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  1. Banned because I finally managed to get my Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Gabite starter mod working!
  2. Quite fun honestly. I like the optional killing, and the tranq gun is VERY useful. The stealth is also really fun, although realistically I can probably beat the hell out of anyone they send because I'm on easy.
  3. Finished the boss fight against The Fear in Metal Gear Solid 3, and it was a pain because I forgot to get the thermal goggles. I eventually cheesed him with the fake death pill before stunning him with a grenade.
  4. Welcome, and enjoy your stay here.
  5. Banned for questions. I've only done it for like, 4 trimesters, and I'm utter crap at it.
  6. Banned because aye, Fellow French procrastinator.
  7. Banned because I procrastinated.
  8. Hrmm, that's true. Maybe a commander on the higher side of the ladder would work? Perhaps they would help lead a group separate from the king's, while they would occasionally join up with the king to push back against invading forces.
  9. My current PFP: I'd just started playing Pokemon Sword and Shield, and like the NPC empathizer I am, I decided to use the in game League Staff Member portrait. The dunce hat that's constantly part of my PFP is due a dumb mistake I made once, and I decided to incorporate it permanently, as sort of my icon.
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