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  1. Banned for probably listening to music.
  2. T just seems like the best weapon in general. It's kinda like a pickaxe.
  3. Should be 1434. Next is 119.
  4. Believes there to be enlightenment to be found within chaos.
  5. Banned because Persona protagonists technically aren't mute.
  6. Banned for not talking about Octopath's gameplay and music.
  7. Fallen Edelgard made people dislike pineapple on pizza.
  8. Banned because would you like to disable cookies on this site?
  9. It always surprises how active these forums are. I've looked around for some other forums of games I've been playing recently, and they're more dead than a doorknob... Mostly.
  10. Banned because I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can...
  11. Banned for obviously talking about the movie with the blue aliens.
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