Wolt aren't that bad and have some decent uses. Here, let's compare her to another unit which is often hated and regarded as very low-tier: Trec. Now, even though Trec is my favorite character, this is putting all personal bias aside. Trec really isn't very good, since his bases are just alright, his weapon ranks are mediocre, and his speed isn't great. However, Trec still has things that Lilina doesn't: A mount, and actual bulk. Right off the bat, Trec's horse means that he has good rescue utility and is very versatile because of his high movement. His bulk also means his survivability is actually good, and he can easily utilize that extra movement of his. Oh, and that thing about his speed? It's actually better than Lilina, since he has a lead of 3 points at base level, and Lilina will only shorten that gap by 1 point on average once she hits Trec's base level of 4. He does gain one less point on promo, but that still means he'll be ahead by 1 point. Yeah, not much, but Lilina also has to gain more levels to catch up to him, so he'll be getting doubled much less than Lilina for a while, plus he joins a chapter earlier. Lilina gains exp faster than Trec at base level, but that means nothing, since she still needs extra levels and still isn't that great after the fact, meaning she actually needs much more exp to function. He also takes better advantage of promoting early, since he has better bases and doesn't need as many levels to be competent. Yeah he gets doubled sometimes, but remember, he barely beats Lilina in Speed, meaning every unit that doubles Trec will double Lilina, and Lilina gets doubled more than Trec overall. Besides being a garbage unit, I don't think Lilina is very interesting as a character, either. She's compassionate, sure, but is there really much more to her? Her trait of seeing her knights as equals can be said about just about every lord in the series. Roy at least has a neat character arc where he starts off as a helpless young boy and ends up as a powerful general who learns to command a large army. I can't even say that much about Lilina. I've genuinely tried to come up with an interesting part of her character and come up with nothing. She's not the worst, but I can't see what kind of depth she's supposed to have. Hmm... I-it couldn't possibly be because she's... a cute mage girl? No, of course not, that would be stupid! Nobody in this community would have a major bias towards characters and exaggerate about how good they are just because they think they're cute! And besides, who thinks of Lilina as a waifu, anyway? I mean, she's only 15, so there's no way there are grown men who actually waifu her and obsess over her... right?
  10. I don't really consider Shamir a Jagen, since unlike Catherine her bases after autolevels aren't actually that much noticeably great (they're still solid though). Catherine is also iffy but her bases are so overpowering when she joins that I can see her being considered one. As far as my answer, I wouldn't say FE1 Jagen is the worst. Sure, he seems bad because FE1 enemies are pretty weak and his growths are low, but you don't get any promotion items for a long time and having 10 move on a horse unit is basically exclusive to him. He can also be given stat boosters since those are ridiculous in FE1, and doing so means you won't need to promote any other cavs for a strong paladin. Eyvel and Gunter, on the other hand, are better competitors for the worst Jagen in the series. CQ Gunter loses out on the one major positive that Jagens are supposed to have, which is early availability and noticeably higher bases. He does decently in the Fates prologue, but the time that he's around is still super short. He's basically just a pair-up bot for most of CQ and Rev. Eyvel has some of the worst availability of any Jagen, being available for only a few chapters early on, showing up for chapter 5, then vanishing until just before endgame, where her stats are way less useful. Her leadership star is still nice for the last map, but not worth it when you could field better combat units. Being literally unkillable in the early game means she can easily clear out hordes of enemies, although you may not want to do that since the enemies themselves aren't that strong and can be fed to your other units. As for the best, Seth is the clear answer (unless you count Sigurd, but Sigurd is pretty much always ahead of the rest of your army, and I only consider a unit to be a Jagen if they start of ahead of your units and theoretically fall behind later, which Sigurd never does). Seth has it all: Amazing bases, perfect availability, amazing growths, 1-2 range access, mounted, and pre-promoted. Considering the enemy quality of Sacred Stones, his bases even hold up in endgame. Honestly, I find Seth to be an insult to game design just because he's so insanely good in every area that it's not even funny. There's no punishment for overusing him, and no drawbacks to benching him and then whipping him out for the last chapters. Even with average levels, units like Franz just barely catch up to him in terms of stats and only after tons of levels. Yep, and to add to this, Eyvel's inventory is actually different in chapter 3 and 6. The Iron Blade is also sent to the convoy if she has it on her, and the Iron Blade she has in Chapter 5 is different than that one, since it will always have full durability, even if the original Iron Blade saw use. This applies to the rest of her inventory as well; everything she has goes to the convoy.
