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  1. I laced twilitfalchion's coffee with laxatives. He then runs off the hill to find a nearby bathroom. I'm now king of the hill.
  2. Banned for changing his avatar twice after I joined the forums.
  3. Has their avatar from the cover of "Shadow of the Torturer," by Gene Wolf.
  4. I collapse the hobbit hole, trapping Dayni, so he will be forever the King Under the Hill, but not King of the hill. I am now king of the hill.
  5. Haunt my descendants. Giving them small dosages of paranoia will be fun. WYR be haunted by the most annoying ghost to ever exist, or one that constantly whispers into your ear to give you very bad ideas?
  6. The blue lions all take turns torturing you before healing you, and then torturing you some more. I mention Edelgard on the internet.
  7. Plans on proposing after the war, as he is a professional raiser of death flags.
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