  11. Tellius sucks. PoR is slow and boring. The characters are uninteresting and I could only really care for a couple of them (those being Mia and Kieran, the latter being solely because he’s a fun unit and not even because of his character), the map design is okay at best, bonus experience is an awful mechanic that ruins the potential of retaining any slight form of balance, and I HATE how 1-2 range dominates once again, making sword and bow users virtually useless without a horse. Radiant Dawn is a jumbled, unbalanced mess that’s just all over the place. The story sucks too. Only, I prefer Radiant Dawn simply because of its map design, challenge, and faster pace. Roy and Eliwood are awesome characters. FE6’s plot is really good. Its writing is actually not bad when you consider some of the rest in the series, such as FE7, FE10, or Fates. FE6 is actually well-balanced compared to the other games. Most games like FE7 only get their “balance” from having weak enemies that literally anyone can destroy. You can use basically any unit in FE6. Even I’ve used both Wendy and Sophia in some of my runs, it just depends on how smart and careful you are about it. The only game I’d argue has better balance is Thracia. I like the idea of mounting and dismounting, but I dislike the stat penalty. The point of using mounted units is for their movement and utility, not their stats. They shouldn’t have stats penalized when taking away their mount already removes what makes them mainly useful. Lyn is my least favorite character in the entire franchise. I even prefer Eliwood’s animations to hers. FE6 supports are really good. If it weren’t for the support system itself being pretty poor and inaccessible, I would actually defend the whole system and suggest bringing it back. I don’t like using swordmasters, outside of maybe FE6 and FE10. Not only do they suck, but they never even get good like other units because of mostly being stuck with 1 range. I don’t love their animations either, save for when they use Astra. FE4’s gameplay is really fun, despite being dominated heavily by horse units and virtually becoming a main lord solo run in efficient playthroughs. I really like its crit system. Rescue staff is also fun as hell. Thracia’s soundtrack isn’t that great. Sure, the compositions are decent, but it’s not the type of music I can really bring myself to listen to. It kind of drives me crazy at times, if that makes any sense.
  12. Map design is going to mostly encourage rescuing and dropping, and will be similar to FE6 in that the enemies will be less dense but be stronger overall to discourage soloing or making the game enemy phase heavy. The game is going to be a hack of FE8, so I’ll probably be using the skills patch as well to make things more interesting and give units more variety. Honestly it’s just because I hate Lyn lol Yeah, most playable units are going to be from FE6. I’ll probably also have some from other games such as Ralph, but most will be from FE6, maybe FE7, just to keep most of the characters linked to Ilia in some way. Honestly I’m not really aiming to fill the story with memes, because I feel the hack itself is really the meme that I’m intending to create. I’m trying to be original with this first project and not use any overused jokes or concepts, so the story itself will be the only real meme, aside from maybe a few general FE memes.
  13. I've tried but sadly my potato computer hates trying to emulate any games beyond the 16-bit era. Oh, well. Maybe after I get a new computer I can try it out. I'll probably take other measures to make sure certain classes aren't too broken (giving them lower availability, making their combat middle-of-the-road so that they don't dominate too heavily, making more indoor maps where unmounted units with better combat are more important, etc.). The game is probably going to be at least somewhat mount-heavy, but I'll be making the maps follow FE6's design trend of low enemy density + high enemy quality, so that having a horse isn't an automatic win. I want to make rescuing and dropping heavily encouraged, but as much as I love FE4, I don't want horse units to dominate like they do there so that the units are more balanced.
  14. Def agree here, I’m not planning to make her combat anything spectacular, and she and the other available fliers (minus wyverns, if I have any that are playable) will generally have weaker combat but focus more on utility. Also agree that skills should matter more than stats, I’m not the hugest fan of Thracia but I really appreciate things it did like low stat caps and the support system combining to make the game less stat-based. Ultimately for gameplay I’m aiming to make the game balanced around low growths and I’ll make sure there isn’t too much emphasis on stat benchmarks.
  15. Glad you like the idea! Most likely. She’ll probably have a similar role to as she appears in FE6, although I could consider making her join earlier than Tate and effectively switch around their availabilities just for fun, as well as giving her a much needed buff to her stats to make her combat at least viable.
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